Russell Westbrook pushes away Denver Nuggets fan after fan gets in Westbrook’s face | ESPN

Russell Westbrook Pushes Away Denver Nuggets Fan After Fan Gets In Westbrook's Face | ESPN

RSS - Russell Westbrook Pushes Away Denver Nuggets Fan After Fan Gets In Westbrook's Face | ESPN Sport News Today

Russell Westbrook and a Denver Nuggets fan get into a minor altercation on the Pepsi Center court after the Oklahoma City Thunder's 127-124 loss behind Gary Harris' buzzer-beating 3.

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  1. riqo steel

    Boy ain’t never gone wash that jacket off

  2. Bobby Shmurda

    Lmao Westbrook grabbed the man’s whole titty

  3. ✌(ʘ‿ʘ)✌ 6iX

    If only Ron Artest…

  4. Alonzo Watches Vids

    Dnt know why he overly excited for this win. He’ll be watching OKC in the playoffs lol.

  5. Jordan Davis

    That fan annoying asf Russ should’ve got Steven Adams to kick him in the nuts

  6. Keith Charles

    SEXUAL ASSAULT! Westbrook palmed the whole titty meat.

  7. American Insurgent

    LMAO @ Adams reaction

  8. That dude just wanted Russ to cup his tit

  9. The Shadow

    Adams bout that life

  10. Dennis Sosa

    Steven Adams was about to kill this dude lmao

  11. Leo Santana

    He should be happy he didn’t get knocked out lol 😂😂

  12. He was probably protecting his friend spalding.

    • This comment should be enshrined in the internet hall of fame. Expertly done, sir.

    • MrGenexxx

      after 9 hours of hard thinking I finally got it! Westbrook is a ballhog lol funny

    • MrGenexxx the comment was made because Russell said on the court, the ball is his only friend.

    • Nick Haddad

      No. Actually he was protecting Wilson.

    • Samuel Siegert he told a story last season after playing the rockets in a on court interview that his dad told him when he was little that he should only have one friend on the court and that friend should be spalding. Look it up.

  13. Wave God

    Westbrook got the best confused face ever lol

    • Andre Thomas

      darealliljable 😂

    • Christopher Miller

      The guy was happy he got pushed because he thinks he’s gonna get some money for it. Sorry dude you should have fell and sold it more. Not only is he stupid, he is dumb too. No judge will believe you but I’m sure that’s what’s coming next, his attempt to sue.

    • darealliljable

      Christopher Miller Nah, the guy was happy because westbrook finnaly told him the truth about losing weight and where the slim fast vending machine actually was.

    • 정지호

      Wave God His hands felt boobs, but his eyes saw a dude. Thats why he was confused

  14. 136yomyheat

    I ain’t gonna lie I expected dude to get knocked out lol good on Russ for keeping his cool

    • Casey Aylward

      136yomyheat russ isnt that kinda guy bruh

    • Andre Thomas

      Casey Aylward Yes he is

    • Victor Creed

      I guess being scared and freezing is keeping his cool.

    • T3rminata T for getting in his face and screaming?? Watch the video again westbrook walks right up to him and then pushes him. Did you watch the same video that i watched?

  15. ser charles

    Homie saw khal drogo and ain’t want no problems 😂

  16. The fan just wanted to bump chests …russ give him a bump not a titty squeeze

  17. RicoSuaVe

    Quick, someone hand Steven Adams his Trident…

  18. Corey Singleton

    Steven Adams came over like Westbrook big brother.

  19. “Lucky he didn’t get knocked out”

    *Alternative Universe where WB knocks fan out*

    “West Brook was in the wrong, he should be suspended. Poor fan didn’t deserve to be knocked out”

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