Scottie Pippen and Stephen Jackson disagree on Russell Westbrook’s ‘stat-chasing’ | The Jump

Scottie Pippen And Stephen Jackson Disagree On Russell Westbrook's 'stat-chasing' | The Jump

RSS - Scottie Pippen And Stephen Jackson Disagree On Russell Westbrook's 'stat-chasing' | The Jump Sport News Today

Rasheed Wallace joins Stephen Jackson and Scottie Pippen of the Jump to reflect on Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook’s comments saying that he has enough talent to not care about what his critics say about him.

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  1. LeBron James

    I’m a stat padding team destroyer

  2. LeBron James

    Fact: My Bronsexual Fans had to switch team jerseys 4 times

  3. darkness arival

    Hello person scrolling threw the comments i hope you have a great day and acheive your goals🔯😀

  4. LeBron James

    I copied Westbrook & Hardens stat padding technique and I lose more than them

  5. LeeTravius Mckay

    Stop hating on Russell he just has to work on his shooting more

    • John50 Beach

      He’s gotten WORSE at shooting. What sense does that make?

    • Doctor Too-Much

      nope he dont. he has pg now and he adapted well. he has schroeder too so no pressure on this side. im sure he slightly changed his mindset and imo pg is a mvp cand and okc is a finals cand this year. so well done. westbrook aint curry, no need for him to deliver more than 20p per game.

    • LeeTravius Mckay

      +Doctor Too-Much fr tho

    • manditheos

      He is 30

    • Malkwan dykes

      +John50 Beach weight lifting y’all slow asf can tell you nigggs never played a sport your mass effects your jumper🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. JuiceGlobal

    Everybody stat pads… how the hell else they get their numbers. I swear it’s like people purposely lack common sense.

  7. LeBum Le3-6 LeToxic LeGM LeHelp LeBitch Jam3-6s

    I have the most missed FG’s in NBA playoffs history

  8. LeBum Le3-6 LeToxic LeGM LeHelp LeBitch Jam3-6s

    I came to LA to make space jam, cause that’s the only thing I can chase

    • Михаил

      @Rudolph bruh u must be fun at parties.😂

    • Keith Dennis

      James I suck the refs off before games Harden u do realize that having account like that makes u a suck off to u dedicated a channel to hating no life I guess

  9. LeBum Le3-6 LeToxic LeGM LeHelp LeBitch Jam3-6s

    The Refs helped me win the 2016 and 2012 NBA Finals and I got swept TWICE but somehow my dumbass fans still think I’m the GOAT

  10. Purple Talk

    Westbrook has taken a big backseat on trying to score most and has let Paul George take that role almost entirely yet people still want to call him a “statpadder.” It’s translating to wins and he’s still pulling off these stats, but no people wanna nitpick and say “he needs to shoot better.” I used to be a Westbrook hater 2 years ago but now you can tell he’s matured and is all about team success now.

    • b4Sed1593

      Purple Talk What a fucking gay name. The Kings are a bunch of losers who will choke 8th place.

    • Purple Talk

      jdmnsxr 6 Are u serious dude? You reported my reply??? Just hurry up and prove me right… You’re a Warriors bandwagon fan or a Celtics fan huh? Quit duckin little boy..

    • Get It! Work A Lot!

      Purple Talk naw man we literally see his big men box out so he can get the rebounds. They won’t touch it.

    • Get It! Work A Lot!

      nba_strictly _0 Russ played terrible in game 7… It was KD vs Steph and Curry. How did KD choke? Russ shot the worst out of the 4 of those players.

    • Get It! Work A Lot!

      jdmnsxr 6 they weren’t full of all stars. He and KD was the only all stars. KD was a superstar. Unfortunately Russ and Harden lost that Finals…

  11. The Kid Metrologist / DTU

    Westbrook Like
    Giannis Reply

  12. Tarantula Guy

    Kobe and MJ inspire players to win. LeCunt inspires players to statpad and lose.

    • RellTell Facts

      How he lose he got 3 championship

    • David James

      lol kobrick was the biggest ballhog statpadder in the league any time a hall of fame big man was not there to carry him pure faxx lmfaoooooooooooooooo

    • played0ut

      +usman It’s not about the chucking. It’s about trying their damned hardest to win no matter what. Everything Kobe did (even chuck bad shots) was to win. Can we honestly say the same about Lebron? Can we genuinely say that winning is #1 in Lebron’s mind? No. He puts himself first, winning 2nd. And no matter how much somoene can say they hate MJ or Kobe or Bird, they can never question that they play to compete and win. And THAT attitude inspires anybody with a love for sports and competition. It’s not an accident that Lebron, godly talented as he is, has more haters and is disrespected more than any other ATG.

    • +played0ut Kobe was trying to win his last 4 years,lol……Biggest joke of the Century. All he was doing was chucking up 50 shots a game to up his all time records.

    • Kobe Bryant

      Tarantula Guy Me and the darkskinned mofo with cancer didn’t do that. I inspire Shaq to carry me more and missed shots. MJ inspires Scottie to help him past the first round

  13. Refund HD

    Hes not stat padding i think Adams just lets him get the rebound so the Thunder can play faster or flow into their offense better

    • +Brandon Kortan I still don’t get what’s wrong with stat padding when it helps the team win. The Thunders record when he gets a triple double speaks for it self

    • Brandon Kortan

      +HGC 4E people are just finding ways to hate on a guy that they believe ran KD out of town, when in actuality it was ring chasing that ran KD out of town. I feel bad that Russ is taking all this flak, when he’s stepped into a new role as a pass-first player with the ability to take the game into his own hands rather than just take every shot. In doing so, he’s helped developed rookies like Terrance Ferguson and Burton. He’s also helped make PG look like a god, and allowed PG to elevate his game. Even through all of this, he’s still averaging a triple double.

    • Thats exactly how it should be. Lots of people talked trash about KP not rebounding enough EvEn ThOugH He iS 7 FoOt 3, but he let guards grab the open rebounds so that they can start the transition.

  14. “Critic👁sm”

  15. Monreaco Usen

    That’s what I like about these guys nobody care’s what people think of them, they love the game and only what there teammates and family that matter. Haters gonna hate, always will hate. You just got to keep playing and having fun

  16. Scottie pippen changes his mind more then his wife changes men

    • 00savage _


    • Mercenary 1914

      Exactly…. He once said LeBron better than Jordan….bow he said he not the player Jordan or Kobe was. As for his Westbrook comment, he just madd that he didnt avg triple doubles a season after season. Dude clearly scared that these new ballers going to bump him lower on the all time top 50 list.

    • Mercenary 1914 Facts

    • +Mercenary 1914 nah he didnt. clearly u thought thats what he said.

  17. Westbrook has literally told media that he pads stats…

    • Nathan Moboto provide clarity… please… so far no one else has…

      Or maybe it’s a matter of perception. In my eyes you guys are making things worse…

    • Nathan Moboto

      +RuelMP your making it worse becuase you keep talking

    • Nathan Moboto really??? Lol

      It goes both ways… stop replying and I will too. Simple

    • Take Flight 23

      RuelMP You for real a dedicated hater

    • I don’t care if you guys call it stat-padding. What I care about is Scottie Pippen and people like you that would think Russ don’t work hard every night when playing ball when Scottie said “its not fair to the people before Russ that work hard for their stats.” Its like he’s being ignorant about this and just discrediting everything Russ has ever did in career and basically saying Russ dont work hard. FOH!

      Then he proceeds to say “I will not see him in the playoffs”.

      Thats classic hater mentality right there.

  18. Toussaint Louverture

    Pippen is right..Russ will never win. Not even a playoff series. That bs brand of basketball won’t cut it.

    • Back two back first round exits in the playoffs. But harden get a “doesn’t play well in the playoffs narrative” enough he went to the WCF.

    • Emma Russell

      +C Dai clearly harden has had 10 times the better team than westbrook has fhe past 2 seasons

  19. Asian Muslim Midget

    Hes a competitor no doubt. He puts all effort every game but he is indeed a stat chaser

  20. Stephen Jackson looks like a phony next to Pippen.

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