Should Kyrie Irving’s injury history concern teams in free agency? | First Take

Should Kyrie Irving’s Injury History Concern Teams In Free Agency? | First Take

RSS - Should Kyrie Irving’s Injury History Concern Teams In Free Agency? | First Take Sport News Today

Will Cain says it would be irresponsible for a team to not consider Kyrie Irving’s injury history when attempting to sign him. Max Kellerman thinks teams should do anything they can to get Kyrie because of how clutch he is. Richard Jefferson praises Kyrie but acknowledges the injuries could be a problem due to his style of play.

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  1. wildlion423

    If I were a team I’d give him a 2 year team option contract and see how it turns out

  2. Superduper A

    I swear to god molly is hitting on will even tho jalen is on the set somewhere💀

    • Qay Thompson

      He’s married to Joy who’s on fs1 with Colin

    • Bro G americans that still go crazy over white dudes are the 35+ year old generation lmao the young generation goes crazy over Hispanic Arabic and black dudes

    • Black Cat

      sam Brown Ironically most foreign women only date white boys because of there well known “status and wealth”. Not because they are more attractive.

      I bet you hate the thought of Jalen smashing Molly every night don’t you! 😂

    • Keyz Smith

      +sam Brown that’s what wrong with these rich black men marrying non African media whores 🤭

  3. afaq ahmad

    At last they gave SAS some time off.

  4. Still Striving

    They are in competition with each other, that’s why

  5. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

    Kyrie to GSW for 12 dollars a hour and some hot chips💯💯😂😂

    • dipsetkory

      +kill em with KINDNESS I got that from the 100 other people who felt the need to clarify. Glad to see all of u care lmao now go back to the child porn u were looking at and stop messaging me u fucking lame

    • dipsetkory

      +jj169327 ur super butt hurt over my comment that’s why u felt the need to reply. Lmaoo go back to the bay porn u was watching boy

    • Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini

      +Lamar Landry issa joke

  6. Parshad Gandhi

    Knicks fans are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They want to make fun of Kristap Porzingis injury history but then want to sign Kyrie Irving to the max in the offseason.

  7. Kyrie is scared to face the sixers.

    • wildlion423

      +thekingbradable we won 2 meaningful games lol

    • Hoops With Kashy

      Fam did you see the game on Christmas 👎🏾🤣

    • thekingbradable

      +wildlion423 Playoff games are meaningful. Idk what games you’re talking about.

    • S A I N I

      I live in NJ so I know how much I hate Sixers fans but seriously like kyrie has trashed the Sixers for year like he isn’t scared. Why would be play through an injury that literally just happened? I would get it If he got injured 2 weeks ago but it was recent. Players who play through even the smallest of Injuries can cause other problems.

    • feedmemore h

      What were you saying

  8. Robert Fantacuca

    He’s like a Chris Paul type of guy.

  9. loool teams should be concerned about Kyrie’s injury history but Lakers should trade their entire team for AD?…oooohk

  10. I’m so tired of hearing bout Gordon Hayward….damn it if he the problem why didn’t they trade him????? He does nothing for this team

  11. Aj Sharma

    I hate this narrative that kyrie is Kobe 2.0 😂 Kyrie isn’t anywhere on his level and any true fan would know this

    • But but he has that Mamba mentality tho!!!!!!!

    • Aj Sharma

      Jp 136 so does Westbrook, Steph, Kawhi,Lilard, and many more all stars yet everyone thinks kyrie has next😂

    • The Locker Room

      Exactly bro

    • Troll King

      Nobody’s comparing Kyrie to Kobe. They might say that he is having Kobe moments, but no one is saying he’s anywhere near as good. Example: Donovan Mitchell against OKC was called Jordanesque.

    • Bro huge Kyrie fan the difference’s is that he 3. Inches taller longer wing spend and IQ above normal #kobe is a master.

  12. LA Clippers

    Will Cain > Ryan Hollins
    Anyone > Ryan Hollins

    KD’s only two choices should be Warriors or Clippers. Avoid the Knicks.

  13. Nothing Special

    I just realized Molly talks even more than she already does whenever SAS is gone…

    • Cj Bognot

      Nothing Special because SAS is the only one who checks her. He tolerates what she says but she gets out of hand SAS checks her. Will and Max won’t

    • Rick Ryan

      I blame Jalen the man needs to keep his woman in check

  14. I love Kyrie but he’s injury prone and been like that since college. He only played a handful of games in college and he’s only going to get older.

  15. aleks rze

    Molly needs to stfu… even when she is not talking

  16. Micah Merriman

    Stop hating on kyrie and saying that he isn’t a leader or is all for himself. The dude is averaging 24 points 7 assists and 5 rebounds and over 1.5 steals a game. Career highs in passing and hockey assists per game. The guy is passing and getting people involved and stop acting like he wasn’t there all last season. He played until basically the playoffs meaning he led them to #1 seed, they didn’t do it without him so stop acting like it. Jayson Tatum has fell off from the god you thought he was and jaylen brown is average. Also a max contract guy is averaging 10 points a game… and offensively kyrie is really the only threat outside of maybe Morris and Tatum. Celtics need roles and need to fall under kyrie.

    • +BThreatTV don’t let the name foolyamfer … unlike you, one team / one player will never hold me hostage.
      I got love for the league and every team in it .

    • Attaining Knowledge of Truth

      @ BThreatTV,

      Your dreaming. There’s no way the Knicks are gonna land KD, AD, and Kyrie. Kyrie dribbles too much, dominates the ball and is a shoot first point guard which doesn’t fit with KD or AD. Also the Knicks only have cap space for two max players.

    • Alex McLellan

      Stop looking at just the stats. He is turning the team into spot up shooters and has the ball in his hand 90% of the time. Sure the team is talented enough to make the shots but most of the players on this team are at their best when they have the ball in their hands and know the ball is coming their way when they’re hot. Kyrie is too iso dominant a player to be on a team like this. Not saying he isn’t a great player but on this Celtics team he obviously isnt a good fit. Clearly you missed Jaylen Brown dropping 30 on Giannis twice in the first round, Tatum’s first 30 point game, or every good game Hayward’s had this year. All this stuff happens when Kyrie’s out plus they actually get touches in the 4th. Stop blaming everybody else and really watch Kyrie on defense, also take a closer look on how much he has the ball in his hands. The team thrives without him and struggles with him yet you want to blame the rest of the team.

    • Brameriz Bon

      Facts ‼️

  17. The only thing teams should be concerned about is

    His jealousy

  18. Stephen Shortt

    Kyrie is fantastic but his health is the most concerning issue if I was to look at him for a long term expensive contract. ie Isaiah Thomas, former Celtic. Where is he today?

  19. Никола .Бакърджиев

    celtics are not as good as people though and kyrie takes the blame… young guys all overrated

    • Dingbat Avenue

      Никола .Бакърджиев how are they overrated when they sacrifice both minutes and shots. JB and Tatum get 20 less touches this year, of course production will decline

    • The Locker Room

      Никола .Бакърджиев exactly bro

    • MrNikeFeen

      I don’t think going to the eastern conference finals last year is “not good”

    • Paquette Stephen Brett

      Oooooor is kyrie overrated?

    • Никола .Бакърджиев

      +MrNikeFeen the conference was a lot weaker and they had nothing to lose now they have inflated egos because they made it but now the dont show up and play selfish bball

  20. Just Boldilini

    They should start (Terry PG) and (Kyrie at the SG) (Jayson SF) (Marcus PF ) (AL C)

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