Should the Warriors be concerned after Steve Kerr ejection, loss vs. Trail Blazers? | First Take

Should The Warriors Be Concerned After Steve Kerr Ejection, Loss Vs. Trail Blazers? | First Take

RSS - Should The Warriors Be Concerned After Steve Kerr Ejection, Loss Vs. Trail Blazers? | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether the Warriors have some cause for concern after head coach Steve Kerr was ejected for defending Draymond Green, who received a flagrant foul, in Golden State’s 129-107 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

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  1. Lmao remember when everyone was excited about the Draymond and kd incident??? Everyone thought they were gonna break up this season

    • Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

      k p Yup. They look for ANYTHING to say the Warriors are finished. They’re better off looking at the Lakers…because THEY are finished. Fa real !!! LOL

    • The Police

      +Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl its only what a real fan of NBA would want enough of this man baby kd ruining the entire league

    • Richy Rich

      Espn wanted that to happen to bad. They were pushing it for like a month straight all day long

    • Tony Bautista

      I just wanted Dray to slap KD!

  2. P dumb question, they’re the Warriors lmao

  3. SlenderMan Prod.

    Why be worried😂 the refs nowadays are outrageous a flagrant foul is unnecessary contact when draymond committed a foul that shouldn’t have even been looked at!

    • It was in context of the previous 5mins of play…it was getting chippy on both sides, and Refs told’em ALL to chill…then Dwaymon did that

    • Papi cholo

      +b80 did what? Swat the ball?

    • DiLLy DiLLy

      b80 that was not a flagrant.

    • +b80 it only got chippy cuz they didnt call a shooting foul on steph’s 3 and they called free throws on Lillard. At that point steph was tilted, Klay was playing with 8 fingers, Collins was beefing with EVERYBODY and the warriors had a roster of 10 players, the rest took an early vacation and werent even in portland.

    • Adolfo C. Rios

      That angry kid in Portland throwing elbows to heads with no flagrant call and stepping up to KD and Draymond with no ejection. I feel like if dray one acted that way he would be ejected. Maybe white players get extra excuses for bad behavior.

  4. Carlos Flores

    Iggy, Shaun and Boogie weren’t playing and they have lost two games in the past 16, with the help of the refs Portland got the win. Why would they be concerned lol.

  5. Spidey7747

    Steve Kerr got ejected for abusing a Clipboard and somehow James Harden goes to the free throw line.

  6. Jongha Ryu

    First Take is running out of questions.

  7. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    Steve Kerr has so much more swag as a coach than a player

    • Lionel Redd

      WTF kinda name is THAT? You BETTER tk chocolate instead of vanilla sticks, or else I’m reporting this page 😎😂🤔💯

    • Lyle Stavast

      really good player….

    • Adolfo C. Rios

      Golden state had the same roster one year before Kerr and didn’t win a championship. That’s not just coincidence. Kerr came in gave Steph the green light to shoot from half court and made Draymond a starter. That changed everything.

    • My dream is buying multiple season tickets

      Tbh Blazers who…….? Gsw doesnt even consider blazer as one of competitors…..

  8. Craig G-T

    They won 18 of their last 21 and their asking if there’s level of concern? Smh

    • Oh yeah yeah

      Almightygoated we? U are d Warriors fan but u can’t say we u ain’t on d team

    • Jon Davis

      Craig G-T
      First of all it’s a waste of fukin time to talk about and waste of energy. 2nd of all they just giving them bulletin material like they need motivation

    • Did you hear the whole thing? They won 73 in 2016 and then lost in the finals because of the way refs officiate draymond. Lebron body slammed draymond and draymond was the one who got suspended.

    • Jon Davis

      A Rios
      That was a great thing but it doesn’t fukin matter now

    • Spider Sense

      I’m tellin ya, I guess they’ve run out of things to talk about or this is the only scrutiny they could find on the warriors, this loss to them is like an 🐜 ant pissing on my floor, it wouldn’t affect me at all

      Also as a Lakers fan this is funny, my team is one game under .500 and gettin beat by the Hawks, and we’re a few more bad losses away from makin vacation plans, and this team has won about 16 out 18 games and they’re asking about being concerned, if that’s the case, Lakersnation should be on suicide watch

  9. the1kamíkaze

    *What Stephen A needs to be concern is fixing that BLASPHEMOUS hairline.*

  10. *Being UNFAIRLY officiated is definitely a Concern* Embiid was 100% right

  11. Dude…..whaaaaat? That was there second loss in the last 19 games and you’re asking if there’s concern🤮

  12. Stephen A. be using words he doesn’t understand.

  13. Stephen A. coming in fresh with that tan. ESPN finally gave the man some time off lol

    • Kris Wit it

      That’s not a tan, it’s bad makeup. Brothers of certain complexion don’t get tans, if anything our body gets darker. His hands & ears are the same color.

    • Terrius Griffin

      Thts make up goofy

    • +Kris Wit it It was a joke. It’s obvious he is wearing make up.

    • Bushido Blade

      @Chris Rodriguez yooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. This means nothing, This is all star weekend.. Next question

  15. Ronnie James Osbourne

    _”Should the Warriors be concerned after Steve Kerr ejection, loss vs. Trail Blazers?”_

    If the thumbnail shares any evidence, it’s a laughing Kevin Durant,
    swaying Kerr off the court…

    So, NO.

  16. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

    Draymond & KD have an argument…and the WHOLE WORLD said the Warriors were DONE. Today, they’re looking like an unstoppable JUGGERNAUT….and you’re concerned after they lose 1 game ???? Am I in the Twilight Zone ??? LOL

  17. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl


    • Edwin Colon

      Papi cholo then they shouldn’t be concerned over the warriors since they are winning the championship anyway lol

    • Shout out my hawks .The rebuild is almost complete


      ZelB84 yall passed up on might need a new team cuz 😂

    • Adolfo C. Rios

      Why would anyone pass on Luca? Mavs are going to be contenders in 3-5 years.

    • +SMOKE CAMP hindsight is 20/20 .however trae young is a better facilitator and that’s what we need. We have a relatively young squad so with trae everyone grows together

  18. dooomsday666

    Lmao imagine thinking this means anything.

  19. Ike Woods

    Should the League be concerned about officiating after the BS flagrant foul call on Green and missed call on Embiid?

    Here, fixed that for you.

    • Adolfo C. Rios

      He probobly not allowed to phrase it in a way that attacks the league too much.

    • Ben Mercer

      The league should be concerned about Harden blowing refs to get calls

  20. Warriors lose a game: should the warriors be concerned? Is it time to blow it up?

    Warriors win a game: are the warriors unfair? can any team challenge them ?

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