Social media leads the way in NCAA revolution | Final Take | First Take | ESPN

Social Media Leads The Way In NCAA Revolution | Final Take | First Take | ESPN

RSS - Social Media Leads The Way In NCAA Revolution | Final Take | First Take | ESPN Sport News Today

In his Final Take, Max says that social media is leading the way in a NCAA revolution.

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  1. Julio El Chavez

    Highly doubt anything happens, bunch of twitter fingers aren’t gonna put fear into the NCAA to think about paying players or changing rules.

  2. Dylan Gray

    Lavars JBA ain’t looking too bad now

  3. Lil Dagga


  4. Domonic Decoco

    I highly recommend everyone to go watch John Oliver’s interpretation on the NCAA and their crooked ways. He exposes them beyond repair.

  5. TyShawn Myers-Thomas

    Lavar is honestly a genuis he seen this coming and what did he do create his own league where the players would get compensated for there hard labor and people in ESPN were saying this idea was stupid now look the NCAA is about to crumble while Lavars JBA is about to sky rocket

    • Raiders Cat

      Eric Quick hes smart for not letting his son be taken advantage of but this whole league idea already exist.

    • KingGolDragon

      “NCAA is about to crumble”… not really. As long as millions of people continue to go to college to get education, the NCAA is gonna stay up.

      Will it decrease in money? Sure.. but is it gonna crumble? Not a chance

      Then again considering how stupid this country has become overall.. comparing players who’re choosing to play on college while not getting paid to serious labor crimes and slavery.. i guess it might if the country becomes complete brain dead.

      But.. if the majority stay rational.. then no.

      What needs to change the NBA and NCAA connection. The Draft should not be connected with the NCAA

  6. Raiders Cat

    My Cat > NCAA

  7. Mav ' rick

    I’ve always thought it was strange that white ppl like college basketball more than pro basketball. I hear them say things like the college players play harder. Which I think is false… But could it be that the idea of these black guys 18, 19 n 20 yrs old making more money than most ppl including Caucasians will ever see is something they don’t want to see. I know this isn’t the case for all but this is something I noticed..

    add to that without these sports programs a lot of these ivy league d1 schools would struggle financially.

    • david boniface

      I’m Black and I watch the College basketball regular season because it’s not that long

    • Why do you turn this into race thing? If a white person says something like that he’s a big time racist but it’s ok for black people to say things like that. Equaility you don’t want you just want to take over

    • Myles Poun

      Brand Mav’rick my God could you be anymore dense and simple minded I wouldn’t complain if the athletes got paid because the NCAA has billions of dollars but I’m not going to complain about athletes getting free ride scholarships to really good colleges costing 150 to 400 k depending on how long and where you go to college

    • paul hogans

      Brand Mav’rick It’s always been extremely EXCITING for WHITES to watch Blacks work for FREE!

    • Darrell Thompson

      Don’t go to college then! White people don’t go to college on scholarships as well. Race is such an easy escape for weak minded people! Written by poor trailer park kid who.prayed everyday for a scholarship that never came. I wouldn’t have even thought to think like this! People are stupid!

  8. CorbCorbin

    The More You Know ☄️

  9. Just A Black Atheist

    This will probably get more buzz in March than the NCAAB tournament… 😆 College basketball is turning into a joke!

    • henryjw15

      Ravens, 76ers, Penn State fan #JustABlackAtheist the NCAA is a joke because the don’t apply the same standards from one schools to another, I think what they did to joe paterno was wrong, penn state didn’t cheat, there wasnt recruiting violations, or boosters getting involved in the program.

    • henryjw15 Joe Paterno turned his face when he knew Sandusky was raping boys

  10. The King of New York

    We need a gun ban for only the highest ranked officers and general and colenels no one else can use guns

  11. Whitney Rhea


  12. Nick Calhoun

    NCAA is a slave plantation system. I wonder why so many people have a problem with black college athletes getting paid.

  13. Fuck What You're Talking About !

    NBA & NFL >>>>>> NCAA!

  14. Paul Shaddix

    I do not care what you think are a echo chamber…

  15. Anthony Jackson Jr

    That was very strong Max. Keep up the good work sir.

  16. Kelly Moore

    I tell friends family all the time. If you know a family member or friend who’s going away to school for a sport, keep an eye on the NCAA! They can’t be trusted. This is someone’s future being played with here.

  17. Amged Fraik

    JBA league looking real good rn

  18. John Legba

    Max is a man of the people. Love this guy

  19. jayraffrap

    *JBA JBA*

  20. Darrell Thompson

    NCAA and Slavery! What a discrace to anyone who actually had to be any form of a slave. Are people this stupid? Really? College is a choice and an excellent one in my opinion. I was poor and grew a trailer and I prayed everyday that I would get a scholarship that never happened. To have this opportunity is a blessing. I would have never thought this way, really shows you the mentality of people. Who cares if they make money…. To get an education is priceless and most importantly a choice in a young man/women’s life. I didn’t get the opportunity to go but now I’m in the high six figure range and made my way by busting my rear end. People talk about race but if I thought a single thought that I didn’t have a chance I would not have made it. Life is never fair but people can’t take dedication and hard work away from anyone. You couple that with intense focus and dedication in America you can do whatever you want. Fact, 80% of new millionaires are not from this country. Wow, they don’t speak the language and have all odds against them. How do they do it? They only think optimistically and they are dedicated and focused on their goals. Lazy a** spoiled Americans always crying about how stuff isn’t fair. Take a poor guy from Vietnam who worked on farm that doesn’t speak English and bring him to the U.S. and he works two jobs mopping floors and opens his own business in two years and makes it! But we cry about free college and being slaves? Change you mentality and you change your future! Sorry for any black people who read this and claim otherwise but it’s the truth. Got friends that would call me a sell out for writing this but it’s 💯 the truth and it hurts. Personal responsibility is 💯 the hardest thing in life and most people never learn it in their lifetime!

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