SportsNation reacts to Daryl Morey calling LeBron James the GOAT over MJ | SportsNation | ESPN

SportsNation Reacts To Daryl Morey Calling LeBron James The GOAT Over MJ | SportsNation | ESPN

RSS - SportsNation Reacts To Daryl Morey Calling LeBron James The GOAT Over MJ | SportsNation | ESPN Sport News Today

With Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey saying LeBron James is the GOAT over Michael Jordan by "a bit of a big margin," Cari Champion, Jorge Sedano, LZ Granderson and Royce Young react to the idea that the former Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat star, now with the Los Angeles Lakers, is better than the Chicago Bulls legend.

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  1. Raymond Imel

    Lebron is the goat 🐐🐐🐐

  2. Krum Parvanov

    man shes hot

    • Top Dog

      She looks like a man.

    • Top Dog I wouldn’t quite go that far Top Dog, but there are some “black” male drag queens that crave this image. She’s just athletically built, with a runway model type of body.

      That hair though…

    • Raven Vixen


    • Kiero B

      Raven Vixen U right… She’s sexy!!

    • Mistah Unknown

      Her personality isn’t hot though. She’d probably the one wearing the pants in her relationship.

  3. Julio El Chavez

    Cari champion looking like a snack

    • Slime Ball MK

      Julio El Chavez noo 😂

    • robert shelton

      A kfc family meal and desert 😀

    • Make Humanity Great Again

      Fresh out the oven.

    • Kiero B

      Be respectful to the future mother of my children!

    • Raven Vixen


  4. Lil Dagga

    Analytics guys are starting to become more and more irrational

    • Robert Kelly

      Lil Dagga He’s an executive of the year winner and a great NBA gm. Who knows more about u or him?

    • Analytics are unbiased. They’re literally the most rational argument you can make.

    • Andrew Blackop

      Analytics is used by fat stat geeks who have never actually played a sport in their entire lives. Imagine using “analytics” to compare players from two different decades lmfao

    • gregslk

      Chris rational argument when comparing players in the same era. Players play and evaluate themselves based on stats they have at their disposal. The game was played differently back then and metrics used to evaluate a player today is different from what was used 30 years ago. So recent players will always look better using advanced metrics used today.

    • gregslk Advanced metrics adjust for things that differ across eras, such as pace and points per possession

  5. lemar haywood

    You can’t be the goat and get swept in 2 straight finals…. this the same guy who just maxed out a guy who can’t stay healthy to save his life

  6. Brandon Purdy

    This idiot said Lebron was a better defender. Lost all credibility. Lebron can’t guard all 5 positions.

    • Brandon Purdy lol, their perspective is very unique and strange I would say

    • JoeHefner _

      Yes he has stop being blinded by hate

    • You lose all credibility when you don’t know that he has and can guard all 5 positions. The debate for goat is one thing, debating his defense abilities is another. (I get that he doesn’t really play defense anymore)

    • Brandon Purdy

      Adam R Credibility? He can’t guard all 5 positions. Show me when Lebron has guarded a legit 5 or a big 4. Greg Monroe tossed Lebron around like a rag doll in the ECF. He tried to guard paul Gasol and Gasol gave him the business.

  7. Shaun King

    It’s amazing that a guy can choke in an NBA Finals (2011), get swept twice in the NBA Finals (2007, 2018), lose six NBA Finals, has an overall record of (3-6), win one lousy championship in eleven seasons with one team and had to go to another team to get his first two championships, is now playing on a new team, plays absolutely no defense, is a flopper, a glorified stat padder, forces everyone to play in his system not a team oriented system like the Golden State Warriors and people say he’s the greatest NBA player of all time. Yeah right!

    • Unseatedtree395

      Shaun King Thank you finally someone who understands and got the balls to say it he plays a system which benefits him but hurts his teammates that’s why he gets waxed whenever he goes up against great teams because the production of his team is hurt by him I don’t have him top 10 I call him Le glass jaw James

    • Bitdaddys Vids

      +Shaun King Nuff said!

    • D Wayne

      Make Humanity Great Again Ex-fucking-actly!!

    • D Wayne

      Unseatedtree395 Thats always my argument as well, it goes over most fanboys head Theyre too emoitionaly attatched to lebrons scrotum

    • Roderick L

      +mexicansnohablo MJ and the Bulls played against whoever was in front of them. They’re not able to choose whom to play against. Some would say, the Portland Trailblazers should’ve been the team to play against MJ and the Bulls back in ’91 instead of Magic and the Lakers. But, the Blazers were not good enough to defeat the Lakers.

      You cannot use that as an argument so you’re point’s better, Mexicansnohablo.

      If the “Now” Golden State Warriors can escape the West back then, they can meet MJ and the Bulls too. But, that’s a significant “If”.

      Rules back then vs rules now. Big difference!

      Lebron got out of the “easier” East to meet the survivor of the much tougher West conference.

      Lebron and the Cavs/Lebron and the Heat played against who was in front of them, right?
      Lebron and his team was only successful 3 times!

      MJ and the Bulls are 6 for 6. That’s back-to-back-to-back and back-to-back-to-back again! You’ve no idea how tough that is!
      You’ve no idea how great that is.

      Lebron and the Heat with D Wade and C Bosh can only manage a back-to-back?! After bragging they’re going to win 6 or 7 or 8…

      C’mon, man…

      I would bet against Lebron’s team ANYTIME vs the team MJ and the Bulls played against in the 90’s.
      The NY Knicks, the Pacers, the Cavaliers, the Supersonics, the Jazz, the Suns, the Blazers, the Lakers.

      C’mon, man…


  8. Bo Rood

    Lebrown is not even a top five player all time.

    • JoeHefner _

      Bo Rood stfu u cant name 2 ppl better than him

    • Unseatedtree395

      Bo Rood u are right except to me he’s not top 10

    • Unseatedtree395

      JoeHefner Russell Bird Robertson Chamberlain Jabbar Johnson Jordan Kobe Duncan Olujuwan are all better then LeBron there’s 10 players

  9. Ej Conley

    Lebron can guard all 5 positions but he doesn’t play defense tho??? STOP FORCING ME TO CALL SOMEONE GREATER THEN JORDAN…. I NEVER SEEN JORDAN GET SWEPT IN THE FINALS….. Not to mention Jordan played Defense in an era to where u could get physical without someone flopping meaning like Lebron 6’9 flopping…. That’s not basketball. Plus Jordan made first team defense 10x while still dropping 30, 40, 50, and 60 points….

  10. YoungAli

    Lmao LeBron stoped playin defense for years now jus cuz he gets a block every once in a while doesn’t mean he’s a 2 way player those day are long gone it’s all offense for him now tbh

  11. YoungAli

    DPOY , more all defensive team , more steals , more scoring titles , most clutch player of all time , that’s everything other than 6/6

    • ipitythefool97

      MJ played plumbers – cry about it

    • Nismo Kali

      YoungAli Against a bunch of no name white guys. Just because teams back then had 1 all star vs Jordan’s Bulls with 3 all stars doesn’t mean the league was talented. Barkley was good but who did he play with compared to Jordan? Nobody until the end of his career. The whole rosters were a bunch of part time mechanics with one or two all stars.

    • J Black

      Nismo GTR34 Kevin Johnson ring a bell? You don’t know basketball

    • Renegade Musik

      Nismo GTR34 you seem very angry that another man doesn’t agree with your opinion on Lebron. 😂 You must be like 17 years old?

  12. What year did LeWeak win a DPOY award? People are crazy

    • Jpgoeagles

      djbhe who were the great sgs in the 90s that mike was locking up? dwade? kobe? AI ? gtfoh kobe dropped 55 on mike easy he won dpoy cuz the sgs of his era were trash

    • Yeah, when MJ was almost 40. Age matters in this game.

    • 23 Activated

      In 2013 missed it by 1 vote

    • He was a runner up, but the difference between him and Gasol was much bigger than one vote. Marc Gasol got 30 first place votes, and overall 212 points, LeBron got 18 first votes, and overall 149 points.

  13. MJ is the blueprint of modern b ball. MJ is the player that every player today want to be. LB plays better defense than MJ is some bullshit. What has he been watching the last 15 years?

    • Joseph Wiley

      djbhe Jordan got lucky with teammates that did there job championships are team sports I never seen Jordan just carried team without Scottie but I seen Scottie carry a team without Jordan #facts

    • Maurice Willims

      Joseph Wiley very good point. Bro. They are. O such thing as goat in a. Team sport. People AR just. Plain stupid. I will go along with Ayer of there time. But to say God create one man to be the greatest that’s bullshit wen it’s wet lol

    • Maurice Willims

      The Jordan Rules

  14. RevoltZark

    Did this man just say Lebron plays defense lmao

    • 23 Activated

      RevoltZark he used to and was arguably the best at it back in 2013

    • Basketball God

      23 Activated and 2012 remember then time when he locked up d rose

  15. 1lecher

    Did this guy just say LeBron is a better defender than Jordan ???!!!?!?! LMFAO. Stop it. Just because he CAN defend all 5 positions doesn’t mean he can defend it well. There’s a difference. IT can guard a center but doesn’t mean Embiid/Cousins won’t body him.

    Jordan is the G.O.A.T. Period.

    • Seriously I Know

      ADITYA GROVER If you think MJ could guard KD you’re crazy! He couldn’t even guard Magic which was too big for him at 6-9. KD is 7’0″ and a way better scorer lol!

      LeBron could guard KD waaaaay better than Jordan could.


      Dude, even magic admitted he shut magic down during sparring for USA team basketball. Guard ? I mean are you kidding I didn’t know they gave defensive player just like that. You gotta win to be GOAT, Lebron is GOAT for being runner up.

    • Joe Hinds

      ADITYA GROVER u want to call someone who can guard KD? The dude is 7 foot and can shoot like the best of them

    • Joe Hinds

      ADITYA GROVER freeWess7 have u two been watching basketball for one season? LeBron in his prime was a lockdown defender D Rose pg13 even go to 2016 and watch what he did to curry u people see Jordan slap the ball out of Malone’s hand and think he cud guard anybody do your research anybody that was near 6’9 Jordan had to let pippen guard

    • Mark Scarlet

      Jordan played in an era dominated by big men. Did Jordan defend these big men? Let’s be real Jordan didn’t play against the wing players Lebron has to face every night.

  16. Elijah Rodriguez

    Mj got more rings scoring titles and defensive player of the year awards idk bout u but that’s what I’m looking for in a goat

    • Jpgoeagles

      Elijah Rodriguez dpoy lmfao jordan not stopping nobody from today hell he had to get scotty to guard magic in the finals cuz it was a MISMATCH jordan got those trophys in a watered down league he was on the best team every year in the 90s and he QUIT twice to avoid competition

  17. Klay Thompson

    *Michael Jordan 5/11 (45%) on game winners in the playoffs.*
    *Lebron James 7/14 (50%) on game winners in the playoffs.*

    • NY101jah

      LeBron took more shots tho…

    • MJ era all are tough player; Lebron era almost all are tissue paper when it comes to defence.

    • NEW YORK


      who changed the rules where defense is concerned .. uh huh!

    • TERENCE Robinson

      Let be honest LeBron had played in more play off games and when it matters most he passes to a three point shooter

  18. ömür ataoğlu

    It seems that Mr. Morey has not overcome the devastating game 7 loss vs GSW 😂😂😂😂

  19. Gerard Lavergne

    This is how I know people are getting dumber and dumber. A man who has a 3-6 finals record is better then a dude who’s 6-0 in the finals with 6 finals MVP’S. This type of stupidity is mind boggling. LeBron should be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael jordan. There are numerous players I would over LeBron. These espn analyst’s are brain-dead.

    • Make Humanity Great Again

      Bruh, I am literally sitting here sick to my stomach as a result of these cretins on this show. It’s like they’re hopped up on stupid pills or something.

    • 23 Activated

      LeBron has the second most finals mvps and arguably could have won finals mvps in losses. Put Jordan in LeBrons situation and only difference is he would be 4-5. I dont get how LeBron isnt number 2

  20. josh liggins

    numbers wise:jordan actually still……..wins
    30 6 6 is better than 27 7 and 7

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