Steph Curry ’embarrassed’ All-Star ticket request ‘closing in’ to three digits | NBA Sound

Steph Curry 'embarrassed' All-Star Ticket Request 'closing In' To Three Digits | NBA Sound

RSS - Steph Curry 'embarrassed' All-Star Ticket Request 'closing In' To Three Digits | NBA Sound Sport News Today

Stephen Curry talks about the Golden State Warriors finishing strong before the All-Star break, how DeMarcus Cousins is on track, but has another level and his anticipated return to Charlotte, North Carolina for NBA All-Star Weekend 2019.
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  1. Who else couldn’t wait for this vid lol don’t read more 🔥

    Your 2019 is blllessed łíké this comment and śùbśćríbé to me to activie ittt

  2. Curry high or something?

  3. Justin Peters

    When are you replaying to ?

  4. Hello person scrolling through the comments i hope you have a great day and acheive your gauls🔯😀

  5. fernando terrazas

    Somebody explain what does this mean

  6. Big White

    Super Bowl stole at least 700 million dollars here in Atlanta. Mostly tax payer money oddly enough.

  7. the1kamíkaze

    *Beginning at **0:39** someone’s iPhone storage is full.* LoL

  8. Nazair King

    for those who are soo kind in reading this, I hope you become successful in your life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a YouTuber myself and I’m not asking you to do anything. But i world love to hit 1k by the end of February! Thank You, Youtube Family!

  9. Arav Bhatt

    Any warriors fans that like steph over KD

    • I like both. I mean that’s the whole point right?

    • Lil B The Based God

      Me and everyone else that was a fan before 2014

    • Reign Suké

      Eugene Rice no. Joe Lacob, Kerr (even tho he dickrides kd now for him to stay), dray, Klay, bob Myers, and etc call Steph the leader and face of this franchise. This is still Steph’s team and Steph is still the best player on it. his 2016 WCF finals performance in the last 3 games when it mattered against kd proved that

  10. Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #cried to KD

    I wonder if warriors fans wnat to bring back that 73-9 team. I can bet the real warriors fans were upset KD came.

    • Lil B The Based God

      Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #cried to KD I wasn’t upset we got one of the best players in the world u wouldn’t be upset either lol

    • Certified Fresh

      Who’s gonna be mad about that as a warriors fan

    • Hayden Rubin

      I mean I’m happy with the 3-1 lead over the Cavalier’s, but I definitely do wonder what things would be like had it remained Curry (and Draymond’s) team.

  11. Justin Peters

    +ESPN thank you for the videos ?

  12. Paul Joseph

    *Are they talking about the costs of the tickets nowadays? Well, when there’s no more competition in the league people are not that dumb to continue watching games live, they’d rather watch it online…*

  13. MrNasher113

    Think they mean that he has friends and family who want tickets from him.

  14. Shawnee Union

    Ticket talk at 4:40

  15. Starmade Productions

    Why yall word the title so damn confusing

  16. Thunder Up

    Like = chances Warriors won’t win the title this year

  17. Chris Tucker

    “The amount of Family and Friends asking (Curry) for tickets are high”

  18. Nobody wanna the all star game anyways…

  19. J.R. Lancaster

    Steph won before KD !!!KD didn’t win 1 until Steph !!! STEPH HANDS Down, but I like the whole team !!! STEPH is my favorite and is the heart of the team !!! That’s my opinion !!!

  20. ermocrate

    Can you stop handing out these interviews with an audio so low that is almost unintelligible? You look like a bunch of noobs at times.

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