Stephen A.: ‘I don’t give a damn’ what Raiders GM Mike Mayock says about Derek Carr | First Take

Stephen A.: 'I Don’t Give A Damn’ What Raiders GM Mike Mayock Says About Derek Carr | First Take

RSS - Stephen A.: 'I Don’t Give A Damn’ What Raiders GM Mike Mayock Says About Derek Carr | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith fires back at Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock after his defense of his quarterback Derek Carr, who called out Stephen A. and Max Kellerman of First Take to a MMA fight.

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  1. Jordan Davis

    Stephen A should become the president of basketball operations for the knicks. They can’t get any worse!

    • kareem pusey

      +Surfer Bob hmmmm i see where u would luv to take this convo but i dont hav the time to debate race relations with u, ur opinions are urs and u are more then welcome to feel the way u do, every1 has facts to back up there argument, the point i was and still am making is sas might be a go gm, who would make the tough choices & race wouldnt be part of his thought process

    • KingSoap88 88

      this show has been going downhill lately tbh…smh

    • KingSoap88 88

      way too political with sjw propoganda . always been tht way tho

    • Surfer Bob

      kareem pusey I have time to have the debate but not the interest. However I’ll tell you this, all the race baiting, which of course is racism, all the lies that lead to cop hate, you can only do that until the country says ok that’s enough, because then America will just stop all that garbage and lies. CNN and ESPN are simply racist liars with extremists at the top, like Jeff Zucker. Like I said it can only go so far before the country says enough. And the country did, as you know, in November of 2016. 🇺🇸

  2. God pigeon

    He said the Raiders are allergic to prosperity😂😂

    • PierceTheThird

      God pigeon LMAOOOOO

    • Renaldy Calixte

      +sage santos Pats beat teams that suck and aren’t smart. Instead of whining about cheating which they got punished for, why don’t you complain to your favorite team to construct a winner that can beat the Pats. Whining about cheating is a child’s game. Winning is a man’s game.

    • Sam Smith

      TheJevardo I am sensitive thanks for noticing

    • Renaldy Calixte

      +Hardcore Raider What’s your excuse for Super Bowl 37 where your Raiders embarrassed themselves on national TV.

  3. Gridiron Prime

    Stephen A Smith completely triggered here lol

    • Julius Castillo

      Dana white needs to set up the fight between Carr and SAS. That would be fun to watch.

    • Kevon Willis

      Carr challenged a tv host to a whole ufc fight gftoh lol 😂

    • James White

      Stephen a Smith is a friggin tool and shouldn’t be allowed to flap his gums, he has to be one of the worst commentators in the history of sports talk. He has no idea what he’s talking about and does little to no research before he opens his mouth and comes off like a no talent asshat. Someone please for the love of God tell this person his 15 minutes are over and take him off the air.

  4. a55a55inx

    SAS and Max criticize players for a living, but once they get criticized themselves they go on a frenzy.

    To be honest, I’d be upset too if I was showing up to practice every day, trying to get better, trying to win games, giving 100% every time and someone tells the public that I don’t have the heart for the game.

    • Clint Fowler

      I use to only hate max, I can’t watch this show anymore bc everyone are a bunch of clowns…. Molly is a radical, Max says outrageous stuff, and Stephen A doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about…. U have the balls to say Derek Carr has no heart for the game, he gets upset about it and claps back…… AND U GET UPSET BC HE CLAPPED BACK!!!!! First Take will fall off the cliff if they do not fix it soon…. I’m tired of this crap

    • tiniest mite

      +a55a55inx You can’t say the same thing about SAS and Max, because that’s their jobs! The first and only person to do something wrong in this situation is Derek Carr, by being “butthurt” and criticizing Max for literally doing his job. As a professional NFL PLAYER, and a GROWN MAN, you shouldn’t be bothered by that kind of stuff because it’s part of the job as a multimillionaire and quite frankly the publicity is why he’s a multimillionaire. In no ways does that apply to SAS and Max however, even if they are “butthurt,” because Derek Carr is criticizing them for doing their JOB, which is not HIS JOB, and it is SAS and Max’s JOB to respond to that in an entertaining way.

    • tiniest mite

      +a55a55inx To put it simply, SAS and Max were doing their JOB by criticizing Carr doing his JOB, and it’s NOT Carr’s JOB to respond or be affected by it as a big time pro athlete and “grown man.” On the other hand, it is NOT Carr’s JOB to criticize SAS and Max for doing their JOB, and it IS SAS and Max’s job to be “butthurt” and criticize Carr for doing so.

    • James White

      Both of the commentators suck and can clearly talk a big game but when it comes back at them they whine like the little bitches that they are.
      I remember Jim Rome interviewing Jim Everett(quarterback of the Rams at the time) , Rome thought he was being funny by calling Jim Chris Everett over and over. Jim told him to stop or else, well Rome continued and Jim tackled Rome out of his chair during a live interview. If that happened today there would be lawsuits, multiple game suspensions, a donation to SAS favorite charity from Derek, accusations of racism and demonstrators calling for the Raiders to cut Carr…

  5. David Sayimright

    Well Stephen A. We all have to start from somewhere

  6. Teflon DaDon

    John Lynch wasn’t qualified , he wasn’t saying nothing then

  7. Orion Pavlos

    Didn’t know SAS had executive experience either. Constantly talking about what organizations want from their players his damn self.

  8. max johnson

    Molly always finds a way to be annoying

  9. we all know Stephen a doesnt watch games… he said derrick johnson was on KC when he was on raiders this past year, and said hunter henry had been so damn effective all year and never played a game, and that Ware was going to be key for the chiefs when he had been out last 8 weeks. only thing he watches is sportcenter highlights sometimes. he isnt credible at all

    • Renaldy Calixte

      +Leviticus 😂😂😂You Raiders say that every year and then miss the playoffs. Patriots are 14-5 w/o Tom Brady since he’s been the starter. So will be fine.

    • Leviticus

      Renaldy Calixte do you remember when patriots went 1-15 in ‘90? Oh yea probably not because you’re a Brady era, y’all was mediocre asf without Brady or Bilickeck, sure a few 1 hit wonder seasons but y’all were just as bad as the mediocre teams. My point is the world will always find its way of coming back around, so Patriots better enjoy it while they can because there’s always a faster gun.

    • Renaldy Calixte Carr didn’t play as bad as his stats make it seem to be. His O line was fucking garbage. Also Jon Gruden is tanking it’s pretty obvious

    • Renaldy Calixte

      +Leviticus Patriots hired a Super Bowl winning D Coordinator in Bill Belichik who wasn’t a household name but had lots of experience. Raiders hired an average coach who is a household name and a GM with no experience. Yes Pats were losers but making smart choices turned them into champs. The Raiders for some reason make dumb decisions and then retroactively blame the tuck rule for thier stupidity.

    • Renaldy Calixte you spelled “their” wrong.

  10. Jacob Langevin

    Stephen a Smith was never hugged as a child.

  11. Steven A is mad because Mayock is exposing the News Media

  12. Solo cut Soldier

    he says no experience about being a qualified executive but he isnt even an expert at his own job.

  13. Edgar Ramirez

    Stephen A. went off like they mentioned his great grandma good lord 😂😂😂😂

  14. Jada Cooke

    Stephen A wanted all the smoke and please let me know where he wrong in what he said


    NFL slowly turning into a soap opera

  16. And Mayoch got the job because he’s an “expert” at evaluating new talent… pretty sure that’s a skill I want in a GM. Time will tell Stephen A…

  17. Raider Zacc

    After the Antonio Brown trade, how is Mayock doing as a GM, SAS?

  18. Michael Grattan

    I wish Steven A and Skip were still together 💯

  19. Carol Carney


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