Stephen A. reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov attacking Conor McGregor’s team at UFC 229 | SportsCenter

Stephen A. Reacts To Khabib Nurmagomedov Attacking Conor McGregor's Team At UFC 229 | SportsCenter

RSS - Stephen A. Reacts To Khabib Nurmagomedov Attacking Conor McGregor's Team At UFC 229 | SportsCenter Sport News Today

Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen and Stephen A. Smith join SportsCenter after UFC 229 to react to Khabib Nurmagomedov beating Conor McGregor and jumping over the Octagon and into the crowd to attack members of McGregor’s team.

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  1. Spike Spiegel

    If Conor was the one who jumped in the crowd, everyone would be talking about how ‘savage’ he is.

  2. Nicholas Tan

    Disgusting corrupted people in UFC . Khabib you are the man!!!

  3. besadius

    Khabib went from 26-0 to 28-0 in one night

  4. “..took out his mouthpiece and threw SOMETHING…”

    He threw the mouthpiece…

  5. konsultator

    Hypocrisy was presented to you by UFC, United For Cash.

  6. muhammad younas1002

    A Muslim only fears Allah. Proud of you Khabib

    • Dzemil Suljovic

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  7. ZAINUL Shaik

    These haters and their double standards…Khabib a great victory and the haters cant even comment on the match…

    • Try hurling openly racist abuse using the n-word and horrific historical slavery-related rhetoric (“subhuman species”) at black fighters to promote fights and entertain. And then go after their say gay family members and call them the f-word and d-suckers as your trash talk. And see what happens and how all of you will react and how quickly it will be shut down and everyone will be apologizing forever like Conor already did in the past for the f-word. What Conor said to Khabib is the same in his world. There is a line. And not only your line has to be respected (as it does).

  8. Dustin Basurto

    So who did Khabib injure besides Conor’s little ego?

  9. Tajudeen Ridwan Adebowale

    See this 3 idiots, it was cool when McGregor attacked Khabib’s team’s bus, it was cool when Conor was speaking trash about Khabib’s religion and country. But it isn’t cool when Khabib’s team attacked conor. Justice..?

    • Daisy Chowdhury

      They want to get rid of racism but they are the ones that promote RACISM..just cuz he’s MUSLIM!

    • Tajudeen Ridwan Adebowale

      +xl-Colden-22-lx freedom of speech you have, but freedom after speech is not guaranteed.

    • Xanninja

      Stephen A Smith is being fair to Khabib and praising him 😂😂

    • Darrow Pair


    • Almost all McGregor fans are pathetic alcoholics🙃🤤🤕 now i understand why Conor is their national hero)
      Enjoy losers! All who trying to insult our guy)))) He Fucked u all

  10. Cristian Sopena

    Khabib is now the popular man and conor is the most embarassing man.

  11. Ricardo Thomas

    Dana White and the UFC promotions is not blameless in this, they used Mcgregor insults and trash
    talk against Khabib Nurmagomedov and this Camp to sell and promote the fight, Mcgregor and his
    camp mush also be held accountable for what happen after the fight, Nurmagomedov and his camp
    have been insulted by Mcgregor, in April Conor Mcgregor entered a loading bay in the barclay Centre
    with destructive intentions, and threw a metal handcart through a bus window, it sent shards of Glass
    into into the faces of some UFC fighters including Khabib, at that point Mcgregor should have been
    sent to prison and banned from ever performing in the Octagon again, but because he is/was the
    poster boy of the UFC, he was given a slap on the wrist; and allowed to continue with his disgraceful

    Mcgregor should go and lick his wounds, he was thoroughly vanquished and outclassed, he wasn’t
    even second best he was totally outclassed and show up for what he is, a loud mouth bully with no
    class, Nurmagomedov used his wrestling skills to dominate Mcgregor on the floor and won the
    contest with a choke forcing Conor to Submit, after flooring the Irishman with a massive and
    thunderous Right hand before pinning him to the canvas and unleashing a succession of big punches,
    to Mcgregor head and body, Khabib was heard to say to Mcgregor, ”Let’s talk now” if they ever fight
    again Conor Mcgregor could get killed by Khabib Nurmagomedov in the Octagon, all this fake outrage
    against Nurmagomedov, is one-sided and bias;

  12. asdf asdf

    When McGregor attacked the bus did they react like this? Serious question.

  13. Khabib is the man bro

  14. 66toogy

    I guess nobody wants to talk about the multiple fouls conor tried cheating with. Illegal knee to a downed fighter, 12-6 elbows, grabbing gloves, grabbing the fence, grabbing khabibs shorts, etc… Conors a complete fraud, who needs to blatantly cheat in order to win? …then he taps? Fuuuck, what a complete BUM.

    • michael ocostello

      +66toogy basically McGregor went from beating aldo at 145 lbs…….then in 2 weeks after rda pulled out, McGregor gained 30 lbs to fight Diaz…….he went from aldo at 145 lbs to Diaz at 170 lbs…..mcgregor just skipped right over the 155 lbs weight class……yea khabib is so courageous, khabib wouldnt even move up one weight class and fight woodley…….who has khabib fought???? How many fighters has khabib ever knocked out???

  15. 3KBS Channel

    “Took out his mouthpiece, and threw something.”

    He threw his mouthpiece..

  16. Ōdanna Ri

    Rasist mcgregor and team. Losers…..
    Khabib best 👏

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