Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Says Serena Williams Was Wrong For 2018 US Open Controversy | First Take | ESPN

RSS - Stephen A. Says Serena Williams Was Wrong For 2018 US Open Controversy | First Take | ESPN Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”

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  1. Those rare moments when Stephen A has it absolutely correct.

    • Dee Path

      I’m pretty sure that the rules states that the 3rd violation is equals the game. Serena’s a pro, greatest tennis female ever, and she also knows the rules. Let’s just be honest. The coaching violation is debatable but the second and third was pretty much not a slap in the face.

    • Burn Neblograv

      Hes right

    • Wombat Combat

      Ciaron Smith did you not listen to Stephen? Yes he sure as hell would have. He’s hardcore to everybody he umpires for. And that is his call because he is always acting with the rules and regulations of the game. You should probably listen carefully next time before making an argument that’s already been shredded

  2. anyone who actually knows the rules of tennis and isn’t a casual fan knows Serena was 100% wrong

    • Common Dirtbagz

      salazam lol, dumbass.

    • Common Dirtbagz

      Scizor 3000 yes. Because he’s ENFORCING THE RULES, you mong. Don’t insert yourself into a debate about tennis if you only play fucking Mario tennis.

    • Common Dirtbagz

      Travis Devos huh? They did play every set. There’s only 2?


      +Jaap Van der Horst .

  3. TysonDoesStuff

    Max, please shut up.
    – Everybody else on earth

    • Alekses Coltrane

      I will never trust that dew on anything now, even in boxing

    • Max, your an idiot!.. The “Ref/Judge” ruined the Win for the her?.. Really?!?.. It was Serena’s fault the Win was ruined!.. Screaming and throwing a tantrum like a spoiled Brat… She ruined it!

    • Objective Baksetball Fan

      Except the far left libtards that have absolutely no logic and have to view every black and female as victims.

  4. Mexlycan Lobo

    Is Serena a role model for future female tennis players after this?…. NO

  5. Harry Fishnuts

    The white guy is a Serena apologist because he’s afraid of the race card. Let a brotha tell the truth.

    • Drew Hong

      Harry Fishnuts actually Max Kellerman Identifies as Black.

    • Jun Ouyang

      Problem with a show like that is that they can’t hand down verdicts. If so, there will be repercussions. But deep down, we know who is right or wrong 😉

    • Steven McGee

      Harry Fishnuts you nailed it

    • Alexander Ceja

      +MikeyManMiami They tested Armstrong and he doped.

  6. shootingstarpress

    the one thing that annoyed me is the people who were on Serena’s side knew nothing about tennis.

  7. Clarity A1

    Max is an idiot. Lets remember this is the same guy that said that the Notre Dame mascot was racist.

    • Melo Bryant


  8. Daniel Serrano

    Cmmon white boy, dont be afraid to tell what you really feel…u are intimidated because Serena is a black female. It doesnt matter gender or race, rules are rules, no one should be allowed to be or feel above them. Serena was a rude, megalomaniac, sore loser. Her coach cheated, she broke the racket and was unnecessarily rude to call Ramos a thief. She was fueled by her sense of “black privilege”

    • Shai Wilde

      Yeah….sure….I guess YOU would know

    • Daniel Serrano

      Shai Wilde Yes. I am a white hispanic and I have never used the “minority card”, blacks around me have milked the “minority card” “racist card” “we were slaved card” etc to abuse the system. I work hard to accomplish my goals. Many blacks play the victim’s role, complain excessively, satanize whites, or retort to plain aggressiveness to accomplish goals with less effort and manipulating the system. I have been a witness of that and I am tired of blacks abusing the system and getting special undeserved treatment just because they are blacks. You dont see it, because right now you feel like a victim…

    • Paul Ruffin

      You made sense until you went down the standard right wing nut job talking points such as black privilege and then go down the spiral of idiotic prejudices against black americans. You can do better.

    • MrRCDarkAngel

      Look how many guys have slammed racquet since the US Open? Serena was wrong for her actions in New York but she didn’t complain when she lost at Wimbledon. About ” black privilege “, really if you believe that trade places and be rich and black every time a cop follows you.I know many famous blacks who have been profiled by cops.I guess that is a privilege right?

  9. absolutebore

    This idiot talks about baseball (wtf) then he says he grew up in the Connors, McEnroe era, guess what? McEnroe and Connors didn’t do that stuff in a final of a GS tournament and take the limelight away from the victor. A young champion that didn’t get to enjoy the greatest day of her life because a diva couldn’t handle losing and she decided to play the victim card.

    • +absolutebore One thing has nothing to do with the other. If the “young champion” is smarter than you then she enjoyed the “greatest day of her life”, whether serena misbehaved or not. And yeah Serena was wrong

    • +boliussa how could she enjoy a victory after getting bood from the crowd??.

  10. Abhishek Baba

    3:07 he’s basically saying rules must be overlooked for vetrans like LeBron or Serena that’s BS

    • Grandong saya Dae

      +terrel smith and so fucking what? Are you saying what she did is excused because someone else did something worst?

    • DerrickKet562

      It’s not veterans he’s talking about, it’s stars. Superstars who transcend the game. And even though I don’t agree with his overall opinion, he’s right in that regard. At the end of the day, sports is entertainment. People pay to see the biggest stars in the biggest moments, not the officials.

    • Titch Lewis

      You mean like Tom Brady?

    • Jamey Strauss

      no, he’s saying they are overlooked. watch any basketball game with LeBron playing. You will see how refs are totally biased to him. He isn’t saying it’s right, he’s saying if it happens to LeBron why is it wrong for it to happen to anyone else.

  11. White dude acting like it’s the referees fault 😂😂 what an air head

  12. The guy enforcing the rules didn’t take anything away from the winner. The WHINER took everything away from the winner. Max is so annoying.

  13. John Hernandez

    I was a supporter of Serena Williams for three reasons, She is a Black women who has excelled in a predominantly white sport!
    She is also from my region of the country ( Southern California), Third, She has probably has had to deal with obstacles most of us could not imagine unless we were in her shoes! However, her behavior was so horrible and selfish I hope NEVER see on the tennis court again, and if I do, I would not watch. Sexism and Racism are serious issues in our country, but to USE them as a tool to excuse Serena Williams Petty and Vile behavior is a disgrace.

    • King David

      If you can STOP being a fan of someone for making a foolish decision, which we all do at points, you were never a fan in the first place.

    • uNKLe BraKer

      John Hernandez bullshit

    • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

      +King David are you a fan of OJ after he killed that white chick?

    • Well that’s what you get for liking an athlete for being black, you fucking loser. You get a black ghetto gorilla weilding a racket with high testosterone and low IQ, throwing fits and rackets instead of following the rules

    • Refined Queen

      Fucking racist pale face devils. Each and everyone of u racist devils… I hope something happens to your Krakker billy goat kids. Now give me back the whip and go back into the caves where u belong.

  14. Nirman Gaihre

    I feel sorry for naomi osaka.

  15. aF Kayzar

    It was her third violation. Her third. Do you know what it says in the rules for your third violation? It costs you a game. So how about we ask the real question that should be asked? At what point is in on Serena to get her act together and act professional? As someone who has played the game for the better part of three DECADES, and has won many opens, she knows the third violation is a game point. She should know that yelling and picking a fight with an umpire is never correct. Serena is the reason why this moment was stolen from Naomi, not the umpire. And an umpire shouldn’t look the other way just to make the game tell a better story because now you are talking about match fixing. Rules are there for a reason. When you step onto the court you are agreeing to play by the rules. Serena broke the rules, she got punished. End of story. No wiggle room. None.

    As to the anyone trying to lay blame at the feet of the umpire, he sat there for 90 seconds while Serena verbally abused him. The second she started chirping he could have cost her a point but he kept calm and tried to explain the situation to her. I dare anyone who thinks this umpire was in the wrong to sit in a chair, let someone yell at them for 90 seconds and try to remain half as calm and respectful as he was. Damn few of you could have done it with as much grace as he did.

    • Jamey Strauss LOL 3 violations, ok she screamed as much as she wanted and made fool of herself. So good she lost at AO. She should be banned for abusing best umpire ever. “I am a mother!!”. WTF. She is crazy. Should Umpire scream at her., I am a father…
      3 violation. Match lost. She did it to herself. Osaka outplayed Williams. Simply stupid Williams was not able to try to win the game.She wanted to manipulate, she failed. now she is unfit, overweight and in a bad form.LOL

    • Jamey Strauss have you ever seen woman tennis player to behave like SW. If Williams wants to behave like men let her play men.

    • Snoopster25

      +Jamey Strauss Dude gtfo outta here with that statement. If you actually watched the god damn fucking video you would’ve seen her arguing with the Umpire for literally 90 seconds, unless for some odd reason you didn’t see that because it was literally 1/4th of the whole video of her just arguing with the Umpire. And even if somehow that can be justified, she still called an illegal timeout! You know why she called an illegal timeout? TO RANT AT THE UMPIRE FOR 90 SECONDS!!! I swear you need to re watch this video.

    • Common Dirtbagz

      Jess Abatiell dude, she ain’t even good. She’s just got a temper.

    • SW should be disqualified!!+Brian Barrett

  16. Rules of tennis: 1st offense is warning, 2nd offense is loss of point, 3rd offense is loss of game. Regardless of women or men. The rules, as is pay, is equal across. You cannot fault the chair umpire for enforcing the rules. You cannot fault the chair umpire for refusing to look the other way because she was Serena Williams and instead prefer to utilize his power to punish a lower ranked player for making the same offense, in a grand slam. Rules are rules, that’s what the lines are for in a court. Out is out. In is in. Get over it people.

  17. Mindfook Films

    I cant believe these people are justifying that disgraceful act of her.


    Carlos Ramos is the GOAT Tennis Referee
    Respect to You Mr Ramos For Upholding the Rules Of the sport

  19. Elite Snake

    It was disgusting that Osaka was booed at the end. She deserved the win and even without Serena’s meltdown Osaka would have won.

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