Stephen A. shuts down Max’s response to question about Rockets’ Achilles heel | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Shuts Down Max's Response To Question About Rockets' Achilles Heel | First Take | ESPN

RSS - Stephen A. Shuts Down Max's Response To Question About Rockets' Achilles Heel | First Take | ESPN Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith goes off on Max Kellerman for saying that the Houston Rockets don't have an Achilles heel.

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  1. vinul g

    Lmao max killed SAS


      First well look at the one vs okc since westbrook is mentioned in this , 2014 playoffs clippers have a chance to go up 3-2 vs okc and play closeout game at home , cp3 then chokes the game away by turning the ball over 3x in 30sec and fouls westbrook on a 3p …the same guy that stole the ball from him and the same guy who was 26 years old and avg 27ppg 8reb 10assist on 49% vs the ” elite defender cp3 ” when cp3 was in his prime lmfaoo . In all of his 2nd round exits, Chris Paul has always cost his team in the crucial moments/games 2008 WCSF Game 3, a chance to go up 3-0 – in the 4th quarter, Chris Paul scored 2 points at the 11:13 mark – after that, Chris Paul had 0 points on 0/3 FG for the rest of the quarter, before falling behind by double-digits with 3:17 left and scoring 4 more points with the game already over Game 7 – in the last 6:50, Chris Paul had 0 points on 0/2 FG with 1 TO – Tony Parker outscored him 4-0 in that stretch – in this series, the Hornets interior defenders held Duncan to 15 ppg on 42%, but Paul allowed Parker to average the same numbers that he did for the 2007/08 regular season 2012 WCSF – CP3 had a garbage 13-4-9 on 37% 2014 WCSF – Westbrook outplayed him over the series Game 5 – chance to go up 3-2 with the next game in LA – LAC was up 2 with 18 seconds left – then Paul turned it over and fouled Westbrook on the 3 – then he turned it over again on the last possession to cost them the game and eventually the series 2015 WCSF Game 6 – up 3-2 and a chance to go to the WCF – Clippers were up 13 entering the 4th quarter – CP3 had 1-6 FG, 1 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 0 blk in the 4th quarter before a garbage time 3 at the end of the game to pad his stats – and he choked away a 3-1 lead and eventually the series because he disappeared in the 4th quarter Every time his team makes it to the 2nd round, he’s directly responsible for costing them the series, negating the value of his regular season and 1st-round inflated playoff stats Other stats that Chris Paul fans are obsessed with are his top 10 all-time rank in Ortg in the playoffs and number 1 in the regular season, and number 6 all-time PER in the playoffs and regular season. So-called “advanced” stats are by far some of the most useless metrics for evaluating individual players. Reggie Miller is number 2 all-time in regular season Ortg, and Kiki Vandewedge is top 5. In the playoffs, Reggie is number 8 (ahead of Paul’s 10). The rest of the top 10 consists of no one who should be in top 10 offensive consideration besides Magic Johnson at number 1. Guys like Horace Grant, Kevin McHale, Tyson Chandler, Cedric Maxwell, Hersey Hawkins, Terry Porter, and Bernard King You also have guys like Kobe, Baylor, Bird, Moses, and Garnett outside the top 20 in playoff PER. And as we’ve mentioned, with Paul spending 7 of his 11 career playoff series in the first round, these stats are all going to be heavily inflated – also evidenced by Tracy McGrady’s number 11 rank in playoff PER, who as we know spent his entire playoff career as a starter in the first round. If you look at McGrady’s starter years, he averaged 29-7-6-1-1 on 43% for a 24.7 playoff PER which would be top 7 all-time. If you only look at Orlando and Houston years, when he was the number 1 option, he averaged 30-7-7-1-1 on 43% for a 25.4 playoff PER which would be top 6 all-time ahead of Paul. So like TMac, Paul’s playoff stats have much less value as almost all of them were built in the first round, and Paul never played a team that made the Finals to top it off, meaning that he wasn’t even playing the best competition to begin with. The only difference is that Paul had better teams than Tmac and got out the first round a few times, only to cost his team in each of those 2nd round exits.

    • Matthew U

      ClutchWestbrook facts he’s so horrible in the playoffs

    • vinul g he actually did Max said what might be the Rockets Achilles heel and SAS just repeated what he said but by trying to put Max down 😂

    • Church Service


      Ignorant WestBRICK fan 😂🤣

    • Jose Vega

      Kiko2010 yes but last year the rokets took spurs to 6 games and does spurs where the ones who almost blow gorden state in the first game bfore leonard got hurt.. and that was without cp3 meaning they are a bigger threat now

  2. Burt Reynolds

    I never liked Max but now I do

    • killerqueen2000

      mrburt820 I like him because he isnt biased. He doesn’t blindly hate on raptors and rockets

    • batu t

      How can anyone dislike max?
      I mean he’s intelligent, educated, conscientious and has a solid grasp on english language, which makes his arguments mostly consistent and generally fun to listen to. His thought process and logic is mostly on point and sound, and his knowledge on different subjects with the use of scientific approaches every now and then makes his commentary rich and satisfying to listen to. #storytimewithunclemax

    • Alex Z.

      LOTR fan here folks

    • FiteMeIRL420

      I like him since I know he can spit bars

  3. R Lamb

    Max is hyping up the rockets

    • Steve Paraiso

      Yes stephen A just stating the fact that the rockets just got stomp by the spurs and by just adding chris paul they win a chip easily..? and he’s right that was a impostor cloned james harden playing in that series. Let’s see what he got this time in playoffs 🤨

    • El650Jefe

      UZzy Beatz you obviously didn’t pay attention to what mac was saying. He just said if the rockets shots attention falling then the warriors also will have a thought time beating them. That’s hyping them to much. If there’s shits don’t fall the warriors will eat them alive. No ones denying they are playing amazing but max is hyping them to much.

    • mwebtex

      Don’t think he is hyping them up because they deserve some props this year. 34-1 with your big 3 is a big deal. Defense has improved significantly and the bench is deeper. Capela continues to improve and the addition of CP3 gives the team 48 minutes of excellent offensive leadership on the floor. Injuries are the Achilles heal, not just for Houston but for every team. Seems like most teams have been battling significant injuries this year.

    • mwebtex

      Steve Paraiso it’s not just adding CP3 but adding good defenders and 3 pt shooters with Luc B and Tucker. Then adding Joe Johnson off the bench. Solid additions, not just CP3.

  4. FruitPunch Samurai

    Their achilles heel? The playoffs.

    • TheSwagIsBack

      m gobezie 1??? Nah harden has had way more bad games and Harden def purposely choked last year

    • Returning Cavaliers Fan Since 7/1/2018 #BelieveLand

      shotzrangout You must be a casual. CP3 never choked in the playoffs. And CP3 will help take the pressure off of Harden. Stop trying.

    • illWillOfficial


    • Dan Liu

      The Warriors…and the Spurs if Kwahi comes back healthy.

    • Bernie Cinematic

      shotzrangout you haven’t seen them play post season together…I don’t know if you have seen all the games they won in their 2 long streaks this season also them beating Warriors best out of three buuuuuut they’re better than warriors right now but who knows maybe when Warriors lose, another past MVP will join their team to help out

  5. Julio El Chavez

    When the warriors sweep the rockets or win in 5, these two clowns are gonna say “the rockets always needed one more star to compete, Houston wasn’t a real threat”. Pringles is a overrated coach that always chokes like his two star players.

  6. This Houston team scares me. The fans and the team are acting way too cocky. It just feels like its a set up for failure in the post season. I really hope that doesn’t happen cause I had them as the biggest threat to the warriors coming into the season. They have to stay focus and the fans really need to come down. They’re acting like the 2016 warriors and you don’t want that result to happen.

    • JB Misa

      A-KAY 721 I

    • Deven Lee

      A-KAY 721. Houston will flop in the playoffs; they’re winning streak is alright; not like the Warrior’s didn’t already do it & won more but it’s about what they could do in the playoffs and when the time comes Houston will be a no show

    • Matt the Backwards One

      Deven Lee this is a dumb blanket statement made by people who don’t know basketball that flies in the face of actual facts. When presented with every objective argument towards a team being good you default to “they will choke”. When asked why your only justification is “they haven’t done anything in the playoffs”. This is a self-justifying bullshit answer. No team EVER does anything on the playoffs…until they do. Jordan NEVER got out of the first round…until he did. LeBron NEVER made the finals….until he did. Kobe NEVER won a title without Shaq….until he did.

      The Rockets will NEVER get out of the second round…until they do.

      Oh wait, Harden already went there in 2015 dummy

    • Auc 2.0

      A-KAY 721 ur an idiot

    • Trevenia Short

      Matt the Backwards One–I’m with U on this one. Great conversation. Love my Rockets; HTown Girl here. Been with the Rockets since my middle school yrs (long ago; Lol!!). Seen it all with the Rockets!!! When U have a team that I’ve seen evolve like they have, U can stand behind them and not waiver. I LIKE OUR CHANCES. GO ROCKETS!!!

  7. The King of New York

    I think they showed it last night Harden had 10 TO Curry won’t have 9 TO like Westbrook need to slow the turnovers down because the warriors will capitalize on it

  8. All the Arizas of the world

  9. Nothing Special

    When tf did Stephen A get a daughter

    • MusiKinG 101

      Naw idek either tho

    • Jon Dunn

      I think he mentioned he has daughters I think a couple times before, but yeah he keeps his personal life really private. I thought they were older though, 9 is really young considering he’s 50 already. Not sure if he is married or anything though, never has mentioned a wife before only his daughters.

    • Champ Peralta

      I thought he was a virgin

    • TonyKingOfTheOzone

      lol imagine hearing 41 year old SAS yellin out during sex, yeeaahhhhh, whos that baaaaaaad man tonight!

    • asterisk911

      When it became useful to his career?


  11. Phil Kelly

    Obviously in a series, the Warriors would be favorites, but I feel like the Rockets have the deeper team even though the Warriors have probably the 2 best players of the teams. The Rockets defense has been great, they have better big men, they have a sixth man who can drop 25-30 points on any given night. Plus they have 2 superstar guards. So even though I’d still take the Warriors, I’m not counting the Rockets out yet.

    • XFearMyHeadShots-

      Ivica Petric wtf are u smoking 9 time all star and has be the best point guard or on of the best his whole career do u watch his highlights hes the point god

    • Jared Ferguson

      Angelo Galvan Chris Paul is a superstar, Harden is also a superstar, Steph is better than both. Problem is, KD is better than Steph

    • kasimk4

      Jared Ferguson kd got locked up by kawhi and curry lead them to the comeback. As good as kd is, he ain’t that guy. It’s Steph curry team, he is the guy. Don’t get it twisted.

    • Nolan lynch

      The real problem is that this depth basically dissapears for the rockets come playoff time as their coach only has a select few guys he trusts to get the job done day in and day out. The usage for their stars is going skyrocket meanwhile teams like gs, the spurs and others will manage their minutes throughout and rely on their bench far more for lesser comp.

    • Nolan lynch

      Warriors have a lot of weapons that they haven’t shown off against the rockets or other teams for that matter. Bell either hardly played or was out and that is their capela stopper when i look at him. Between Livingston, west and those dudes there are a lot of weapons that teams haven’t gotten to see their full potential

  12. Joseph

    Stephen A. Smith gonna be shouting the hobbit at his daughter tonight

  13. Auc 2.0

    Uhm doesn’t Trevor Ariza have a ring and championship experience playing with Kobe

    • quan Brooklyn kid

      Kj Robinson lmao

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi

      flame1113 umm.. ariza was a key player during that run, you’re clearly just a dumb casual fan/YouTube troll sit down and shut up

    • Dicerolledan8

      Auc 2.0 i like stephen As wet sounding mouth

    • vegastjg

      jay c    I’ve been a Lakers fan since the 70’s and I am telling you trevor was without a doubt important to LA in 09. I watched it myself to know what I said is right but I decided to look up a few stats, just for you, on him in 09 to see if the stats matched the eye test and guess what, they did. Trevor was top 4 in every category & did you know he started EVERY playoff game in 08-09 & was 3rd in minutes , 4th in scoring, 2nd in steals, 4th in rebounds, and led the team in efg% ,? He also had huge plays that sealed games in the playoffs as well & for proof you need not look beyond game 1 vs den & game 3 of that same series to see his impact for yourself. Trevor also shot 50% from 3 in the 09 playoffs, too.  Fact is trevor was the 2nd best player on LA on d behind Kobe in 09. If all that doesn’t scream important to you then it is YOU that is the ” dumb, casual fan”

    • flame1113

      Gasol, Odom, Fisher… even Bynum. No one talks about Ariza from that run.

  14. Clifford Waite

    There Achilles heel will probably be James Harden not showing up in the playoffs or Chris Paul getting injured right before the playoffs.

    • ImNotTheFatheerGaming

      Deon Nelson lmao James Harden disappears when it matters most 😂😂😂😂😂 and Chris Paul gets injured almost every playoff series

    • TheA1God25

      Deon Nelson Umm he averaged 24 in that series against the spurs, not 28 & 8 foh.

    • Jan Kaufmann

      Deon Nelson not when it counts the most…in elimination games he sucks…

    • Arnold

      If CP3 goes down, Harden is not carrying the Rockets past the Warriors.

  15. Nicholas Wellons

    Houston in 6

  16. Tony Hemetona

    Playoff Harden is the Achilles heel cause he don’t exist

  17. Fatima AL-Enizi

    CP3 looks waaaaay more happier in Houston than he ever did with the Clippers. That makes a big difference.

  18. Profet2fr

    16 wins in a row but only .5 game ahead of the Warriors. The way Max talks is if the Rockets were up 10 games.

    • Koorosh Farahani

      Chris paul missed the first month of the season and harden missed 2 weeks.. if the Rockets didn’t get fucked over by injuries they would only have 7 or 8 losses rn

    • Fate of Fallacy

      Only .5 ahead bc they were injured. When the team is fully healthy they’re 33-1. No injuries and they’re 55-8 rn easily

    • YungTony Music

      Profet2fr Htown 2018 🤙🏽

    • Cory Fessenden

      I thought the regular season doesn’t matter?

    • C Note

      Koorosh Farahani warriors haven’t been healthy at all this season lol

  19. Remarkable SeiF

    Max makes SAS seem like such a casual fan.

  20. #H-Town4Life! #Texans #Rockets #Astros!

    Why do people think CP3 is not a post season player ? He ups his averages every year in the playoffs and has to carry garbage and injured teams and gets bashed as a ‘choker’ get your facts right, haters only believe media narratives

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