Stephen A. Smith: Warriors have proven LeBron James alone cannot beat them | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith: Warriors Have Proven LeBron James Alone Cannot Beat Them | First Take | ESPN

RSS - Stephen A. Smith: Warriors Have Proven LeBron James Alone Cannot Beat Them | First Take | ESPN Sport News Today

First Take's Stephen A. Smith: Warriors have proven LeBron James alone cannot beat them.

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  1. Quiwon Burnside

    Cavs fans was so happy over the off season about all the trades and signings now yโ€™all want cousins or dj lmaooooo

    • Treveon Fitzgerald

      Radius Jordan A bunch of idiot Lebron fans & cav fans weโ€™re excited to get rid of kyrie bc they swore up & down IT was a better upgrade and a better finisher than kyrie

    • Always improving

    • Freddie Powell

      Quiwon Burnside on god!!!!

    • Quiwon Burnside Word it doesnโ€™t matter anyways they still catching this L if they make it.

  2. Show Out

    This rivalry is over yโ€™all can stop now


    The Annual MLK Day Massacre will not be a pretty sight

    • globalicon2012

      5imbadzs 3-1

    • Joel views

      of course having KD the second best player lmfaoo plus 3 more all stars let be honest i guess this is what it takes to beat Legoat ? lol

  4. MeloFellow78

    Max loves deepthroating Bron

    • Brent Foster

      MeloFellow78 Don’t let Nick Wright hear you say that!

    • strawhats100

      Brent Foster or My dude “Unc” aka LeShannon Sharpe

    • Dranda Man

      MeloFellow78 he gives lbj his respect but heโ€™s a warrior fan. Last year in the finals he admitted and said he wanted gsw to win. Which they did

  5. L Johnson

    The Cavs ain’t winning no more titles๐Ÿ˜‚

    • James Harden

      hazadous Life Lebron needs to go to Houston and win championships the cavs are done

  6. africano dos santos dos santos

    Max already made excuses for LeBron loses today. lol

    • Luis V Cabrera

      Mike Jones LeShannon Sharpe is worse

    • WHat did Lebron do wrong in the game????? What excuse does his performance require?? Excuse for what?

    • Joel Valeriano

      All the players they have and Lebron “still” had no help. Nice! He’s the biggest influence on his team. Every move by the cavs goes through Lebron. Plus i thought he makes his teammates better. Everything points to LBJ. Nobody else to blame. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Idiot its cavs vs warriors, why always lebron cant win rofl u guys are just haters, jordan have phil jack and pippen, kobe have phil shaq and prime gasol. So how about lebron? Lue and who???

  7. Clash with Adekoya

    CAVS HAVE A 0 percent chance of winning if they can’t play defense

  8. Tren Clen

    If the Cavs improve defensively, if Thomas can get back to his MVP form, if JR can start making shots and if they find a way to bring in Deandre Jordan they might stretch the Warriors to 4 games in the finals.

  9. Dominic Cropper

    Sas never agree wit max ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚an sometimes he be saying the same thing max say

  10. King Spartacus

    Max… lol he’s turns his defense on and off right? Oh please

    • strawhats100

      King Spartacus I like Max, but he’s definitely a part of the LeBron James Justice Coalition (Nick Wright, Shannon Sharpe, Colin Cowherd)

    • King Spartacus

      strawhats100 I couldn’t agree more. No one is worse than Nick though lol

  11. IT is not equal to Kyrie. I love IT but he isn’t an upgrade that’s it

    • clouted buildz

      Ruth J kyrie numbers went down from last season just sayin

    • Avash Hajizadeh equal offensively??? R u fucking kidding me??

    • Kelijah Chaneygaming23 do u know that that’s how much he avg last year but he’s a avg 24 after only 44 games so that’s bound to increase

    • Style 1Thou hahahahahahahaha did u really believe the celtics had a chance to beat the cavs last year???

    • IT isn’t equal defensively to Kyrie and certainly not equal to him offensively. Kyrie is a better shooter and throughout his career has averaged more points (while playing with Lebron). I highly doubt Kyrie averages near even 20 points playing with Lebron, it just doesn’t make sense.

  12. Kyle Jones

    Wtf is wrong with Max?

  13. geraldo diaz

    Steph about to be on IT like prime Shaq LMAO

  14. Replicant Roy

    Lebron yelling with his teammates because of defensive lapses but he himself is 326th in defensive rating out of 470 players in the NBA, he also played poorly in the Christmas game and got clamped but it’s all a part of his master plan right? LMAO watch him lose another Finals and stat pad to have an excuse.

  15. max “lebron saves himself defensively for high leverage moments” …like when kd averaged 35 in the the nba finals and dropped that anvil on his head in game 3? lol

    • Be at ease

      sthao1 Media max sounds stupid

    • King Willie

      Josias Gabriel – That question should be directed at the Cavs. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

    • Fodor Davidson

      Haha but by that logic so did KD drop defensively. Lebron averaged 33 nearly 34 and 10, 10 on 55%. That seemed to happened to KD too then despite having a much better team. 67 win GSW vs 51 win Cavs

    • money way

      T- 99 but kd is a better scorer

  16. Ahmad Elgammal

    Steph Curry gonna be seeing the rim a lot tonight with IT guarding him. And you know what happens when he sees the rim. Splaaaaaaaaaash.

    • What are you talking about man?

      WDGT Stayn it’s true though youre just salty bro. Before you call me a bandwagon too i’m not a warriors or a cavs fan.

    • Ahmad Elgammal

      WDGT Stayn Lol im a laker fan nice try though

  17. TheLegendIke

    Nah man I’m tired of hearing “LeBron is saving himself for the playoffs” the Warriors save themselves for the playoffs too… The difference is they go and put teams out of them game before the 4th quarter so starters only play 30mins or less

    • Artur Zinurov

      DRose DBZFan well it fucking helps when you have 4 all starts 2 of which are best shooters in the league 1 being a dpoy and another being 2nd only to lebron. Tell me when lebron goes with Leonard to Houston.

    • Nike Prince

      No excuses for the Cavs

    • Lebron got what he wanted. He wanted to sign Thompson to a max contract. He wanted to overpay smith. I love wade but the man is old and falling apart. but lebron wanted him and got him. Lebron cant complain because he basically forced the cavs to overpay all his friends. Now they have no money to sign better, younger, faster players. But lebron has the team he wants.

    • Jordan is Overrated because he was never injured unlike Kobe who’s always out for injury… think about that

    • Artur Zinurov Isnt lebron the GOAT as you say so since hes the the GOAT eith stats and mvps plus with fellow all stars player Kevin love, d wayde, it, kyle kourver dont you think that they can match Gsw since Hes like 4 mvps into one person they are already a superteam…. so how come youre still sell8ng your excuses about their loss to the warriors, how bout their loss to the raptors, the twolves, those team has 1 or 2 all stars so what your excuse this time… loser cant accept their downfall winners see them as challenges…

  18. Wipexherxdry

    Cavs are going to get blown out today plain & simple

    • Northern Lights17

      T-Roy IRH I’ll shut you up with this.. “Cavs ain’t going to the Finals this year and GSW will be crowned champions back to back with your favorite player for finals mvp being KD(better than lebron) plus I’ll beat you 1v1 and smack your face while breaking your ankles on a step back three

    • King DeeCash007

      jayy uzii did you come back ? ๐Ÿคฃ

  19. mangobananana

    James ALONE? since when was he ever alone after he ditched Cavs 7 years ago, jesus these lebum fans trying to make it sound like Lebrons got no help

    • Arc7X Angel

      mangobananana That’s always the narrative.

    • That Guy 313

      the exterminator of IDIOTS and dummies Incorporated Well according to your logic KD was just exercising his free agency so no problems right??

    • He will ditch clevrland this year

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