Stephen A. to Magic Johnson: Drafting Lonzo Ball was a mistake | First Take

Stephen A. To Magic Johnson: Drafting Lonzo Ball Was A Mistake | First Take

RSS - Stephen A. To Magic Johnson: Drafting Lonzo Ball Was A Mistake | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith reports that Magic Johnson has taken personal responsibility for every basketball decision made during his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers front office, including drafting Lonzo Ball with the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

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  1. Big Papi The Chef

    Ben Simmons can’t shoot either, but y’all call him “transcendent.”

    Fox got drafted by the Kings, Stephen A. said he’s a better leader but answer me this: who was the King’s leader before Fox arrived? I’ll wait.

    Tatum, Fox, Mitchell, Smith Jr. all play for teams that are consistent with their minutes/rotation and they have the green light. I don’t think Walton is a bad coach I just don’t think he rations the minutes the best way nor is he a very good play caller.

    It blows my mind how they’re only in year two and everyone is saying certain guys are busts or other guys are better after just now starting to blossom.

    • Big Papi The Chef

      Michael Adeyanju Simmons shot 54% on 12 shots a game while Ball shot 36% on 10 shots a game. I still don’t see how that’s a “hugh difference” when Simmons only averaged 5 more points a game than Ball. Also, keep in mind, Simmons averaged 15/8/8 playing 81 games while Ball averaged 10/7/7 only playing 52; he played 29 less games than Simmons and his number are nearly the same. Let’s not get caught up in the hype of these shows and do our own research/thinking.

    • Big Papi The Chef

      michael preller read to comprehend, not respond. If you watch the video then you’ll understand what my point is.

    • Big Papi The Chef

      Angel Lopez they’re programmed to feel that way, they can’t help it. False narratives like the one in this video is often taken as fact simply because someone on TV said it .. but we can always look up the stats on the NBA’s site. I’m sure most people don’t even watch games of the players they criticize either, lol.

    • googley98

      +Big Papi The Chef 54% and 36% isn’t a big difference from the field? 😂😂 Was that a joke?
      36% is GOD AWFUL, like G league awful, oh I’m so sorry let’s all jump up and down because he’s a 6,7 guard shooting 41 33 and *42*
      He’s average. Period.

  2. Bruh Lonzo isnt even PLAYING, how this man is able to still blame Lonzo is beyooooondd me

  3. I like lonzo , he makes a difference when he is on the floor .. quit complaining fool.

    • Toxic Gaming

      +RamblingBaba _ 10 points or below in games isnt JUST FINE

    • +Toxic Gaming You should probably learn basketball if you think scoring from the PG is how they impact a game. Jason Kidd could leave a game with 7points 10 assist 8reb win and have completely controlled the game without scoring. People got used to all these Shooting Guards masquerading as PG’s. The ball moves when Lonzo’s on the court, they play better D and guys look happy playing. Completely different team with him. He doesn’t need to averge 20.


    Haters gonna hate. Lonzo gonna show them when he gets back

    • +Frank Williams How about FT%? Tell me ANY guard that shoot below 50% from the FT line.

    • Kevin Willis

      TUBESTEAKNIG show us he can’t shoot and a overrated player 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Sherry Beckley

      liftingcarbsdaily 😂😂😂

    • Michael Benti

      lol are you trolling! When Lonzo gets back nothing. He can’t grow because Bron Bron needs the ball. If I had to guess Lonzo wasn’t supposed to be on the team after the trade deadline. Now he comes back to a mixed up mess called the Lakers. LMAO

  5. Timothy Samuels

    Lonzo has been out for 4 weeks now. Are we really blaming losing on him?

    • Mathobela Mmakau

      But you can blame lebron

    • jamzki maralit

      +Will Horton no he was drafted not only by his defense..he was expected to be a scorer also..he was a mistake, lets face it! Tired of hearing hes just 2nd year, many of his draft class are excelling both offense and were not drafted 2nd by a team just to develop, you should be in the g league if your development is valued by a team! What if he didnt develop what youre expecting him to be?

    • XSilverDestinyChaos

      +jamzki maralit pretty sure Lakers drafted Lonzo with making Ingram the number 1 scorer in mind :/

    • Aaron Conway

      👎 No, he just a bust. He need to go

  6. DanTheMan 1026

    Idk how people can say Zo is trash

    • Adan Martinez

      Because he is!!!!!!!

    • dothedoword

      Hurt twice already. He is Shooting lower free throw percentage than Shaq. Did you guys forget he was chosen second overall? Players that were drafted after him are playing at a higher level. Lonzo ball buster is his full name.

    • Jaylen Coats

      People are really simple and have adhd since the dude isnt scoring 20+ppg all the time

  7. Lonzo is extremely talented, to have that speed and quickness at that height is like kinda unseen. Lavar said quote “ lonzo grew up in chino hills , he never had to fight for nothing “ that explains a lot . Offensively he has the talent but he won’t attack his defender . It was like a 20 game stretch he didn’t shot a free throw and he started every game. That’s no aggression .. AT ALL ! He has the talent but to be real the kid is scared to attack that rim, and it’s not just the rim, it’s the defender in front of. Him

    • The Adventures Of

      Man if lonzo grew up in the hood or had that dawg in him, he would be top 3 out his class. he doesn’t have that initiative like tatum or kuzma to attack first. and the only reason i mentioned hood is cause generally, hooping in the hood puts a chip on ya shoulder.

    • Bern Zion : His speed, quickness and court vision at 6’6 is a talent dude smh. He can attack off dribble he can step back 3, we don’t see it because he’s scared to attack his defender period

    • Will Horton

      +pre22 to be fair he got hurt before the trade rumors for Davis came up

    • Will Horton

      +Bern Zion cause you don’t know what extremely talented looks like unless it hits u in the face

    • Michael Matters

      Watch some games…..lonzo was shooting blood before he got hurt

  8. Christian Castro

    It’s unfortunate that zo has been hurt back to back. Zo has been a key to the Lakers having success when he’s on his a game. But as of recently they’ve been struggling with people missing games plus this team gets allot press which brings more pressure because of the name they carry. When we bring everyone back onto the court it’s going to be a different and agenda the way the media talks about the Lakers but that’s my take.

  9. Dom122333

    Greg Popavich should get charged for tampering for telling the pelicans to not accept any trades from the lakers

    • Ivan Tomic

      +Stinga TV – initially i did type that….football over here is played with hands😉😁

    • Deon Nelson

      Lol stop how is he tampering he has no control over gets traded wtf 😂

    • Stinga TV

      @Ivan Tomic
      I know. I call it **HANDEGG**

    • Will Horton

      +Stinga TV Like the game itself, the word “football” has foreign ancestors. Historians trace American football back to two European cousins, soccer and rugby. Both began as kicking games.

      Soccer- the most popular sport in the world – was originally known as “association football.” Newspapers seeking a shorter phrase began to refer to it as “assoc.” That name was soon shortened to “soc” and then grew back a bit to “soccer.”

      While rugby also began as a football game, in 1823 something occurred that changed the kicking game forever. A player named William Webb Ellis, instead of kicking the ball over the goal line, picked it up and ran it across. At first, observers didn’t know what to think. Eventually, they agreed it was a good idea. The game was played at the Rugby School and became known as rugby football, later shortened to rugby.

      Both soccer-style football and rugby-style football eventually found their way to America. What resulted was an American combination of the two games. It was until much later (1906) that forward passing was allowed. So because the American game was really just another form of the European football games, it too became known as football.

    • White Girls are my Kryptonite ✔️

      Dom122333 true

  10. Violets are Blue

    Am I bugging or does Stephen a have a tan ?😂😂

  11. rican_ plays games

    I wish lonzo was on a different team hes a ball dominate facilitator and he has labron on his team…

    • Big Chungas21

      rican_ plays games a team with Lonzo as their go to guy is not winning ****, if he isn’t better with Bron on the team then he’s not that great.

    • Will Horton

      +Big Chungas21 Bron is a ball hogging stat padder

  12. Vinny Dee

    So you’re telling me that he is blaming Lonzo Ball for the Lakers being bad after he’s been out for about a month where the Lakers has those horrible lost without him in that timeframe? Come on now Stephen A

    • BannedOnTV

      Vinny Dee well him being injury prone is an issue if he can’t stay on the floor.

    • Aaron Mun

      Deadass Stephen A is fking annoying I just wanna punch him in his throat

    • Schuyler Savage

      Vinny Dee just curious, are you a lonzo fan? Did you listen to what SAS was actually trying to say about lonzo with his initial point, the point constructed to initiate this debate? It’s that magic made a mistake taking lonzo number 2. We all know that is true, those of us who aren’t biased. I don’t like or hate lonzo. He is what he is. What he isn’t he worthy of the number two pick in that draft class. He was taken number two because of his great freshman year but mostly because of his father being so good at manipulating

    • Big Papi The Chef

      Schuyler Savage so his father manipulated our eyes is what you’re saying 🤔🧐?

  13. Neil Gabion

    Lakers blaming Lonzo? Come on! That’s not fair! I am not even a Lakers fan but blaming the young core just because LeBron cannot win a Championship is downright STUPID!


      Fax idgaf what y’all say

    • Aaron Conway

      Wait remember what lavar said “lonzo will get the lakers a championship”🤣🤣🤣. When I heard that crap I was like wow, this guy is joking right?????

  14. lourenzo ball

    so y’all blaming your best defender who hasn’t played in a month for y’all losing . y’all are better when he’s on the court 🤦🏽‍♂️ , y’all have a lower defensive rating without him and y’all lose more without him . yeah he’s injury prone and his jumpshot might not be the best but basketball is more than just shooting . it’s defense , passing , iq , rebounding , and speed and that’s all lonzo .

    • Christine Maramag

      His defense is not enough, team defense is what they need..

    • Will Horton

      Finally someone who knows basketball

    • Will Horton

      +Christine Maramag gotta get rid of bron 1st

    • Schuyler Savage

      Will Horton lololololokikol

    • Schuyler Savage

      lourenzo ball you make anything you said invalid by your screen name and the way you tried to admit lonzo is one of the worst shooters at his position in years but really said “ he might not be the best”. Lol. You did make some good points but no one with a real honest perspective is going to listen to any of them or take any of them seriously, even the true ones, if you bring your bias to the table. Next time replace what you said about his shooting with “look. I realize he has been a horrible shooter so far at his position, especially considering we thought he was a good shooter in college, and especially if you factor in his FT and not just his poor 3 PT”. If you say that people might actually agree with your good points as well. Just a tip. Have a good day man

  15. Badass Shmoneyy

    Then BOOM. Lakers go on a 5-10 game winning streak … .Stephen A Smith: “These Lakers are top contenders in the west conference

  16. Justin2534

    Lol you hating on lonzo but what about the other people in the draft? Fultz? Isaac? Jackson? Frank? Are they playing better than lonzo? People really forget that he’s a young player and still growing. SAS is so high on Josh Hart but look at his stats his he really better than lonzo? I think not, keep lonzo around LeBron and rondo and he will learn to lead this team once they go old

    • 😂 I don’t understand why ESPN focuses on the Lakers all the time. You see videos of other teams here and there but they almost always talk about the lakers. l mean whatever i like the lakers but man there’s a lot of great players out there that deserve an entire segment on them the way they give Lonzo

  17. Yall act like lonzo is the biggest issue of the team.

  18. Lonzo isnt even the issue about the lakers.

    • ADMAFIA210

      Part of it

    • Prime Time23

      Chris Gee I agree his good but his very inconsistent

    • naizmenicnastruja

      They were winning more with him on the court. SAS is spouting bullshit now but we all know that media created Lonzo hype train. I remeber how they suck up to Lavar 2 years ago. SAS was the leader of the hype train

  19. Lonzo aint even playing and he still in the news

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