Steve Kerr ejected in Warriors’ 4th quarter implosion vs. Blazers | NBA Highlights

Steve Kerr Ejected In Warriors' 4th Quarter Implosion Vs. Blazers | NBA Highlights

RSS - Steve Kerr Ejected In Warriors' 4th Quarter Implosion Vs. Blazers | NBA Highlights Sport News Today

Steve Kerr loses it at a referee after Draymond Green is assessed a flagrant foul on Zach Collins during the Golden State Warriors' 129-107 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. Damian Lillard leads the way with 29 points, while Jake Layman adds 17 points off the bench. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant each scored 32 in the loss.

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  1. Night Mare

    Lillard is so damn good

  2. Whole Lotta Gang Shit

    Kerr always seems like the most laid back coach in the league. Watching him get that hot is funny & scary at the same time. You gotta watch out for those calm ones😂

    • Jay Davis

      +DJ Maxamillion You are awake my friend !

    • DJ Maxamillion you’re a moron kerr played in the 90s, that foul was not close to a flagrant. he was pissed

    • Cool Libra

      Kerr is no punk. It’s a reason him and MJ got into it lol. Shout out to my ♎. Cool but when activated get out the way.

    • Michael Muniz

      Hissy fit because they were losing. Like they don’t win enough already. Great dynamic team no need to act like a child.

  3. Thomas Affolter

    Lol that look of disgust on his face. That will be memed

  4. i know I was shocked too, they finally gave draymond a flagrant

  5. Gotham City Blues

    KD still has the best mid-range jump shot in the league

  6. Christine Maramag

    The last clippbord just came out of hospital and having a therapy and kerr just send 1 another clippbord in the hospital..hahahaah

  7. 許瀚文

    green didnt foul ,people always use two different standard to watch Warriors, honestly,the referees have a lot of problem this game

  8. nycmonster139

    No way that was a flagrant. Really great game until then. Messed up the whole flow.

    • Tyler Cornwall

      Yeah but the blazers just played a lot better the whole team got into it and scored well

    • nycmonster139

      +Jamie P bias??? I’m not a Warriors fan haha.. He went for the ball and hit him in the arms. He was alright after the play and there was no blood. Refs just got afraid it was going to get worse.

    • nycmonster139

      +Jamie P and i do agree with what you said about kerr crying like a baby. Lol

    • The Great Saiyaman

      The refs probably thought he was getting revenge for Klay lol.

    • Chi. Robi

      +Jamie P Draymond hit all ball on the play then his forearm barely hit him when the ball was loose. You must have a bias against the Warriors or Draymond.

  9. Andrew Comments

    Damn he went crazy like he just caught his wife and that referee in bed together!

  10. im2hastyle

    I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t want to be the Blazers next time they play the GSWs. From what I’ve seen in the past with previous teams, they gonna get annililated!!

    • The Locker Room

      im2hastyle Hey man! If you like NBA/NFL commentary give us a listen. We just started and we’re growing fast 💨. Please Subscribe bro 💯.

    • SpaceNVaderr

      This is the last time they play for the regular season.

  11. TrackStar Media Group

    OMG the bad boy warriors LOL KLAY all of a sudden so tuff HA HA HA

    • The Locker Room

      TrackStar Media Group Hey man! If you like NBA/NFL commentary give us a listen. We just started and we’re growing fast 💨. Please Subscribe bro 💯.

    • Scott Lawrence

      Gayyy Thompson

  12. Okay I’m not saying gsw should of won but the reffs fucked up a great game. Like Portland should of won but not like through the reffs. I just hate it when the reff determines the games.

  13. Thunder Up

    Ken Mauer and the Refs playin bird box challenge at its finest

  14. Blazers are gonna get clapped so bad next time they meet the warriors.

    • Tyler Cornwall

      We tied the series 2-2 so we’ve played well against them all year. The warriors are immature and it’s easy to get them off balance by making them mad. All the techs and flagrants against the warriors were because they got frustrated it’s that simple. Klay shouldn’t be jawing like that on a night were he shot 2 of 16

    • II H2G II

      Tyler Cornwall I hope they lose this year in like the semi finals in a upset so they can split up

    • acedog25 y

      +II H2G II you are gonna get mad when that doesn’t happen. Keep hoping you hater.

    • Scott Lawrence

      Lol talking about beating Portland right after the blazers clapped the warriors 🤣 gayyy Thompson getting in his feelings and then as a result you see how the warriors get when they can’t win 🤣

    • Scott Lawrence

      +Tyler Cornwall is it just me or do they get like this when the game isn’t going their way and they are losing?

  15. General Tso's

    I hate Draymond with all my guts. But that wasn’t a flagrant foul.

  16. Beat Sockett

    Good game Portland! Way to beat the warriors, Steve Kerr’s ejection should hv been in the Top 10 🤣!

    • EyeLoveTheStars

      I’m a Warriors fan and I agree his ejection should be in Top 10 lol. I love it when he goes crazy like this. It’s funny to watch.

  17. Buddy Rare

    Steve Kerr = The Clipboard Killa

  18. isaiah2810

    What about Seth Curry getting past his bro. Nice.

  19. LA Clippers

    Kerr has a home in Rancho Santa Fe. He won’t be too far from Kawhi. His dad was assassinated in Beirut. Steve has an interesting life.

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