Steve Kerr ‘shocked’ by Draymond Green’s flagrant foul call, which led to his ejection | NBA Sound

Steve Kerr 'shocked' By Draymond Green's Flagrant Foul Call, Which Led To His Ejection | NBA Sound

RSS - Steve Kerr 'shocked' By Draymond Green's Flagrant Foul Call, Which Led To His Ejection | NBA Sound Sport News Today

Steve Kerr explains he was shocked by the officials decision to change Draymond Green's foul on Zach Collins to a flagrant foul. Kerr was so "shocked" it led to him smashing a whiteboard and being ejected from the Golden State Warriors' 129-107 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. Kerr says he is proud of his team for "scratching and clawing" through a tough game. Kerr was shocked the officials felt the need to even look at the replay on Draymond's foul as he "just thought it was a good, hard foul."

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  1. Dara Aujla

    Donkeys shouldn’t be on the floor anyways

    • Geoffrey_bs

      Dara Aujla you’re not a donkey but you’re not on the floor either

      Respect skills

  2. supremo shaider

    Draymond is a dirty player.

  3. its Ya Boi Reacttt

    A post not about James harden? That’s 3 free throws and a box of twinkies

  4. TEG_QD QD

    I like cheeseburgers

  5. How can you get shocked by a Draymond Green ejection? Id be shocked if he doesnt get ejected

  6. Carolina Howard

    Steve Kerr needs to Smoke 💨 a Blunt and RelAx 💕💐💕💐

  7. Ariel Santana

    Kerr was ready to knock that ref’s headddd off 😂😂😂😂

  8. Ian Surban

    soft league today. In 80’s, you can punch a player and no flagrant at all.

    • Ian Surban cuz they are all men and refs weren’t angry divorced lesbians.

    • It was definitely a flagrant for punching someone dumbass

    • Mike Tank Brown ll

      @Ian Surban

      I think you don’t remember the 80s because name just 1 incident when someone threw a punch, connected, and no punishments happened. Its not hockey!

  9. Dennis Richard Roma

    like Embiid said after the game of Boston and SIXERS

  10. Double Cheeseburger

    What’s shocking are his substitutions, completely out coached.

  11. Stevie Wonder

    Why everytime Kerr, Steph or Draymond get ejected they always end up losing?

  12. JSINmartini

    This game was rig job big time. Just like the Sixers/Boston game. Blazers are little btches, that will never EVER win sht.

    • Cody Peterson

      JSINmartini 4 all stars, (2 that are top 10 of all time) couldn’t beat the blazer bench. STFU 😂

    • Seth curry scored more points in the 4th than kd klay and steph combined 😂😂😂

    • Haha I love the saltiness

    • Dude that referee is dirty he’s always calling all the fouls on warriors when there playing always noticed that clearly!!

    • Clarence Jenkins

      The New Orleans Saints reportedly said thank you.

  13. MrAVGNdude

    So lemme get this straight…

    Klay Thompson is strong enough to basically send Zack Collins to the ground with his off arm on a layup attempt and that’s an offensive foul but draymond and Zack Collins smacking forearms on a shot attempt is a flagrant 1..?

    Aminu BOLTING into Steph shooting a 3 is an on the floor foul without question but Damian Lilard forcing contact with a vertically jumping curry on the next play is a shooting foul?

    Both teams were fouling but Portland got ALL the calls. Portland shot 34 free throws… GS only shot 18. I repeat, they were both fouling each other all game 😂 smh. That was home cooking

    • Warren Pricefield

      To be fair Golden State are going to win the finals and likely get all the calls there like the past two years so they’ll be aight

    • Josh _ 925

      If that was anyone but Draymond it would be a common foul . Then we all know if that was Harden that got fouled shooting that 3 like Curry did , no doubt he’s going to the line ! I don’t like complaining about fouls cause I understand it’s a tough job and everyone makes mistakes , but this game was just crazy ! I haven’t been this pissed off watching a regular season game in awhile !

    • Mike Anthony

      If you could look at the replay carefully Draymond actually kicks his opponents feet b4 landind

    • MrAVGNdude gourmet home cooking bruh 😂

    • Phown1337

      MrAVGNdude Golden state is privileged af stfu. We forgetting KD’s outta bounds play against Houston and Demarcus holding down a Miami heat player the other night?

  14. As a basketball fan you wanted this game to keep going with how competitive it was. Just sad to see it come down to a bunch of T’s and a flagrant

  15. Clorox Bleach

    I know the warriors don’t need sympathy but damn they got screwed😂😂

    • The People's Mix

      So a flagrant went from 2 fts to being down by 20? Wtf

    • John50 Beach

      +The People’s Mix They’re down 3 and then all these bullshit calls happen and they end up down 12 with less than 3 minutes to go with their coach getting ejected and every player in foul trouble. Wtf do you expect them to do?

  16. Jake Asante

    I’m not a warrior fan but I think It’s funny how people take every chance to make fun of them now just to be salty in June when they win a championship 😂😂

  17. Julian Falcon

    I mean. Draymond built a rep, it’ll forever haunt him, like at times like this

    • John50 Beach

      This was just an arm swipe. How the hell does a rep have to do with anything there? If you’re gonna call that, he might as well be outta the league

  18. Lots of salty warrior fans 😂😂😂

  19. Your NBA KIA 2018-2019 MVP goes to…. The referees.
    Season highlights:
    -Harden double stepback(Legal)
    -Bradley Beal travel (Legal)
    -Shooting foul (No FT)
    -NBA RECORD ( First 8 pt play)😁

  20. Only because it’s Green does he get a hard foul converted into a flagrant 1..SMH…. I’m surprised they didn’t call flagrant 2 on Green. Just about every other player in the league that would be a common foul. I’ve seen way harder fouls be called common. And these refs that were officiating were top guys. Not rookies..They are vets officiating. Go figure. That was an asterisk win for Portland. They shot 8 technical points in 20 seconds. That Collins dude is a punk. What’s up with that going up to Klay after Klay slightly push off with elbow to go up to him and cuss at him. You never see Klay get pissed off..I don’t know what that punk said to Klay. That Collins dude was yapping all night.

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