Steve Kerr was defending Draymond Green when he got tossed – Tom Thibodeau | The Jump

Steve Kerr Was Defending Draymond Green When He Got Tossed - Tom Thibodeau | The Jump

RSS - Steve Kerr Was Defending Draymond Green When He Got Tossed - Tom Thibodeau | The Jump Sport News Today

Former NBA head coach Tom Thibodeau expresses his reaction to Golden State Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr slamming his clipboard and getting ejected after voicing his displeasure with the referees after Draymond Green was called for a questionable flagrant foul in the team’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers and how it shows how much Kerr has his team’s back. Stephen Jackson adds that the referees made the call because of the player not the foul and says Draymond is getting a bad rep for it. Scottie Pippen disagrees and believes the officials made the right call.

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  1. Iceman GG

    Kerr just wanted the game to be over.

    • exactly!!!! all of them had an off night. they only had 10 players active that game, the rest were already on vacation, last game before all star weekend, and klay was playing with only 8 good fingers. On top of Collins instigating fights all game, The warriors shoulda left portland by Half Time

    • Arnas Gudaitis

      +A RB no klay and game with utah play the same hand! 32 pts curry and durant off nigt? Curry in 3 quarter thind rtym and wariors bench play first 5 min 4 quarter and kerr let on the the floor kd,curry and this flagrant cost wariors this win against blazers!!! Only klay strugle 17-5 fg!

  2. Rudolph The Red Nose Asshole

    For todays workout i did 9 sets of pushups with weights on my back, 5 sets of calf raises, curls with milk jugs and 3 sets of ab crunches

  3. 9 Grounds

    nice catch by Steph though @ 3:04

    • Aristides Gonzalez


    • Theprfesssor

      Yeah I was wondering why Draymond was looking at steph like he was then you see the ball that was something typical though curry makes it look routine

  4. LeeTravius Mckay

    Kerr is the most calmest and laid back coach there is so to see him that heated is hilarious and scary at the same time 😂

    • Do you get paid for all these comments?

    • whatis abc2105

      Speaking from personal experience (myself), the super calm ones are the ones that end up blowing up. We’re so calm and collected, that when you really piss us off…watch out.

  5. LeeTravius Mckay

    Whether u love or hate the warriors that was a common foul Steve had every right to go off

    • QuickClutch

      LeeTravius Mckay I thought so at first, but Dreymond didn’t jump, and to me it looked like he hip checked him as well before the play on the ball. There was a lot of tension in the game at the time of the call, so I understood the call but I didn’t like it. That being said, I don’t think it changed the outcome of the game, the blazers were red hot, and up enough to seal it. There was a tech call on Collins that he didn’t deserve as well but hey, it’s one game. The warriors should be more salty about the game winner in OT dame had last time.

    • tejas chhabra

      +QuickClutch they got like 6 free throws from that call on Steve Kerr and draymond

  6. LeeTravius Mckay

    I agree with Stephen Jackson the NBA is so soft the refs don’t know what a foul is

    • Yea lets go back to the 80’s-90’s style bball,and loose all your international fans.

  7. aj guzman

    So you take it out on Draymond?? Zach Collins was flopping last a lot last night..Klay the most i dont care person on that floor was so pissed. You could have given Zach Collins a 2nd tech and tossed him out the moment that happened..He shoved Jarebko and yet you let that go and call Draymond a flagrant foul..But well I know them Warriors and Blazers come playoff..weve already seen this..

    • Robin Weber

      exactly. they gave collins a huge pass on his actions and actually rewarded him and fixed the game. true pathetic display of refereeing

  8. My Ambition Az A Nigga

    Steve Kerr told the ref he was a racist and that he doesn’t like black people 😂🤣😂🤣

    I’m black.

  9. James I suck the refs off before games Harden

    Blazers aren’t going nowhere in the playoffs, couldn’t even beat the pelicans


      I’d rather support the blazers then be a bandwagon fan supporting 5 all stars

    • Manny Godinez

      +SOCKIEtheMONSTER So you support mediocrity, losing, excuses, no desire to be great…ok you do that

    • Marco SCHWING

      +SOCKIEtheMONSTER I guess you are the type of guy who laughs when “5 allstars lose” but if you win “ha, 5 allstars and still cannot win”.
      Pathetic little rat.
      This year they have 3 Allstars and Boogie who comes from an achilles tear, nowhere near looking like the best center in the NBA like he was before.

  10. allbluedream

    “Take control of the game before it gets out of hand” Literally, the game went out of hand after they took control lmao

  11. adrian francis

    bruh that was a regular foul if dame did it it would be a regular foul

    • QuickClutch

      adrian francis and if it happened to Dame he wouldn’t have gotten the call 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. TheLastCovenant

    Nba is rigged for money and ratings

  13. The refs ruin good games sometimes, like they did here. Thats what I hate the most about them.

  14. 510MyTube

    Yea….I don’t think pippen watch post game interviews.

  15. Plug Industries

    He almost got all ball

  16. Scottie i like u but seriously control the game its late in the 4th quarter. Doesnt make sense ur a ref u wanna control the game earlier in game not late in the 4th quarter

  17. Gabriel Munos

    Scottie a cop now lol foh that ain’t no flagrant

  18. specter290

    Pippen trippin that’s a regular foul

  19. Robin Weber

    pippen just lowered himself. that was a ‘great call’ despite not being a ‘total flagrant’? that doesn’t even make sense fool. Collins screamed ‘f u’ in klay’s face and shoved a warrior and was out of pocket so they rewarded him with a flagrant on draymond

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