The Antonio Brown saga is a perfect children’s book | Always Late with Katie Nolan

The Antonio Brown Saga Is A Perfect Children’s Book | Always Late With Katie Nolan

RSS - The Antonio Brown Saga Is A Perfect Children’s Book | Always Late With Katie Nolan Sport News Today

Katie Nolan recaps the first day of NFL free agency, which was actually pretty boring because of the "tampering period" that allowed Odell Beckham Jr., Le'Veon Bell, Nick Foles and others to find new homes before anything was even official. But the real story is Antonio Brown, whose trade demand from the Pittsburgh Steelers — he landed on the Oakland Raiders — caused one NFL analyst to call it a bad lesson for kids … leading Nolan to write a children's book that teaches kids an actual lesson about management.

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  1. Optiima

    Y’all are literally wasting this girl’s talent on this show

  2. Bearboy193

    Steelers gonna be 3rd in their division

    • Michael Jordan

      No way, The Bengals will be last and the Steelers will be third in their division

    • Bearboy193

      +Michael Jordan I forgot the Bengals was in that division lol

    • Gabriel Lyles

      id say 1st, STILL

    • UsirRaMaroon

      Stupid dung…try 1st. Ravens have Kordell Stewart v2.0 and will be 3rd. If OBJ doesn’t implode the Browns, they’re 2nd and Cincy is the new Brown.

  3. ShleepConee -

    Oakland becoming not fair in every damn sport

    • Antuan Lemon

      Think about it. Boston is the only place that can viable win the basketball, football, baseball triple crown. Pats and red Sox won so on the off chance the Celtics win it could be intense

    • Bench Warmers

      Antuan Lemon I guess LA was suppose to keep up they side of the bargain 🤷🏽‍♂️

      Looks like it’s up to the clippers

    • JayTac1

      Raiders still aren’t great.

    • Flying Spacerock

      Oakland is still Hot Garbage until they show me wins!

    • Herb Young

      I think the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas and the Warriors are moving to San Francisco.

  4. YTGeneral 20

    Ayeee pats are winning this season again

  5. Ryan Bradshaw

    is that a laughtrack……..

  6. Michael Jordan

    Oakland, Cleveland, Jags and Ravens and Philly all won

    • Slayzemgood 32


    • Flying Spacerock

      FALSE! None of this has played out. You looking at trades. Oakland is trash. Draft picks dont equate to Wins. Oakland is still a Death sentence for a Veteran baller.

  7. Joe Percy

    Ross Tucker needs to react to this.

  8. Chris Sanchez

    I would buy the first 3 quarters of that book…always remember to run through the finish line

  9. Joshua Heath

    ᵃʰʰʰʰʰ ᵍᵒ ᶜʳᵃᶻʸ ᵃʰʰʰʰ ᵍᵒ ˢᵗᵘᵖⁱᵈ

  10. LeeTravius Mckay

    Raiders browns jets and philly won huge 👍

  11. Kingdarius _lll

    That one little kid who asked “Who’s Jon Gruden??” Is me and most people who remember him but forgot he was a coach

  12. Logan Metcalf

    I will show my future kids this book.

  13. The Future Is Here

    Fun Fact: NFL players selected the Top 100 players for 2018, in a NFL Network poll
    Antonio Brown was ranked #2 by the players. Tom Brady was ranked #1
    Both were lowly SIXTH round draft picks.
    Both became the best in the sport.

  14. Name Here

    Wow imagine if the raiders kept mack, they would have the best defensive player and arguably the best offensive player that isn’t a quarterback. Hopefully the draft goes good though

  15. This is actually brilliant!

  16. Rolan Alcantara

    Loved the first book! A New York Best Seller for sure!

  17. Josh Hagler

    That story made me so sad, i hope Stan is doing alright. Idgaf about Antonio still


    Both John Elway and Eli Manning refused to play for the team’s they were drafted too but because they are white nobdy remembers this. Well only black athletes …

    • UsirRaMaroon hit the key word *before they were drafted* you racist. As in BEFORE they ever played a single snap in the NFL. But you keep on with your narrative, it’s what you do best.

  19. Man! I love this woman so damn much! Someone please give her a daily show!

  20. Can’t believe how much cover AB has received from the national media in all this

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