The Dive Podcast: Carrying With WildTurtle & OP ADCs (Season 3, Episode 4)

The Dive Podcast: Carrying With WildTurtle & OP ADCs (Season 3, Episode 4)

RSS - The Dive Podcast: Carrying With WildTurtle & OP ADCs (Season 3, Episode 4) Sport News Today

This week on The Dive, Kobe and Azael are joined by FlyQuest’s ADC WildTurtle to talk Marksman item changes, content creating, and as always the LCS.

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Interview with Wildturtle
11:17 – LCS Week 3 Recap
21:45 – Patch 9.3 in Pro Play
49:39 – Twitter Questions

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  1. Charging Badger

    first….i miss jatt

  2. KingThomasthe1st

    i miss jatt alot 🙁

  3. Jatt… PepeHands

  4. Someone Illegal

    I think you guys are choosing good guests. Of course, no one is replacing Jatt but the guests you choose are quite articulate which nice to see.

    • To be fair both turtle and meteos been in this kind of positions. Meteos been at the desk with the guys previous year and turtle interviewing during worlds for flyquest.

  5. Joshua Howe

    i would want to see Reggi, Jack, Steve or Rick Fox on the show at one point.

    • J. Lacerda

      I think they plan on covering every main role of a team, being owner is one of them

  6. Ian Leitch

    Episodes are too short without Jatt :/ Bring Phreak on as the 3rd Constant

    • Ian Leitch

      The problem with having a guest every episode is that it feels like one big interview the whole time rather than focusing on the different leagues (mainly LCS) and the state of the league and meta. Please reconsider having a guest replace a 3rd constant host.

    • SkittlesInDaDum 1

      As long as it’s not Phreak, I’m fine with another constant.

  7. Peng Seng

    Azael rather do this than This or That????

    • SomeoneSomewhereInaPlace

      That was a joke advertisement to announce the new replacement… Lol

  8. Jerry Tang

    Lul those new laptop advertisement is clean

  9. wildturtle was a great guest this week!

  10. cookiesareyummy

    I wish they would spend more time discussing lcs like they did previously with jatt, almost like breaking down every team with some dept.

  11. Lachlan McAllister

    Honestly not as big a fan of the new format.

    Having a currently playing pro feels counterintuitive for a show that wants to bounce around honest opinions on lcs teams and what they think changes in upcoming patches.

    • Taylor Olson

      True, but on the flip side, pros can give insiders insight. Hopefully not every guest will b a pro and we can get both worlds?

    • Omar Gutierrez

      +Taylor Olson he didnt give us the true insight information when he asked him about the upcoming patches and his thoughts on them tho. I think thats what op was referring to

    • Heikki Mustonen

      I agree. The show has changed from three guys discussing about league and lcs to two guys interviewing a guy who can’t and don’t want to discuss anything that would give anything away. I really hope they would change back to the old format and take third permanent member to the show. Captain Flowers maybe?

  12. Nathan Radke

    I’m enjoying seeing different role takes from the new guests.

  13. DammitSinged

    _Jatt kinda looks like Wildturtle today._

  14. Did Phreak turn down the regular spot at the Dive? This was his jam, man!

  15. NIGHTRuler200

    Pls have c9 sneaky on the show plsssss

  16. Rias Gremory

    I miss Jatt… But I’m glad I don’t have to miss… The Dive

  17. xHito Music

    WildTurtle is in a fierce battle with Captain Flowers for the title of, “King Chin”.

  18. xboxfullauto1000

    The show needs more disagreement / conflict.

  19. Trevor De Mello

    I hope you guys try to get Doublelift or Jensen for one of these episodes.

  20. Super Pony 3

    Huni’s Story:
    Was the Best Top laner in EU
    Was the Best Top laner in NA
    Made to World’s finals in LCK

    …and now he’s on Clutch!

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