The NFL continues its bad-decision streak with Kareem Hunt suspension – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

The NFL Continues Its Bad-decision Streak With Kareem Hunt Suspension – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

RSS - The NFL Continues Its Bad-decision Streak With Kareem Hunt Suspension – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby Sport News Today

Jalen Rose weighs in on Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt's eight-game suspension from the NFL for violating its personal conduct policy.

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  1. Jimmy Bonez

    chiefs would have made the super bowl with him last year.

    • Jimmy Bonez

      they had ZERO in the 1st half. i doubt hunt wouldn’t make a difference. The fact that the yds increased over the season doesnt mean a damn thing kiddo😂😂+Dale Winston

    • Dale Winston

      +Jimmy Bonez you are talking about a specific game fool. What im telling you is once hunt left it was determined it was the system not hunt himself. The run would have been shut down rather he ws there are not. Youre talking like hunt had something special over 26. And whats up with you so called grown men post emojis all the fkn time? Shits weird and moist as fck

    • Jimmy Bonez


    • Dale Winston

      +Jimmy Bonez shutup bum

    • Jimmy Bonez

      Dale Winston lol you mad bro?

  2. Philly 215

    Kareem Hunt ruined my fantasy team last year

  3. Son Toma

    What? Too little? What are y’all smoking? That’s half the season!

    • Revy's Bitch

      Plus he already lost games last year too

    • TreyClay2016

      There was another incident when he assaulted a man.

    • Shinoobi God

      +TreyClay2016 if thats true then im a criminal cause when i fight with my brother i done way worse lol.

  4. My united7

    I think it was as much her fault as it was his so if she isn’t punished he shouldn’t be either i don’t think he should’ve been banned at all or at most like 2 games.
    Just my opinion though

    • Declan F.

      My united7 be careful with your words my guy

    • Garett Spor

      My united7 that’s big facts. What do you expect when you call someone a n word with the hard R. Come on now.

    • My united7

      +Declan F. what you mean

    • kwasi67

      The issue with Hunt there was a incident earlier in the year that he lied about

  5. Brago D. Ace

    “It feels like a season” Yeah ESPN met with all its employees and set expectations on this topic. There’s no way after reviewing that footage, can you say he deserves a season on his first offense…

    • OEThe11

      Brago out of nowhere lol. Didn’t except to see you on a ESPN comment section. But you’re right. Just based on the footage as well as the police statements and their findings, 8 games is more than enough. I know the NFL doesn’t concern the girl, who instigated this. But this is just bad all around.

    • Legend Spencer

      Yep, management is doing this.

    • Calob Adams

      Brago D. Ace I’m saying. Missing the rest of the last season was already enough

    • Drewselum

      Yeah man. And they always fail to mention her as the initial aggressor. He was suspended a total of 7 games last year as well. Molly runs Jalen

  6. DMWi Guy

    I appreciated the analysis and exchange but the background music was annoying and not needed.

  7. Kenlyn W

    Y’all not even looking at it in context.

    • Yep this goes into the broader problem in today’s society. People see violence between a man and woman and instantly demonize the man and act like the women is infallible. Kareem did make a mistake, but the woman was in the wrong as well. There’s always 2 sides to a story. People make mistakes, and this was nothing worth ruining a man’s career over. I think 8 games was actually more severe than what was deserved anyways.

    • Drewselum

      Even if they felt differently (which I highly doubt) they could never say so. If they felt like it wasn’t that serious, which is wasn’t, and said so they would get suspended and face backlash. Spineless jelly’s lol

    • Drewselum

      +Matt the only mistake he made was not looking for a camera. What he did was not serious. She was the aggressor to begin with.

  8. Lord Frieza Christ

    Let that man live jeez what happened to #hardonthots

  9. AustinLong1639

    He already missed 7 games last season 2 were playoff games and now 8 that’s almost entire year.

    • WesleyParksGaming that’s why you shouldn’t abuse women

    • WesleyParksGaming

      Jack R I’m not saying he shouldn’t be suspended I’m saying if that incident never happened then the Chiefs would’ve won the SB

    • rubbishrabble

      NFL might count the Kansas City incident as a compounding suspension worthy offense. (man claims K Hunt gave him a broken rib & nose)
      NFL might also classify this suspension as an appeal-able offense.
      RB Ezekiel Elliot’s lost his appeal, but I’m sure somebody prevailed. (since it isn’t based on precedent tradition)

    • WesleyParksGaming

      rubbishrabble key word “claims”

    • rubbishrabble

      +WesleyParksGaming NFL has a policy of guilty until proven innocent so I’m just saying it is a given that Kareem Hunt has the burden of finding a scapegoat.

  10. Kareem Hunt was suspended for more than 8 games, he was suspended the final 5 regular season games last year and 2 games post season which is 15 games (NFL regular season is 16 games) so he’s practically already been suspended a year. He’s also REQUIRED to attend anger management counseling and now speaks regularly against domestic violence. Not playing also means losing a year’s salary folks so at what point is the NFL not addressing this sufficiently? Unless you’re going to punish someone forever when they mess up I believed they handled it appropriately.

  11. Greg Paul

    He had the right to do that because he was being harassed but ESPN has to make men look back.

  12. Big Duke

    Not even comparable to Ray Rice. That’s ridiculous.

    • Jay Towerz

      Lol you mad you lost a top 5 rb losers hehe pat mahomes is kermit

    • Big Duke

      +Jay Towerz what are you 12? Just stfu before everyone realizes how stupid you really are.

  13. David Madison

    Where did Colin Kaepernick get signed? Oh, my bad. Glad Kap got paid.

  14. MarshallPo

    Should have got 4-6 MAX, 8 is too much. gtfo, y’all are soft

    • Patrick Barthold

      Idc about this particular suspension since it doesn’t involve my team I know kinda shallow lol but being soft for wanting a stronger punishment for punting a women is little bit absurd, I get other side saying we need to give second chance thou but overall I thought he was going to get 10 games all in all ESPN is the being soft we that get up thou

    • david sanders

      Like Shannon said, people forget to count the 5 or 7 he was kept out last year and well

    • A Dacunto

      Thank you, thought I was going insane. Female was aggressing towards him and he snapped. Should be a 5 game suspension

    • Emiliano Kro

      +Drewselum feel the exact same way bro:(

  15. Slim Reaper

    Can we slow our roll on the whole “Browns making the superbowl” take???

  16. King Remi

    Wtf David Irving chose to leave the league 😂 He chose smoking weed over football so don’t get it twisted 🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. Play That Again Bruh

    The NFL got it WRONG?

    The NFL Conduct Policy for Domestic Abuse (this was not domestic but would fall in this category) is SIX GAMES FOR THE FIRST OFFENSE.

    He served 7 last year and 8 this year…thats 15 games and almost a full season. If anything they are overreacting in reactionary mode to see how the public feels about this.

    And why was Irving brought up when he VOLUNTARILY QUIT.

    Awful takes. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Jacob Israel

    Jalen and Jacoby wait…. hold this L. 8 games = too many

  19. Felipe Murillo

    These TV leftists are always so try hard. I would have fined him, and thats it. Enough is enough. Let the man make a living.

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