‘This will be Kyrie Irving’s final season with the Celtics’ – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

‘This Will Be Kyrie Irving’s Final Season With The Celtics’ – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

RSS - ‘This Will Be Kyrie Irving’s Final Season With The Celtics’ – Jalen Rose | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose and Richard Jefferson weigh in on how the Boston Celtics perform without Kyrie Irving on the court and Jalen predicts Kyrie’s exit from Boston this offseason.

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  1. KyGoat SwIrving

    Oversimplified. Kyrie was there for most of the big games and is needed vs the top teams. Celtics not beating Toronto or warriors (or whatever west team in finals) without him. Period. Media trying to cause more problems. Rozier scored 5 points and smart was 0-8 3pt. Kyrie is the leader.

    • Jacob Thomas

      +gadiel rodriguez
      They beat the Warriors once in the Irving era, and it was on a 19-0 run after Kyrie got BENCHED.

    • Jacob Thomas

      +Kenyon McKee
      The Bucks were still the 2nd or 3rd best team. They woulda beat Philly, or any team outside of maybe Cleveland.
      Philly almost got swept, but they had a ton of shooters.
      We had no Kyrie, no Hayward, no Theis, no Larkin. 0 backup PGs behind Rozier and only 2 bigs for that run. Depth is what killed us in the last few games of the ECF. Not a lack of talent.

    • Jacob Thomas

      +Shane D.
      No, the team’s record and dominant runs were because of our #1 defense, that Kyrie had no part of. His game was to lift the offense, but it was bottom 5 with him last year. Then he got hurt and BOOOM offense was on fire.

  2. Jamie Jenkins

    I hate how when they win the media still flips it into something negative. We just beat the supposed “new team to beat in the east” without our star player and yet the story is Kyrie Irving is leaving. It just isn’t fair to our team. If he leaves so be it, we’re still in a great position but until then can we just focus on the positive.

    • tka060681

      not surprised at all, because negative people love social media. positive people are busy doing interesting things in their life, they don’t have time for this.

    • Fredrick Butts

      +KyGoat SwIrving He is leaving.

    • Salshan Selim

      +Jamie Jenkins Lmao, have fun trying to torch him in limited minutes where he can torch y’all whenever Nick Nurse seems fit in the game. Delon Wright is much worse than Jeremy Lin, wtf are you saying 😂😂😂. You clearly don’t know what youre saying. Nice you beat us in some regular season games, want a cookie. Btw, you still haven’t told me who you’re second best player is. I just see Kyrie and bunch of lost players who don’t know their roles 🤦‍♂️.

    • Jamie Jenkins

      Salshan Selim so tell me why regular season games don’t matter as far as playing a team that you’ll most likely see in the playoffs? I guarantee you if the Raptors won those game they would matter to you. They just don’t matter to you because they lost 🤷🏾‍♂️ and who is the second best player for the Raptors? Who can get a bucket when Kawhi can’t? Let me know that since you so worried about out second best. Did you not see Al or Hayward last night? Al dominated both ends and can be that second best player when we need it. And when Hayward catches up to speed it will definitely be over for the east. He showed he’s not that far off now. Been decent for the last couple games. What have the raptors done that convinced you that they can beat the Celtics in 7 games? Kawhi? Kyrie cooked him the last game dude. So what are you saying?

  3. Free Like Water

    Richard Jefferson has 0 hairs on his entire body. 0. Nada. None. Zero. Zip. Cero. 0. Allegedly.

  4. Joseph Garcia

    Maybe Boston became the new Cavs? Play so so during the regular season, but cruise through to the finals.

  5. Clover King

    They over analyzed those stats 28- 19 vs 8-2? Allow 4 points less? How do you know he was the reason? This debate is pointless. Also you have to compare which teams they faced during the spans of those 47 games vs those 10 games.

    • The Beantown Sweepers


    • The Beantown Sweepers

      +Paki Mo we need to rest both him an Hayward til we face to face teams , an playoffs .


      It really is pointless, that with or without comparison was evidence ESPN is grasping for anything

    • SomewhereInBeantown

      Nah, man, it’s clear the Celtics are a very good team with or without him. In fact, I watch almost every game, and the team seems more cohesive and dynamic when he’s out.

  6. Daniel Maia

    They need Kyrie but the Celtics players are always trying to prove they don’t need or want Kyrie though. Every time he’s out they play hard like it’s a game 7. This should mean something to Ainge.

    • +Anirudh Nataraj yet Kyrie went down against the Clippers and they blew a 28 pt lead. Clippers the worst team in the west rn and the young squad really let them make a comeback. They need Kyrie.

    • Anirudh Nataraj

      GloFlare yea that’s right it’s not that they care more without kyrie

    • Black Mamba

      Kyrie will torch the celtics next year whatever team he joins

    • Nah you got it all wrong. Whenever Kyrie is out, they play with a chip on their shoulder. That’s why they win. The sense of urgency without their star. Kyrie stays and the team wants him to.

    • Nomads Seven

      You must one of those knicks or lakers fan.

  7. Deontae Hardnett

    We’ll Toronto is like 13-2 w/o Kawhi and they won 59 games without him last year. So what’s the point? The Celtics aren’t winning it all w/o Kyrie just as Toronto isn’t winning it all w/o Kawhi.

    • +God L

    • Israel Rosario Jr.

      +Beary Bear he don’t need to be off the ball 100% of the time, even though I agree with you about how Smart is playing…but I just don’t see Kyrie deferring to Marcus Smart in playoff games. This is about Kyrie individually making the sacrifice to go away from his natural instincts. He said he wanted to grow as a leader and player, well NOW is his chance to show it. He doesn’t need to be taking 20+ shots a game, he just needs to be a better version of what Terry Rozier is doing and be a leader.

    • boston isn’t winning with kyrie irving either, lets be honest jalen is right kyrie isn’t coming back he doesn’t like boston and the team is a better team (as far as team cohesiveness) without him. Boston shouldn’t waste time on kyrie, move on and try to build the best team you can without him. Lets not even talk about his injuries or chemistry.

    • Matthew Ruto

      Deontae Hardnett pure facts right there

  8. Joshua L E

    *terry rozier has entered the chat*

  9. Darius Mathis

    Kyrie and LBJ was perfect because they both covered each other flaws. Kyrie role was scoring and closing. LBJ role was to do everything for 46 mins then let Kyrie close and be the leader. And they worked and won a championship together….

    • peace on earth

      +Lord Frieza Christ because after they blew the 3-1 lead, the 73-9 team, the greatest team ever, their cryin for kd’ help.. who also blew 3-1 lead.. thats why…. now you know…. peace!

    • Owen Kanaway

      +alex lowry The fact is GS was up 3-1 when both teams had all their players active. Lebron had help from Adam Silver to suspended Draymond which increased their chances of winning and they had even more help when Bogut went down. Because Draymond got a flagrant foul after the game which didn’t make sense, and if you look at the replay Draymond didn’t physically assault Lebron, he tapped his shoulder and let Lebron know that he didn’t like his balls in his face, and started talking trash which did not warrant a flagrant.

    • alex lowry

      +Owen Kanaway not even taking you serious if you think it’s only rigged when you guys lose. 😂🤣😂😂 Pathetic you are sir- (Yoda voice)

    • +Shane D. *seems we the found one of Kyrie’s groupies*

  10. Robert Fantacuca

    Nah, they need a guy like Irving in the playoffs.

  11. Mike Phillips

    This is stupidity at it’s finest he’s been sitting out against bad teams games they should win regardless just further proving without context stats are overrated

    • Lord Izanagi

      Someone with a brain finally, celtics have played 3 games vs teams that have a winning record; nets jazz and sixers and they lost 2 of these games. Without Kyrie on the floor they let a 28 point lead slip too.

    • Mike Phillips

      +Lord Izanagi this is just the medias way to not give the C’s any credit after a great win vs. a team they wanted to crown ECFC bc they have a obsession with Ben and Joel for some reason

  12. #FreeTayK47 ThaRugrat

    Espn really wants Kyrie to leave lol wtf

    • They forever pushing a story line and narrative … after the all star break everything will be can the lakers make the playoffs? 🤣

    • Dennis Mark Pastoral

      im not surprise how espn camr up with this bs. lal and nyk has the biggest market in the league

    • ESPN wants LeBron to win more. Any team standing in the way needs to be dismantled

  13. Mister right

    Jalen rose always speak with prophet confidence, and stuff he says always come to pass

    • False lmao dude always ends up eating crow

    • Mister right

      +June R he’s the first one that say kawhi don’t want to play no more in san antonio. And it came to pass

    • alex lowry

      +Mister right lol…. Are you high? It was made clear he didn’t wanna be there from ESPN to cowherd and all they all knew he wouldn’t be there after they cleared him to play and he was misdiagnosed

    • Donavan McDabb

      June R he said in September 2018 he said that this was Anthony Davis last year in a pelicans uniform

  14. Patrick Osborne

    To beat the warriors Kyrie has to be your pg

  15. Jdp_ 1597

    Their gonna need someone clutch like kyrie come playoff time 🤷🏾‍♂️ lol acting like the team w/o kyrie last year won a chip

  16. michael cooper

    Am i the only one who feels the media wants kyrie to leave boston? I also feel kyrie will resign.

    • Logan Chen

      The media likes blowing things out of proportion, but I do think that Kyrie doesnt match the style of play Boston has had the last few years… however If he does stay I think Brad Stevens can find a way to work things out, as ball dominant as he is

    • Donavan McDabb

      If u read between the lines you would could see that the media is not far off.

    • Logan Chen But last season where we just added Kyrie and only 4 returning previous season players, they went on a 13 game win streak. Kyrie has already settled with Brad’s system.

      Only when Kyrie had to sit out on during the Playoffs last season (the only time people watched the Celtics apparently) made everyone think that he doesn’t fit. That’s crazy af 😂☘️

    • Logan Chen

      +Shane D. definitely true, but Im not saying Kyrie is the only issue with meshing… all the young players are more ball dominant bc hayward and kyrie both werent there last season, and hayward himself reintegrating back in after being injured a whole season

  17. David Francis

    Celtics fan here. I really can’t see Kyrie going anywhere else. From the start, he has stated that the two biggest factors to him are winning and building his legacy. What other city is going to give him that chance? The Knicks suck. The Lakers already have Lebron. That leaves him with..? As frustrated as Kyrie may be at times, when it comes to next Summer, I predict he’ll resign with Boston. He’d be too stupid not to.

  18. Brown Guys Who F*!% Podcast

    Too 👏🏾 Small 👏🏾 of 👏🏾 a 👏🏾 sample 👏🏾 size

  19. mary intia

    But these 8 wins came from twice against cleveland, hornets, brooklyn, pelicans, dallas, timberwolves and 1lucky win on sixers. Do you guys see the difference?

  20. Bro everybody really acting like last year didn’t happen. We were on a 16 game winning streak with kyrie. I think our record was like 18-2 with him. Against good teams too.

    • Heidi Robinson

      Exactly….before all the egos came into the team the Celtics were #1 with Irving. They drop to #2 when he missed the last 3.5 weeks of the regular season.

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