Tracy McGrady and Paul Pierce want Lonzo Ball to be aggressive vs. Warriors | The Jump | ESPN

Tracy McGrady And Paul Pierce Want Lonzo Ball To Be Aggressive Vs. Warriors | The Jump | ESPN

RSS - Tracy McGrady And Paul Pierce Want Lonzo Ball To Be Aggressive Vs. Warriors | The Jump | ESPN Sport News Today

Paul Pierce and Tracy McGrady both voice that they want Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball to be aggressive against the Golden State Warriors.

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  1. Swagy P should be thankful for landing with warriors

  2. lake snow

    He Needs To Be Aggressive AND Efficient

    • Kavin Karunathilaka

      Worst fg % in 35 years bro, like damn son, crippled Kobe was better!

    • Kavin Karunathilaka

      Goncalo Abreu Russ was first in PER and Player Usage Rating last season, don’t disrespect him like that

  3. kris_flacco

    Tmac made a good as point, cause he just passes like he’s scared

    • IVDestroyerzzVI Jc Are you blind dude got the ball for a sec and passed the ball right back dont be a dumbass pgs facilitate the game not just pass like hot patato

    • russ lopez


    • They need to send him to the G league…To much invested in this kid for the Lakers….They play better without him

    • William Freeze

      Lonzo looks like he’s scared to even be out there on the court. The man has zero confidence right now, i’ll bet he can’t stop thinking about his next move out there.

    • xXTheAMV[S]oulxX


  4. Yup want him to be aggressive just to kill the kid the next day because he shot 3-12

    • JD and OL

      Cartie King u also talking about chris paul who has been in the nba for over 10 years…u people gotta learn a thing called patience..lonzo has showed signs and had really good games already in just 20 games..give him time

    • Black Death

      Cartie King he’ll nah, don’t ever mention CP3 and that Bust Boy In the same breath

    • I never seen him as a number 2 pick…just like mcgrady said ” all he does is outlet passes and runs to a corner…he’s not agressive..looks scared…Hope its not in his mental already…wont be the first time someone is labeled a superstar and then they become a bust…good luck “AIRBALL”

    • 3-12 would be a good game for him

  5. OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss

    Paul Pierce says Lonzo is “6’5” like NBA says 6 ‘ 6, then u got other analysts saying he 6’7, like who y’all lying to???? JUS get his hight right god damn it. it aint hard.

  6. Rachel my favorite PAWG

  7. Ethan Lopez

    Swaggy p sounds high.

  8. All he gotta do is attack the basket and not settle for jumper 24/7

    • John Murray

      KiidTha him not being able to make free throws doesn’t help though he doesn’t want to get fouled

    • Saad Murt

      KiidTha hard to drive when ur only move is a stepback going left

  9. Just put Lonzo in that hyperbolic time chamber Lavar got LaMelo in

  10. Kenny Williams

    Why the hell did Kuzma lose his starting job come on Lakers

    • Goncalo Abreu

      Kenny Williams Larry Nance came back from injury. I agree, its bullshit

    • Kenny Williams

      Goncalo Abreu I know he was injured but Kuzma should have still been a start,it’s like Luke does not want Kuzma to outshine Lonzo

    • I believe the answer is “trust the process” 😉

    • dMoS rhYmeZ

      Michael A. Robson ummm ok embiid plays center brah kuzmas a pf/sf hybrid. If anything they should bench Lopez bum self for being out rebounded by a rook. Kuz should start 4 Larry nance 5.

  11. James I suck the refs off before games Harden

    Lonzo’s about to get bullied by Klay and Draymond tonight it’s not even funny

  12. Lonzo can’t be aggressive cause he shoots 40 percent from the free throw line

  13. Mario Lopez

    Lonzo ball Plays to soft lonzo is over rated

  14. wilsonsmanz

    You know, Lavar is probably right about the coaching staff not knowing how to coach Lonzo. Luke never seems upset with him. He’s always complimenting him. The worse thing is though, if Lonzo keeps doing things the coaching staff does not want I think it would be obvious. I am wondering if Lonzo just isn’t being told exactly what he needs to do. If so and he is not doing it, what is the penalty? Last game he has no effect on the game and Luke kept him on the floor in the 4th and kept Clarkson on the bench who was actually balling

  15. Lil Dagga

    The white dude has absolutely no room to make jokes until he gets on the court and perform better we don’t wanna hear anything from you

  16. Youngindy21

    Better hope Lonzo turns out okay, because the LA Lakers could have had Paul George for that #2 pick.

  17. Snipers Get Dome

    I think it’s to late for aggression maybe more sitting on the bench

  18. WayvDetour 2

    Everyone one in the universe wants lonzo ball to be more aggressive

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