Trading Odell Beckham Jr. is ‘an idiotic move’ by the Giants – Max Kellerman | First Take

Trading Odell Beckham Jr. Is 'an Idiotic Move' By The Giants - Max Kellerman | First Take

RSS - Trading Odell Beckham Jr. Is 'an Idiotic Move' By The Giants - Max Kellerman | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman dive into the New York Giants' blockbuster trade of Odell Beckham Jr. to Cleveland Browns and what this major move means for Big Blue.

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  1. Luis Allen

    Browns are no longer the joke of the NFL. I’m happy for y’all Browns fans!! -Seahawks fan

    • pee wee

      Stephen and Max are no longer a joke…oh wait…

    • Explosion Gaming

      Browns fan are now becoming toxic

    • Justin Pettit

      Browns might win the North this year. No joke. They really might. Too early to truly say though. Gotta see the draft. But they’re actually my fave right now.

    • Same browns are gonna be fun to watch GO HAWKS!!!!

    • Daddy 08

      Luis Allen an the cavs will now be the joke of that city

  2. Manny Manhattan Music

    Giants are going to win 2 games this year 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • J Saucee00

      Not if we get Haskins or Murray

    • Kawthar Mousa

      For real
      And this year all the team’s are becoming very stupid

    • KenDaKingArrives

      We have no chance at any games now, and we have to endure losing to the JETS again 🤦‍♂️

    • KenDaKingArrives

      +enriqueprizefighter We’re in trouble there. Arizona is almost guaranteed to draft Murray, that’s one less QB. THEN you get to Haskins and realize the RAIDERS MIGHT want to draft him after trading for AB, that is if they don’t believe in Carr anymore. Do we want to rely on the Raiders NOT drafting Haskins? What i’m saying is exactly what Max and OTHER fans are saying, we might only be using the picks to trade up ahead of the Raiders for Haskins, leaving us with NO receivers yet again. It would be nice if Haskins fell to us at #6 THEN we can trade up from # 17 for Metcalf or Hollywood Brown, but there’s no guarantee Haskins falls to us anymore.

  3. jiggajenu

    Lmao Molly really thought she was saying something there..

  4. Wild Hiatus

    Molly most likely talks while having sex🤔🤭😨

  5. Mark Leskovansky

    Molly: have you heard of DJ Metaclf? He’s Julio Jones
    Max: …no Molly I I cover professional sports for a living and I’ve never heard of him wtf kinda question is that😂😂😂😂

  6. King DEUCE

    WTF is Molly talking about!! D.K. Metcalf is NOT JULIO JONES!!

    • King DEUCE

      Yeah you right he is built more like Megatron but he was a better route runner

    • JTyme08

      +Chris Fellows David Boston 40 time wasn’t near DK’s but otherwise it would be a good comparison. David Boston had a great career before the injuries added up. Went for 1600 yards and an All-Pro his third year.

    • Koby White

      King DEUCE he won’t even be available by pick 17

    • Antonio Dominguez

      Cant run route tree

  7. James Anthony

    If Molly wants to talk this much fair enough. But in return she has to work naked

    • Michael Johnson

      +illegal alien Shitty troll 3/10

    • TheRapper10000

      She does act like a Bimbo.

    • Thomas Casimiro

      She’s the only reason these two are still employed. ESPN is the liberal news media of sporting. And this show is the worst. Angry semi-racist black man, soyboy beta-male white man and the dumb smoking hot chick.

    • Robert Johnson

      I agree but she should also have a toy ready to put into action

    • Chef Coonery

      James Anthony 😂

  8. Glen Markham

    Might sound stupid but this time I actually agree with Max

    • menor318

      Me too😂🤣

    • Keenan Nash

      Max is actually pretty smart… when he doesn’t pigeonhole himself with a take that is clearly wrong and he has to grasp at straws cause he (like most prideful men) hates to admit he was wrong… when he doesn’t do that his takes are pretty good.

  9. DJ Skandalous

    Should have signed Foles, Kept OBJ and traded Eli. Oh well. Welcome to the bottom of the league next year 😂

    • Robert Mensah

      How are you gonna trade someone with a no trade clause in their contract?

    • ozzie pelinkovic

      As a Browns fan, thanks

    • Luna EB

      giants are old fashioned and out of date. they still love eli. this isnt 2010. we should have moved on. foles got less than eli makes this season per year.

    • Luna EB

      +Robert Mensah they cant, but should cut him .

    • don't wake me up early

      +teejay Trujillo They’re not taking a qb this year I think. They’re fixing the OL first. This year’s QBs aren’t that great. They’re building the team around Saquon. With that terrible OL look at what Saquon has done for the team. Das probably why.

  10. Molly somewhere triggered reading these comments lol

    • darnell16player

      The bashing she constantly gets is pretty pathetic tbh

    • Chris Wilkins

      The people complaining about her seem pretty triggered.

    • darnell16player

      +Chris Wilkins That or they are alpha males with the dumb mindset of women should be seen and not heard

  11. WillGotHotDotzz

    Everything molly says gives me a massive brain fart 🤦🏾‍♂️ HaVe YoU sEEN dK mEtCaLf

  12. Ben Wells

    I’m Pro feeling with my big toe 3:02 lol Max Kellerman that’s my dude

  13. Santana2163

    This broad Molly said DK Metcalf is Julio Jones lmaooo

  14. ßøi •

    Use me as a “stfu Molly” button

    • JamaalDay/NiteLong !!!

      😆😂😂 Underrated comment 💯

    • George Long

      She’s a Giants fan. Makes sense they’d let her weigh in. Christ sports fans are sexist af

  15. Jack Burke

    This is exactly why we say women don’t know sports

  16. William Diaz

    I’m a simple man. Molly speaks, I quickly pause the video and exit out of it

  17. Westbrook’s Year 2K19

    How to ruin your franchise

    By : Dave Gettleman & Rooney Family

  18. Justin Sullivan

    I enjoy Max’s misery. Also Molly should only speak when it’s time for a commercial break.

  19. Stephen A Smith

    Molly talking like a bias giants fan with a 16 year old boys analysis

  20. Robert L

    Knicks management gave them pointers how to run an organization

    • Lord Finesse

      I wanted to report your comments out of anger but as a Knicks fan it is absolutely true LOL

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