Warrant for Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA issued in connection with rape investigation | SportsCenter

Warrant For Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA Issued In Connection With Rape Investigation | SportsCenter

RSS - Warrant For Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA Issued In Connection With Rape Investigation | SportsCenter Sport News Today

ESPN legal analyst Ryan Smith joins Sage Steele on SportsCenter to discuss the news that Las Vegas authorities have sent a warrant to collect DNA from Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo to discover whether it matches traces found on a dress belonging to Kathryn Mayorga. Mayorga has said Ronaldo raped her in a hotel room in 2009.

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  1. Sanjith Vijay

    Gold digger tryna get her money lmfaoo

    • Irvin Pacheco Chavez


    • Gomes Sylvester

      Aren’t you guys the same ones who were crucifying Messi for Tax evasion (which he had no idea about and the Tax laws in Spain are so complicated) and kept silent when Ronaldo was charged and paid 10 m for settling the issue. What goes round, comes round!!!!!

    • abdi shakir

      +DJ what was she doing at his hotel in the first place? And don’t tell me he forced to come with him she ran out $ and just wants create a story to steal his money silly hoe.

    • Derek Elorm

      +Gomes Sylvester bruh no one was silent when Ronaldo was being charged

    • Gomes Sylvester

      +Derek Elorm I did not see the taunts that Messi had to endure with the TAX evasion debacle!!!!!

  2. He probably didn’t do anything. Many athletes in all sports have been accused of rape and it turns out the woman was lying and just out for money

    • Robomonkey101

      The case was settled 10 years ago for like 300k+ now she’s coming here opening her big mouth and I hear she’s willing to drop it if they settle for 200k+ gold digging hoes everywhere

    • 68Camaro RS/SS

      Shrek Or maybe that’s why they rape women…they think fans will be like I’m rich and famous people won’t think I’m capable of this hideous crime!! A lot of times these cases get dropped because they make a payoff of a friend takes the fall….NFL player Chris Carter told rookies to have a fall guy around all the time…that alone should tell you it happens

    • Anjel Marquez

      Shrek robinho got arrested for rape he got arrested and he was senteced for 9 years.

    • +E PAT No, this is not how business works. Otherwise everybody’d make it.
      See.. a guy like Cristiano Ronaldo has his image to take care of.
      Any bad news or fake bad news will have a negative impact on his business and brand. Doesn’t it make sense so far?
      This negative impact will result in potential deals lost or sponsors retiring. Plus, he is the idol of millions of young boys out there.
      Still doesn’t make sense? Of course he wants to keep his image clean at all cost, even if it’s fake news.
      Would you rather spend 300k to silence fake news or potentially lose 10 times the amount if it gets out? Considering 300k is peanuts for him. Still doesn’t make sense????????

      The only winner here is this woman – first, she received 300k – nobody is asking for it back, second – she didn’t respect her part of the deal , third – she gets attention and clout and so do the people standing behind her that push for this (i’m 99.99% sure there is an economic / corporate interest behind all of this)
      Stop victimizing her.

      Gets paid 300k, 9 years late complains about rape…like seriously? How can people fall for that…

    • +This is why aliens don’t talk to us I don’t know. What I know is that, a woman can scream murder and the world will believe her. That’s why most people settle. I think she met CR7 with the wrong intentions – thinking either they’d hook up. And changed plans when that failed. Just pure speculation…

  3. KD Snake

    Lol if I’m rich and famous I’m recording every encounter I have with any women

  4. This bitch loud in every movie

    Dave Chappelle had a skit were he had girls he was gonna bang sign a contract. I think athletes seriously need to do that to not get themselves caught up in nonsense!

    • Neil The Grass Tyson

      +anthony cheesman u do realize a lot of women has lied about rape especially when its about rich/famous People

    • anthony cheesman

      +Neil The Grass Tyson like I said its less then 9 percent that’s what you want to hang your hat on 9 percent lol,

    • Brandon R

      anthony cheesman women will get drunk, fully consent to sleep with you. Then regret it the next day and claim rape.

    • Alejandro Montel

      He already payed 375 k.. and I thought paying $300 was expensive🤔😏

    • James Collins

      even with a signed contract hungry bitches can claim he pointed a gun or knife at me and forced me to sign the contract.These hungry bitches need to be taught a lesson if they find out they lying,this is getting out of hand.

  5. Max Kellerman

    This bih signed a NDA! Nobody who was raped would sign a NDA a year after it allegedly happened. They wouldn’t sogn a nondisclosure agreement at all smh

  6. Nehemiah Howard

    She gave consent we already know this

  7. Lil Dagga

    So wait she accepted the 375k ran out of money and had the fbi reopen the case lmao 😂 gold digging at its finest


      +Lala D maybe that when she accepted she wasn’t traumatised by it yet. When you are victim of rape, you feel bad all your life.

    • Deshaun Watson

      E PAT because he would lose millions in court costs

    • Skills of Aesthetics

      +E PAT cause this money its nothing to him and only if the rumor came out could cost him more…

    • Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist

      Leave your mom out of this debacle

  8. Mike Jones

    The guy can get any woman in the world this is a joke

    • Philoubert Jean Louis

      +Brian Ortiz Lol

    • Brian Ortiz

      LORDE OWS THE KING I said no homo, give respect when respect is deserved 😂😂😂

    • Mercenary 1914

      +Brian Ortiz bruh…you forgot to type NO in NO HOMO…..but like I said…..I dont think he guilty…..but I have been wrong before.

    • Brian Ortiz

      Mercenary 1914 damn, I did forget to type in no homo 😓

    • Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist

      That is not true lol

  9. vladimir1834

    They just want his dna to make the perfect human being 😂😂

    • Roger Smith

      Only idiots think he is perfect who ever he is.

    • Quit possibly the gayest comment you can make as a man and I like Cristiano, go look at his before and after surgery pics he has had some work done but I dont judge other dudes, leave it to the females.

    • fmobile accubot

      hahha was wondering the same thing. making little cr7 baby football monsters.

  10. Imagine taking these allegations seriously

  11. Sir Diddymus

    Uh oh. The libs have come for Ronaldo. These mfs taking everybody.

    • sstteevveenn77

      I heard that she’s mainly conservative though. Wth is going on with the world

    • Sir Diddymus

      +iWillbe thats the crap im talking about. Chill you snowflake.

    • +Sir Diddymus you’re not even sure what your talking about. Sit this one out.

  12. Is she going to give all that money back to him?

  13. Conspiracy theory: MLS & USMNT behind it all to create Ronaldo clones from that DNA.

  14. Living -living

    Ronaldo learning how these girls in the us work the hard way lol

  15. What gets to me is he’s been my idol for so many years. His work ethic and charitable work has always inspired me and because of one gold digging slut his legacy and all that he’s built could be tarnished.

    • Adrian Vasquez

      Ifzal look at Kobe Bryant

    • Derek Elorm

      What I don’t understand is why wait for all those years to now to report him for raping u.was it because of fear or gather more evidence I still don’t get it

    • Brainstormvideos

      He evaded taxes and insulted referees.

    • Larry Medina

      She had anal with him and went to the police to get her anus checked for semen….once they found the semen….boom. Today in America u are absolutely guilty till proven innocent. She aged and nobody wants her. She is a know meth user. It’s said she went deeper into meth addiction “bc of the rape” however meth is a gay drug and porn stars use it bc IT MAKES ANAL SEX FEEL GOOD.
      SHE MUSE MAKE HER MOTHER PROUD. Hope he has more tapes.

  16. GoogleMe

    Guess who isnt finishing his career in the states

  17. Sounds fake – Mayorga takes almost a decade to file suit. She probably gave consent & she ran out of 375k money. Mayorga gold digger & Ronaldo wins

  18. TRM Dude

    People who say believe all women… have never met a woman

  19. There are millions of women who would pay for 1 night with Ronaldo lmao

  20. Geeko Maniac

    So let me get this straight
    She wait for 9 years
    And CR7 get sued by her instead of been charged with criminal act..

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