“We have so many good players, I can only pick 11!” Mauricio Pochettino after Spurs 3-0 Dortmund

"We Have So Many Good Players, I Can Only Pick 11!" Mauricio Pochettino After Spurs 3-0 Dortmund

RSS - "We Have So Many Good Players, I Can Only Pick 11!" Mauricio Pochettino After Spurs 3-0 Dortmund Sport News Today

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino talks to BT Sport's Des Kelly following his side's 3-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund in their Champions League last 16 first leg clash.

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  1. Love him! COYS

  2. Well played look what Poche made?

  3. Raise your hand if your up waiting for all the interviews to upload tonight! 🙋🏻‍♂️ 3-0 COYS!!!

  4. Kazuro Jinzo

    So many good players that can’t win trophies.

  5. I want to ejaculate on Poch

  6. Singhasaurus


  7. Jay Trickett

    Hurry up with the Madrid Ajax match highlights

  8. pochettino is a terrible manager , lucky win for tottenham tonight they we’re very poor , had solskjaer and united been playing dortmund tonight , it would of been 5 or 6-0 to united and we would of dominated dortmund

    • Keir Lamont

      Kyle cause they didn’t… Liverpool at least beat PSG at home who at the time had a stronger line out than they did against united, I’m not unfairly having a go at United your team just isn’t good enough to compete with the same level of teams that Liverpool, City and Spurs can

    • daniel reed

      Get 2school u melt, 🤫🤫🤫

  9. Genuinely adore this man with all of my heart

  10. Harvester


  11. Coys

  12. Pro Gamer

    Poch is elite

  13. Jimmy Smith

    Well done Mr Pochettino tonight. Could easily have rotated the team at half time and hoped for an impact but clearly his faith in the team motivated them for what was an almost flawless second half

  14. Nick Osborn

    Love this guy so much but I must admit that I’m slightly miffed as to why he wouldn’t pay Super Jan his dues when the interviewer gave him credit!!? If the question was about Sonny or Kane he would have soaked it up, why not Jan?

    • Frederik Wurtz

      Nick Osborn the thing is poch loves all his players and he feel like not singling out one key performance,

      That’s also why he always end such a question with “yes yes, but the team was all amazing”

      Mark my word he loved Jan performance but I think he fear he gets misunderstood in his English so he just choose to say but the team was all good 😄

  15. David Kena

    Pochetino is way better manager than flopp the yellow teeth magician.. the media love for their darling Liverpool and their subsequent love for klopp leads to underestimation of poch.

    • Karl Perkins

      +Harry Jones his net spend is 121m but with the team he took over from Rodgers he still reached Europe league and Cup final poch hasn’t and this team is 10x better. But I do think poch is a top top manager

    • Nathan keane

      These two managers believe in completely different philosophies and manage completely different teams it’s just ignorant to compare them and say one is better then the other



    • +Harry Jones Klopp has earned the same amount of what he spent. They got Cl final and sold Coutinho.

  16. The man’s an inspiration

  17. Well done Tottenham (Liverpool fan)

  18. Because they dont have any amazing players. I cant wait until their next big bottle job


    My man POCH knows how to make the best out of a player. Changing Sonny from a LW to a LF has helped him score goals. The tweak to Vertonghen too. Pairing Sissoko and Winks in a midfield diamond. So many great decisions.

  20. Shreyansh Gupta

    This victory of Tottenham shows their squad depth, that they can win a very tough match of ucl even without their 2 best players. Unlike Manchester United who were finished by the injuries to Martial and Lingard.

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