Weak AFC East has allowed the Patriots an easy path to Super Bowls – Stephen A. | First Take

Weak AFC East Has Allowed The Patriots An Easy Path To Super Bowls - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Weak AFC East Has Allowed The Patriots An Easy Path To Super Bowls - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Will Cain is no longer doubting the New England Patriots moving forward after they've proved him wrong on multiple occasions. Stephen A. Smith argues that the Patriots' road to the Super Bowl is less arduous than other teams because they play in the AFC East.

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  1. Blame the other teams for not being better than NE.

    • Bob Allen

      Mark Jaramillo Rams BLOW! It shoulda been a shutout!

    • Bob Allen

      Mark Jaramillo you’re a complete moron! Brady losing more lately then winning? Let’s see, idiot: beat Seattle, beat Falcons, lost to Eagles then beat the scrub Rams! Won 3 outta their last 4! You’re a special kinda stupid!

    • Bob Allen

      Justin Y• dummy! Please don’t reproduce!

    • Bob Allen

      tony tonyt to me, you’re not very bright!

    • the GOAT Tom Brady

      +Almighty Sosa they wouldnt, the cheifs defense was horrible that game

  2. Ray Allens clutch 3 that saved LeBrons legacy

    They have the same record against teams outside of the division as teams in the division and they still have to beat two good teams to get to the Super Bowl

    • Bob Allen

      Ben Simmons moron! You use the same flawed logic! What have the Patriots done since that witch-hunt known as Deflategate? They’ve won 3 championships and been in 4! Think before you speak!

    • Bob Allen

      Rushking20 #Cheesehead hey Einstein, how to explain the Patriots going to the Super Bowl almost every other year, and winning 6 of them? Kinda makes you look like a dumb, hating boof! How about that stat?

    • Bob Allen

      Al Carney hey genius, Brady plays against those teams defenses, and there have been pretty good defenses over Brady’s career! Nice try though!

    • Bob Allen

      Edward O’brien whiney little schoolgirl! So sad!

    • haniff mason

      Big facts

  3. flash12319

    the colt have a garage division and we dont see them in the super bowl every year

  4. National Shitposting Agency

    Because they face the Dolphins in the Wild Card, the Bills in the Divisional, and the Jets in the Conference Championship every year, huh?

    • carls1959

      I remember the 80s when our goal was usually just to knock Buffalo and/ or NY Jets out of the playoffs. Whether we had a chance in hell of going or not.

    • brypete 1021

      Nah it’s cause the pats start the season out 6 and 0 every year…the sad part is they the rest of the afc east have sucked for 20 years now is really pathetic…this is the NFL not college..no body should be able to dominate the way the pats have for as long as they have….really looking forward to them falling into Oblivion when Brady is gone…

    • Bob Allen

      Rushking20 #Cheesehead what happened this year? You folks hate the Patriots so much that you’ll say just about anything to support your narrative! Better give Buddy Rydell a call!

  5. Blame the jets for injuring Bledsoe in 2001

  6. Trenton Finley

    The AFC South was pure dogshit back in Manning’s prime but did the Colts make the Super Bowl every year? If the Pats are still beating the best the AFC has to offer in the playoffs, why does the strength of their division matter?

    • lou Albino

      +A Good Man Was it luck when the patriots got beat last year and twice by the giants? Funny how you don’t mention the scores or the plays that lead to them losing. Matter of fact, do you remember the absolute lucky play that got the Seahawks to the 5 yard line? If the patriots are cheaters and pay off refs then how come it took a full ten years to win their 4th super bowl?The two filed goals and interception made a difference because Brady kept them in it to the very end. Give that man the respect he deserves.

    • Nicholas Williams

      jacobs  because people have selective amnesia

    • A Good Man

      Matthew Dennis What about the NFC? Look at stats from the past decade and it’s such a large difference that sometimes the AFC champs could get dismantled by a non- playoff or wild card NFC team. The AFC has only had like 4 teams in the Super Bowl in 15 year roughly speaking, 2 of which were simply when Peyton manning switched from the Colts to the Broncos. I know my team the panthers cam newton is undefeated against Brady over their entire career. Both in Charlotte and Foxboro. Put the pats in the NFC south the past few years and they’d be lucky to break .500. Last year we took both wild card spots (impressive considering 6 losses mathematically distributed between the 3 teams having to play each other twice on top of all 3 teams having statistically the 3 toughest schedules that’s miracle stuff there) * three years in a row had 3 different team in the super bowl. Saints were #1 seed this year, they lost the past 2 NFC championship games due to flukes/negligence, Falcons won NFC championship the year before, 2015 Panthers arguably top 5 team in history..(went 15-1, only lost last game due to resting starters etc. btw only Atlanta beat us, we literally shut them out 38-0 less the 2 weeks earlier so basically Carolina tied the Pats 18-1 record without the powderpuff schedule bs division and conference along with no zebras on our side. Except Carolina was FAR more dominant that year. Our average playoff win differential was something like 30+ points against teams considered the best in the league). We put up number never seen before or sense. Also with majority of stars gone or injured, still made playoffs 4 out of the past 5 years. Keep in mind the NFC South constantly has the top 4 strength of schedule ratings going into seasons as well with Patriots usually among the few easiest. I could go on for a while but you get the point. And look , I’m not trying to put down one mans team and put mine on a pedastool. I just think folks tend to look past important facts. Like the Pats O-line, D-line and D in general, kicker literally saving 2 of your 5 Super Bowls, Tuck rule travesty won another, spy gate, deflate gate, Brady’s backups put up similar numbers with practically zero game experience or even true practice with the first string he now has to work with. It is Belichick and Edelman who are underrated. Gronk(now) and Brady for sure is the most overrated athlete of all time. Brees stats lead Brady’s in accuracy, yards, etc etc etc and he’s played less years less games, had inferior Olines, mediocre at best receiving squad, Zero defense, come on you gonna say Brady is better? That is delusion I’m sorry. Anyways I didn’t plan on starting an argument when I began so I apologize to any offended npcs (just kidding). It’s all in good fun even if it is rigged

    • Nicholas Williams

      +A Good Man I find it funny how you didn’t bring when Gilmore(which cost New England the game) was called for defensive holding or illegal hands to the face .Luke Kuechly thought he should have been called for defensive holding when he was guarding Gronk. Funny you bring up the tuck rule yet you’re a Panthers, you do know the Saints and Panthers were the first 2 teams to fall victim to that rule back in 1999. The clip on YouTube too. Funny you bring up spygate when it was about a location infraction for one game against the Jets, deflategate was a witchhunt, let’s be real. Also what relevance does the NFC south have in this thread. Yes Drew Brees has also those regular season records but he played in a dome most of his career. Yes he’s a hall of Famer. Put him Green Bay or Pittsburgh, Baltimore or any area where it’s cold see how he does. Also I find it funny that you bring up Vinatieri, didn’t know he could kick 80 yard field goals l. Brady still has to drive the ball in his field goal range. Plus he missed 2 chip shots in the super bowl against the Panthers. Plus its funny you bring up Brady bring overrated and how his backups have similar stats. Didn’t know Matt Cassel throwing for 3500/3600 yards and 21 TDs to 11 interceptions was the same as Brady’s as 4800 yards with 50 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. They had the same roster. Really dude. Hell Andrew Luck was putting up similar numbers to Peyton Manning in the same offense Peyton had in Indy. Plus Newton got benched for his piss poor play so kinda laughable when you say stupid crap like overrated and suck when Newton was benched. Also your Panthers if your the owner instead of wasting time saying stupid stuff on YouTube you might want to step away from the keyboard and focus on fixing the Panthers instead of worrying about a team not in your division(and never will be) let alone conference. You got a lot of fixing to do. So get cracking skipper. Also if its rigged then why watch? Do something else then

    • Rob Rine

      They made the playoff tho is the point easy divisions make it easier schedules its facts. That’s shows tho that playing 6 games against teams that are teams that implode every week nothing about them not beeing a super bowl contender cause they are one of the best but its definitely paves a easier path to the playoffs and reflects in who they are scheduled to play along the way and again in the seeding in the playoffs cause again the play the statical worst again

  7. The Pats just became the 3rd team to reach the Superbowl in 3 consecutive years.

    The other 2 teams?
    Bills and Dolphins

    • Patriotsfansince 1960

      +Nicholas Williams Just another kid that doesn’t know anything so you result to insults. Insults that one might hear at recess.
      You should have stopped the first time I said go away.

    • Nicholas Williams

      +Patriotsfansince 1960 and just another stupid fan full of himself. Hell even your username proves that. But keep humoring me and dance for me. Besides prove to me outside of the 89-93 years that the Patriots have been dogshit. Cause you won’t. They’ve been DECENT at least pendejo.

    • Patriotsfansince 1960

      +Nicholas Williams 89-93? Are you stupid or something. Nothing you say makes any sense. I already gave you a history of the Patriots shortcomings before Kraft.

    • Patriotsfansince 1960

      +Nicholas Williams You have got to be the dumbest person I’ve had the misfortune of coming across on here.
      1960-1969 1 playoff appearance.
      1970-1979 2 playoff appearances.
      1980-1989 3 playoff appearances.

      Now get bent loser.

  8. Codename Centaur

    SAS really think Chiefs are going to knock down Patriots next season or some other AFC team will? We already heard about that this season and look what happen, they’re right in the superbowl again.

    • lionswhelp7

      The Chiefs will!

    • Phenom AL

      A new word added to my dictionary isah…Naivesim instead of dummies.Naivesim is in

    • Blxck Jezus

      Once Brady and Billicheck retires its over for u guys. I promise u that. Lol

    • Alan Shaw

      +Blxck Jezus true but seriously that’s fine with me. New England haven’t drafted in the top 10 in decades. I wouldn’t complain because New England would be back in it sooner than later

  9. John Blain

    Same winning % against ALL divisions in the NFL in the last 19 seasons. In the playoffs, they beat the best of the other divisions. Yawn. Next excuse.

    By the way, the last 2 AFC title games that did not feature the Patriots featured the Jets.

    • John Blain

      +tony tonyt Peyton played defense in those games?


      Really? Let’s see them in WILD CARD MODE?..

    • Kenrick Eason where is Eli and the giants now???

      😂 😆

    • tony tonyt Peyton was a good regular season QB. That’s about it. The super bowl against Rex Grossman and the Bears, any team could’ve beaten them. When Denver got smashed by Seattle, what was it? 43-8?? With Peyton at QB. Oh yeah that Denver defense won him his second.

    • lou Albino

      +Eric E Making friendly bets against the patriots. 😂

  10. Nick Barbosa

    Will is like a young skip bayless. I think Espn should replace Max with Will. I like Max but FirstTake is more entertaining with SAS and Will.

    • Dbdbb Xbxbxbx

      Nick Barbosa you ppl realize they aren’t actually giving their own opinions right? Just picking an audience to entertain.

  11. So them beating KC Is because of the bills,Jets and Miami

  12. david boniface

    Here’s my thing. The AFC east makes up 6 games on the patriots schedule. Why blame them but not the 10 teams each year who don’t dethrone the patriots? What about the other playoff teams?

    • Ironic Zombie

      ​+aporchmonkey that assuming they are going undefeated against the AFC east which rarely has ever happened and the one year it did they did not make the super bowl.

    • Long_Necky Boii

      aporchmonkey the patriots never go undefeated in their conference stupid. It’s usually 4-2, have u never heard about the patriots always losing in Miami?

    • aporchmonkey

      +Ironic Zombie 5-1 against the East because they lose half their games in Miami over the past 15 seasons, Ill give you that.Thats still 10-6 if they only go 500. vs the rest. Obviously they re a good enough team to go at least 6-4,(most likely) against the rest of their schedule, still leaves them with 11 wins every year almost no matter what. The only team that was ever really “good” during their time in the East was the Rex lead Jets. and Im pretty sure they beat the Pats with Sanchez in GIllette. Brady has the same amount of playoff wins on the road as Sanchez, who people often regard as the worst QB ever, especially Pats Nazis.

    • aporchmonkey

      +Long_Necky Boii They dont “always” lose in Miami stupid, you should know that PatNazi. They lose in December after they already are guaranteed a first round bye, (1-5) since 2010, and theyre still 13-5 total against them since 2010. Figure that one out, Einstein. If they need the win for a bye theyll get it, if they dont, they just dont care/try and set themselves up for what they perceive as the better opponent for them, preferably a West coast team that they can get to travel to play at Gillette for 1 on a Sunday and just walk on.


      Take your MEDS…PLEASE

  13. Lol the Patriots have like 12 draft picks. They’re gonna get younger next year. Talking like they’re going to stay the same.

    • Kevin Jameson

      Bill likes to trade around his draft picks. Who knows how the draft will go for the pats. He might trade up for an early pick depending on availability or look at pieces on other teams who may be rebuilding. Thats how we got jay mac and others.

    • Legend__ 21

      Nah when Brady retires it’s wraps

    • Antuan Lemon

      Legend__ 21 not if they get a decent QB to train for a year or two. They’ll still be a playoff team

    • +Legend__ 21 who even cares. 9 super bowls is a stupid amount of success.

  14. Sheng Guo

    Or, maybe the Pats having a winning record over virtually every team is why their Superbowl path seems easier.🤣

    • clehooda northside

      Sheng Guo they only have a losing record to 3 teams in the Brady area

    • Sheng Guo

      +clehooda northside Exactly. If Pats went to a ‘harder’ division, the teams would lose more games by having play NE 2x. And everyones record in foxborough is so bad, imagine going there in season every yr.

    • tony tonyt

      Nah but come on look at the TEAMS . its not all that. Bills ? Jets ? Fins? Come on Lol that’s 6 wins already . notice how Brady lost to an NFC wild card in the super bowl Lol . imagine the giants back then in the AFC. Imagine 2009 packers in the AFC. Thank god Petyon manning and ray Lewis were in the AFC Lol .

    • clehooda northside

      Sheng Guo yeah you’re dumb

  15. I used to believe that until I realized that they also beat every other team from any other conference in the NFL. So, stop making excuses and recognize greatness.

    • TheUglyEvee

      +learnto code Brady hasn’t beat cam either lol

    • learnto code

      +TheUglyEvee and that is irrelevant. tom brady doesn’t play other teams OFFENSES. Lol

    • MilkMonster

      I never said I was mad about New England making it back, I was calling somebody out who made statements without evidence. And as for Atlanta, they were up heavy as I recall, but lost the due to complacency, and the AFC East is the shittest division in the NFL.


      Take your meds..Miami,buffalo,Jets…ARE DUMPSTER FIRES…

    • Nathaniel GReennagh

      +Kenrick Eason cant win them all

  16. Steven Beardsworth

    The Patriots MADE the AFC East weak by destroying them year in and year out. Coach and player turnover in attempts of finding the winning combination to dethrone the GOAT.

    • Deborah Nadolski

      That is not true. The teams busted on QB’s. Now the Jets and Bills have their franchise guy. Things will change soon.

    • the GOAT Tom Brady

      +Deborah Nadolski no it won’t

  17. Donavan Goode

    Will Cain better than max lowkey

  18. HemTY Sounds

    Will > Kellerman

  19. Just Cruz

    Remember when ESPN was saying beating the Chargers and the Chiefs was next to impossible? And now they’re saying it was easy. I needed a laugh today.

  20. ImxFromxDc

    Now they weak😤. Come on man give them peoples their props dog

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