Westbrook’s triple-doubles are more impressive than Harden’s 30-point games – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Westbrook’s Triple-doubles Are More Impressive Than Harden's 30-point Games – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

RSS - Westbrook’s Triple-doubles Are More Impressive Than Harden's 30-point Games – Jalen Rose | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose breaks down why he finds Russell Westbrook’s triple-doubles streak more impressive than James Harden’s 30-straight games with 30 points.

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  1. Subscribe To Get More Oddly Satisfying Videos

    I like basketball.

  2. Tyrann Mathieu [AKA]THE BADGER [AKA]D.W.A

    And Kobe drop 60+ on ur head

    • Kijohn Connor

      Tyrann Mathieu [AKA]THE BADGER [AKA]D.W.A he dropped 18

    • Rudy Cooper

      Nah, more like 17-18. He drop 81 on Raptor team, you should redirect your insults to their Facebook page.

  3. Miso Miran

    Hell yeah, I’m guessing people are forgetting how hard it is to get a triple double AND STILL WIN. If it was so easy to get a triple double consecutively, why isn’t your favorite player doing it?

    • +Miso Miran I’m aware that pg is benefiting from Russ’s improved decision making. But you asked why isn’t your favourite player doing it? And all I did was explain it to you. My favourite player doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective and to win. And it’s been working to a championship level. Russ been doing this long time and it’s only gotten him but so far.

    • Miso Miran

      +Wez OB True but here’s the thing about Russ play that’s different this year than the other 2: Russ has been playmaking more than he has in the past due to his failure of shooting the ball well. I believe my Thunder can make the finals this year with their play but time will tell all.

    • +Miso Miran I would say he as come to a realisation that he’s not the best player on his team. He’s always been playmaking, most seasons he averages about 8-10 assists. And he’s also realised he’s not a good shooter and as such should be shooting less. So yea they could make a push but time will tell how effective their offense is. But since he has the ball in his hands primarily in playoffs when good teams game plan for his usual passes, those assists could easily turn into turn overs. Their one saving grace is their defensive ability.

    • Cuz my favorite player is 5’9, Why Westbrook not scoring 53 points in a playoff game? My guy did.

  4. Steven Adams had 1 rebound last night. Seriously why is this eventualno a question

    • Nosa Uzamere

      😂😂😂1 rebound wtf

    • Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer

      Thanks to westbrick the man is not playing at his best potential

    • Kamote Tops

      +Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer Keep hating. If you’re going to blame Westbrook for Adams 1 rebound, blame also PG because he has 12 rebounds, include Patterson as he has 7 rebounds. All of them are STEALING rebounds from Adams. lol

      FYI Adams rpg is 9.6 this season COMPARED to 9.0 last year; Westbrook rpg is 11.1 this season COMPARED to 10.1 last year; George rpg is 8.0 this season COMPARED to 5.7 last year.
      If Westbrook STEALS more rebounds FROM Adams this season with the addition of George having 8 a game, Adams would have far *LESS* rebounds THIS season compared to last year.

  5. Eddie terrell

    The triple double is easier they showed last year how the team would box out just to let Westbrook get rebounds or hold the ball just to make an assist , harden for most of the season HAD to score like crazy for his team had 4 starters out and still led the team from 12th to 5th in the west

    • +Eddie terrell no, you’re acting like harden is the only superstar that can do what he’s doing right now. Give those same conditions to another super star, with those shot attempts, and im pretty sure we would be talking about that person right now instead of harden. Harden is doing his thing yes but we all know what happens when the more important games are present. A.K.A post season, which has been the case for majority of his career.

    • KoZY BOY J

      Eddie terrell people keep saying getting a triple double not easy and I swear to god Ben Simmons gets a triple double all the time. Lonzo Ball has gotten them before. Lebron James has gotten multiple triple doubles and Giannas lol but they don’t GO for them. You can’t tell me Lebron wouldn’t be able to average a triple double if he didn’t go for it or Ben Simmons they are both better rebounders and better passers.

    • KoZY BOY J

      Eddie terrell plus there’s evidence that’s he’s going for them. They’re videos where it shows he yells at people to shoot the ball after he passes even if they’re covered and where he steals rebounds or they let him grab the board. Not to mention he shoots terrible just to get his 10+ points

    • Kenneth Binion

      +KoZY BOY J how are you comparing getting a triple double and averaging one for the season? There’s 82 games, that’s a big difference are you serious? Your logic doesn’t make sense and you could use the same arguement with Harden. If KD or Steph or any great scorer in this league really wanted to score 30 for 30 games they’d stop passing and take more shots like Harden is doing. I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make.

  6. Jan-Michael Vincent

    Can we just enjoy the fact that both players are putting together some of the most impressive season stats we’ve seen in a while

    • Unicornpurp 🦄

      Jan-Michael Vincent no. Hardens lame and milks the refs. You’ll seen in the playoffs when they don’t allow this fruity ball

    • Unicornpurp 🦄 cry

  7. Rafael De La Nuez

    No one has the stamina and athleticism that Russ has. The guy is a freak of an athlete, never rests on the court. Padding stats go…ahead and do what Russ does.

    • Russ looks like a mini Giannis when he drives in the lane. They both can’t shoot tho

  8. The ElephantTammer

    Hell yeah scoring in today’s nba is easy shooting free throws and 3s aren’t impressive to me

    • Juan Diego Paguia

      Arshad Dahlan trash argument

    • Arshad Dahlan

      +Juan Diego Paguia explain to me how please? Just as Harden hunts for points late in games so does Russ for whatever he needs for a trip-dub

    • Free throws are understandable, but 3s arent impressive? You trippin.

    • The ElephantTammer

      +Justin R 3s are impressive if defensive was more aggressive with today’s defense only way to stop a defender is to put your hands up and pray they miss so yeah 3s in today’s league is not impressive.russ to me is more impressive because he is doing more than just scoring

    • DarkSkyzz

      Arshad Dahlan because harden is good, hes been an elite scorer but with these new rules its just easier for him to do it

  9. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    Russell Westbrook with 10 straight Triple Doubles is better than scoring 30 in 30 straight games…
    Scoring is up in the NBA, so I think someone (if wanting) could go on and chase/tie or break Hardens record..

    • Maximiliamus

      Bruh wtf is that profile pic

    • I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

      Maximiliamus A broom leaning on a wall of course, what else could it possibly be.??🤔

  10. Lee-Shawn Stein

    When Andre Roberson gets back, the OKC Thunder are gonna be SCARY. This team is better than 2015 OKC led by Durant that was up 3-1 on the 73-9 warriors

  11. Joshua Levine

    All the struggles we went through when Kd left.. it feels fantastic to see us in third seed.

  12. Almighty Sosa

    I guess we just need somebody to hate this year

  13. Zain Mohammad

    I agree with jalen

  14. Space Gravy 100

    i think teaming up with 5 all stars is more impressive.

    • Me too. So much media attention and so much stress knowing that you might get champagne in your eyes when you raise the finals trophy.

  15. Denis Jerkovic

    They are both very aware of their numbers, Harden scores 11 points last night 8 of them when the game was decided, why are we talking about this when its clearly doctored up. Westbrook steals boards and will rather not contest shots, something Kevin Love used to do. These # dont mean jack squat when its done outside the flow of a game.

    • Kenneth Binion

      You sound dumb. The reason OKC wins is because they play defense and they dominate the boards to get more possesions than their oppopnent. Everyone on the Thunder has a focus to crash the glass, Russ is just the best at rebounding in traffic. Plus when he rebounds the ball they can start the break faster. His rebounding is a big asset to how they want to play.

    • Denis Jerkovic

      +Kenneth Binion Westbrook will never win anything

  16. Lexicon Prime

    It’s hard to do anything over the span of years. Averaging a triple double for years is incredible. Right now hes 20 11 11 so he doesnt have to get a triple double every game to lock it up.

  17. Most of harden’s games he’s scored more than 40 or 50

    • shooting 20 free throws and going 1 for 17 isn’t impressive, and especially when you get ur free throws from flopping

  18. Jalen hasn’t liked players scoring huge numbers since Kobe dropped 81 on his head

  19. De’Aaron Rose

    I LOVE WESTBROOK. Even when he’s not shooting well he impacts the game in so many ways. Dynamic

  20. Retro Robbie

    you can see Jalen’s brain slowing down as years pass.

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