Why isn’t James Harden more popular with fans? | The Jump

Why Isn't James Harden More Popular With Fans? | The Jump

RSS - Why Isn't James Harden More Popular With Fans? | The Jump Sport News Today

Paul Pierce, Tracy McGrady and Rachel Nichols of The Jump evaluate whether James Harden's historic scoring rate is sustainable, or if he will get burned out by end of the regular season. McGrady says that defenses will make it a lot harder for Harden in the 2018-19 NBA playoffs, and Pierce expresses his concern that the Rockets cannot win games without a big performance from Harden.

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  1. wweecwwcwtnanba1928

    Easy. Cause he always draw a foul and complains whenever he doesn’t and travels alot and chokes during playoff time. Why is this even a question?

    • How does he choke in the playoffs when he went to the WCF? Russ lost in the first round back 2 back seasons . Harden is the best player in the nba.

    • C Dai you right man!

    • Darnell Tobar

      C Dai he only went last year because of the players they picked up, but it won’t be easy this year!!

    • C Dai how does he choke in the playoffs? Where are his rings?

  2. RJ Powell

    I mean he should be more popular with the fans but because of his style of play (dribbling a lot, iso basketball, drawing millions of fouls) and his lack of success in the post season

  3. Justyn Allen

    Because he purposely draws fouls for points. He flops. It’s boring to watch. He’s inefficient. Come playoffs, he won’t be able to get away with it.

    • +Herosennin Cheap? Haha, let’s be real here, the only reason nobody else “flops”, draws fouls, “pays the ref”, whatever you want to describe getting calls is because nobody else KNOWS HOW TO. Drawing fouls is a skill too, and you guys are acting as tho you can take them away, and you can still compare players right. It’s not Harden’s fault Curry is too physically weak and not gifted enough to draw contact the way Harden can.

    • john wick

      DrAwiNg FoUls iS apArt Of tHe gAme

    • Master Pierce

      +SK 15 huh

    • Zain Rahman

      not to mention stat padder

    • neirad537

      Harden is as efficient as Lebron

  4. PiMpiNx187

    Cuz if he isn’t flopping he’s traveling

  5. Because he’s boring to watch. Who wants to see a guy dribble for 20secs only to shoot freethrows.

  6. He is a flopping, ref baiting chode.

  7. Julio El Chavez

    If he didn’t flop and get special treatment every game by getting away with traveling, fans wouldn’t hate him as much.

  8. Love Dance

    Inefficient, disappears in the playoffs, plays boring foul baiting and flopping basketball. Should I go on ?

    • daniel baker

      Love Dance go on please

    • He’s one of the most efficient players in the league look at his true shooting percentage.

    • Since when does averaging 36 on 24 attempts considered inefficient?

    • Joshua Han


    • sholove Sholove

      +Ali Aziz No sir. Cris paul got injured in game 5, and they lost the next 2 games. And he didn’t play great. He was horrible, which included going 1 for 11 from the three. His numbers went down every playoff round

  9. Devin X SnkrS

    Cause he could smack his own wrist and still get the call

  10. Have y’all watched him play lol

  11. The Keeper

    Because we don’t like his cheap style of play

    • chef curry

      I love it

    • Latre Love

      +Eric Gilbreath this doesn’t even make sense is this English

    • Eric Gilbreath

      +Latre Love I am using my microphone to type for me on the new Nokia from cricket. You can’t be taken seriously unless you fix that sentence fragment, sir.

    • Eric Gilbreath

      +darealliljable players like Jordan Bryant James Wade Curry Harden they are hard to come by

    • Eric Gilbreath

      Alright alright we are being silly even thinking about a Houston championship you know it is not going to happen so don’t even start that talk don’t even start that crazy talk

  12. All that prancing, flopping, no defense, no ball movement and foul baiting. Oh and he travels every possession.

    • Sebastian Soto

      James Harden FanBoy For real. He’s number 2 in steals this season after Paul George and does good on the post defensively. He’s no all defensive team, but he does have some solid defense now imho

    • Davonte Gooden

      Sebastian soto he said one of key words one of

    • Everybody in the league travels

    • Activerici 23

      Actually his defense has been pretty good this season, he averages over two steals and almost a block a game.

  13. Cornrows Melo

    The thing with Westbrook is everyone just calls him a stat padder… that’s it! The thing with Harden is not only is he a stat padder, but he flops, and he takes 20 free throws a game. Westbrook plays the game the right way and fair even tho he is in a shooting slump.

    • Ballin Too

      +Slimv3 .1 Adam’s avg 11 rebounds paul george avg 8. No pg can rebound like russ

    • Slimv3 .1

      Ballin Too that’s because it’s not a point guards job. Point guards should not be chasing rebounds. PG is westbricks saving grace. Without him they’d likely be out of the playoffs.

    • mandlenkosi lungu

      Master of the Universe there was no instagram dumbass, and what he’s done is amazing he should be proud its easy to criticize when you jus a spectator .why don’t the players hate like the fans?

    • thang hanghal

      +AzzizzLX and big men aren’t supposed to be on the perimeter shooting 3s. The game is evolving, get with the times man.

  14. LA FLAME- 5-0

    because we don’t like foul cheating basketball

  15. Harden scores so much unassisted because if the ball isn’t in his hand he stands in the corner lifeless af

  16. Jake Mackay

    Harden last night stays in the game when they clearly had won just to get his 30 points all he cares about is the MVP and come playoffs he will do what he has done his whole career choke cause he won’t get the calls and cause teams can actually guard him from three he gets exposed as a three point shooter.

    • Kamau Cumberbatch

      Not really the Mavs were Rallying back. And the night before they choked a 25 point lead in a quarter. If you watch the game he was passing to teammates until the end when he needed to close out the game idiot

    • James Harden

      Bro stop talking to people who repeat what opinion media thinks about harden ..he clearly doesnt watch harden play

  17. His only redeeming factor is that he scores, but shoots too much. And the way he scores bends the rules the game is played, he’s too intelligent (in regular season games of course).People don’t want his style to be used by other stars because it is boring. But at least we see a player who plays differently and looks at the game outside the box and plays around the rules other than just pure athleticism, although with the addition of infamy

  18. Lafayette Mitchell

    Self centered, not a team player, gets too many MANUFACURED fouls.. volume doesn’t mean SKILL..if you take MORE shots than EVRRYBODY it should be easy to lead in scoring..

  19. Why isnt James Harden more popular with fans? Hmmm maybe because the league is so soft that you have to keep at least 1 foot between your body and his while you’re guarding him or he’s going to the line. You’re forced to let him score because you can’t defend him with any kind of physicality. Until the playoffs come and the refs let you play and his scoring outbursts disappear. He’s a fun player to watch regular season thats it.

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