Why only an 8-game suspension for Kareem Hunt? Adam Schefter explains | Stephen A. Smith Show

Why Only An 8-game Suspension For Kareem Hunt? Adam Schefter Explains | Stephen A. Smith Show

RSS - Why Only An 8-game Suspension For Kareem Hunt? Adam Schefter Explains | Stephen A. Smith Show Sport News Today

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter joins The Stephen A. Smith Show to discuss how the league landed on the eight-game suspension for Kareem Hunt, why it wasn't longer given that the Kansas City Chiefs said he misled them, and any fallout Roger Goodell and the NFL are anticipating.

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  1. Kiran Kumar

    lol 8 games is a more than sufficient punishment

  2. define crazy

    8 is actually too much. People also forget Kareem lost 5 games last year with the Chiefs. So it is 13 games not 8 games.

    • Josh Norris


    • Kiet Nguyen

      He didnt get suspended by the league for 5 games, the Chief preemptively punished Hunt for lying so they dropped him there was no penalty from the NFL itself for his actions. Hunt could have easily played those 5 games had the Chiefs didn’t drop him. Keep your logic straight there bud.

    • Akshay Murali

      Kiet Nguyen he knows there was no penalty from the NFL dumbass. He’s just saying he lost five games already.

    • Raffay Khan

      +Kiet Nguyen He was put on the Commissioner’s exempt list. Keep your logic straight there bud.

  3. Bobby Tsunami

    ONLY …… 8 GAMES is plenty

  4. King Kosi

    Equal rights, equal lefts!

  5. j0epark1

    ONLY 8 games??? He doesn’t deserve ANY suspension. Man can’t even defend himself anymore without jeopardizing his job 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Manny G

      Agreed. Feminism at its finest

    • The Life Analyst

      Manny G what do you expect its a network that talks more about leftist politics than actual sports. Hunt situation was overblown

  6. He kicked a thot not a woman, right?

  7. This is BS. If he was caught lightly kicking another guy this wouldnt even be news but because it was an almighty female everyone loses their minds. I thought the media said men and woman are the same? No biological and no physical differences? Theres no criminal charges pending so why is he being treated like a lifelong woman beater? Either do a full investigation into his character and past or dont suspend him. NFL is so hypocritical, ie Ray Lewis

    • +AlphaDwg The NFL fined Ray Lewis 250k for murdering someone (acquitted of charges) and then he gets an oppertunity and succeeds in winning the superbowl the following year but Kareem Hunt gets suspended 8 games for one shove with his foot? The hypocrisy is too high to measure. In no way am I saying abuse is warranted but fair and equal punishment should be the standard for the NFL and its not.

  8. LeeTravius Mckay

    Kareem doesn’t deserve any suspension for defending himself she slapped him refused to leave even after he told her to and used facial slurs but he’s getting punished

    • Mr Ryan

      I agree 8 games is way too many but c’mon man. He charged her from a different room, knocked her down, and kicked her. Now granted she was being a major c*** and deserved something but in no way is he innocent.

  9. Hunter Wells

    Not the browns why you do this to the poor guys but also Kareem was being attacked by the lady and all he did was push her so 8 games is too much

  10. AlphaDwg

    Only? Wtf that’s half the season

  11. Felipe Murillo

    Thats too much already. If I were the commissioner, he would have got a $500 fine, and thats it.

  12. Ares Krieger

    He doesn’t really deserve any suspension maybe a game or 2 for the kick at the end, but no more as he didn’t start that fight and the kick wasn’t a full force kick. 8 is far too many for this sort of thing, honestly I don’t like the nfl playing the role of judge and jury basically I think criminal acts are relevant anything else is pointless and simply outrage to drive ratings on tv that is in turn punished due to bad pr that was somewhat fabricated.

  13. Joshua Dickerson

    What you mean only 8? He should’ve only gotten 4-6

  14. PatronHall

    I wonder how long she got suspended from her job for HER misconduct?
    Seriously though, it keeps women safe to tell them to keep their hands off of men at all costs. Making it ok for women to hit men is going to cause more women to catch that shoryuken, especially when you’re preaching equality.

  15. Maurice Beamon

    It was really 13 games idiots bcuz he missed 5 games this past season. 15 if you include the playoffs…

    • Vadim WhiteWolf

      Maurice Beamon the cheifs realsed him

    • Noel DiMaggio Jr

      Vadim WhiteWolf still missed 5 game checks he would’ve had if he didn’t get released, that’s what hurt him

  16. TheLjhallstar

    Only 8 ?,this ain’t the NBA bruh

  17. Gotta knock a girls teeth out to get a whole season.

  18. al zolez

    Soooo transgender athletes who were born male can compete against women but a man cant defend himself from a drunk racist attacking him? Interesting.

  19. Phil Chapman

    Adam, the girl is fine and still employed at the hotel as a “party girl”.. Ha ha

  20. Schefter is a feminine weirdo

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