Why the Lakers should tank — and why they shouldn’t | The Jump

Why The Lakers Should Tank -- And Why They Shouldn't | The Jump

RSS - Why The Lakers Should Tank -- And Why They Shouldn't | The Jump Sport News Today

Jorge Sedano, Michael Wilbon and Marc J. Spears of The Jump debate whether the Los Angeles Lakers should tank the rest of the season for a better 2019 NBA draft pick, or if they should follow LeBron James' words an finish the 2018-19 season strong. Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish are available in the draft, while free agents such as Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler are available as 2019 NBA free agents.

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  1. Alfredo Soriano

    Not in the playoffs.. still talk about him 24/7

  2. Buddy Rare

    Lakers been going through drama and decisions this whole season.

  3. Peter Battaglia

    Tanking gets u a better pick, finishing strong give the fan base hope that they don’t need another star. They’ll probably sign a big FA this summer so it’s a gamble. Ultimately if lebron wants to win out they will

  4. Benjamin Grunert

    Lakers could be the 15th seed with a 46 year old Lebron and y’all would still be talking about em 24/7 😂

    • Charles Cooks

      +GNBno I won’t

    • Matthew 2700

      Fr lmao shits annoying

    • sholove Sholove

      😂😂😂Exactly! But why people mad at lebron? He’s not paying the league, besides the millions of views he gets just for sneezing.
      Let’s blame lebron for being great

  5. LeBeautiful

    To tank or not to tank … that is the question.

  6. DJ ShaqTown

    Lakers are not gonna tank they are just horrible lol

    No need to tank when they just losing

    • DJ ShaqTown when they keep losing they’re gonna say it’s intentional tanking lmao

  7. romo vincent

    Thunder Vs Blazers Game 6 PG Hits Game winner
    Espn: What does this mean for Lebron?

  8. Nehemiah Howard

    They arent making playoffs tome for them to lose

  9. Lebron James

    Imagine if I could get 1 win in the west for every time espn posted about the lakers this season😳

  10. LeeTravius Mckay

    The Lakers aren’t even in the playoffs and they still get talked bout 24/7

  11. Nic Del

    Lakers Suck / They Already TANKDDD 🤣HaHa

  12. Damien Dunbar

    Milwaukee is keeping khris Middleton (I hope)

  13. Jay Brown

    Means nothing..he should just retire…no more rings comin

  14. Son Hughes

    ESPN stories: LeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLakersWarriorsOtherTeamLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBron
    The Nuggets didn’t make the playoffs now #2 West, Bucks #1 East and gets no love this is why LeBron has so many diehard fanboys —

  15. Your Average Guy

    Lakers always tank lol what else is new

  16. JusBeeChannel

    Imagine if they do actually tank. Media was already getting on Lebron for attending Zion game prior to him getting injured.

  17. 2way2times ___

    Some way some how the lakers will end up with the number 1 pick if they tank 🤫👀

  18. youdontknow da1/2

    imagine losing the chemistry of your team by saying you’d trade them all for AD and get Reggie Bullock

  19. rubiks15

    *DO NOT TANK* LeBron doesn’t need another young player, under the pressure of playing for the Lakers and all the media nonsense that comes with playing with LeBron. LBJ does best when playing with other veterans, he needs someone with league experience and already developed. He’s not getting younger and cannot wait for a new prospect to adjust to the league, media, and pressures of being a Laker. It’s a miracle LBJ still has the pop and dominance he does with the mileage on his body. He needs an all-star he can kick it to NOW. They don’t even need a superstar like AD. Butler would realistically be the best FA they could get that would work with LBJ.

    Iriving | Wants his own team, would look like a weak move going back to LBJ
    Thompson | Doesn’t get along with LeBron, but other than that would be perfect!
    Boogie | His recent surgery makes him a risky asset, especially due to his size
    Kawhi | Seems to have halted his push out west and is enjoying the Raptors
    KD | Is admittedly media sensitive and hates the media that follows LBJ
    Butler | Is used to playing “second fiddle” and is able to hit enough shots to spread the floor for LBJ
    Kemba | Good player, but still getting into his own. Not experienced enough for the finals.

  20. KiD Music

    Dear ESPN,

    There are at least 4 teams that have a chance to win it all, a few teams that are in the hunt for a playoff spot, and a total of 16 teams fighting for seeding positions. Pls stop talking about an 11th seed that has no chance of making the playoffs.

    Sincerely, almost every nba fan out there.

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