Will the Patriots beat the Jaguars? | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN

Will The Patriots Beat The Jaguars? | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN

RSS - Will The Patriots Beat The Jaguars? | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN Sport News Today

Tony Kornheiser and Micahel Wilbon discuss whether or not the Jacksonville Jaguars have any chance at beating the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

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  1. Tuba Gunyeh

    Go Jags!!!! Sadly, I can’t watch the AFC Championship game. I’m in Africa right now.

  2. LongSnappersLivesMatter

    Where is the McCutchen video?

  3. God pigeon

    We never under estimate any opponent

    • Mark Symbala

      Ryan Ramirez ur gay

    • Markie SYMBALLESS: Want some tissues sweetie? Big Fat L!

      PATRIOTS NATION! Accept it!

    • Henry Dorrian: More like “Thugsonville”! Your kittens are some dirty players! But look where it got them? Even though purposely knocking Gronk out, the thugs still lost! I had respect for Jax! Not anymore! Enjoy watching Tom and The Boys in the NFL Championship kid! LOL..


    • Jason Aaa

      +Tom Brady come back when Brady can win,against Eli when,it,matters Lmao.

    • Jason Aaa: A box of rocks is more intelligent than you kid. lol. Elisha is who we all thought he was kid! A two time fluke. Tom has been back to the NFL Championship 3 times since 2012. Where’s Elisha been? Elisha has been lost on Ho Chi Minh Trail, throwing interceptions and playing terrible for the past 6 years. He is a mediocre QB at best. Be that as it may, Tom and The Boys can’t play Elisha and the giants if they don’t show up, LMFAO! So keep living in the past kid. Enjoy the NFL Championship Game next Sunday. 😁

  4. Bryan Lopez

    The jags have 500k followers just remember that before the bandwagon

    • Anthony Avalos

      it was 300k before this season

    • Jordan Claudio

      Bryan Lopez – the bandwagon will be to beat the patriots lol

    • Bryan Lopez patriots bandwagon are the worst though. Half their fans arent even from boston and only became fans when they won the superbowl


  6. realtv101

    If the Jags can get to Brady and also have the great pass defense they have had all year long then they win. If they cant get to Brady an don’t do as good of a job with the pass defense like with Pittsburgh then they lose. Patriots are an all around good team but their bread and butter is their passing game. Take that away and you have a chance, just so happen that’s what Sacksonville specializes in.

  7. letsgetsocialinfo

    Jacksonville will not win,they lost one of their best players. They had to play at 100% high level against the steelers and when you do that, it takes allot out of you

  8. Arjun Bains

    “We’re just focused on Jacksonville”

  9. Fuck What You're Talking About !

    Jacksonville allowed 42 points yesterday.

    #1 D? 😂😂😂😂😂

    Brady will pick that overrated D apart.

    30-13, Patriots.

  10. Andrew Anonymous

    I don’t understand how these people can make prediction after prediction and be so confident, when they are WRONG so much!

  11. Joe Cashmere

    if Brady can set his feet and make at least 2 reads its over

  12. Jamie Dough

    The Jags gave up over 40 points lol ain’t beating the pats if you’re letting teams score that much in the playoff.

  13. Brendan Donnellan

    As long as the jags don’t give Tom Brady time in the pocket they can win

  14. Demetrius Jones

    Jacksonville all the way

  15. Don’t You Dare Subscribe Me

    I think the Jags def will shut down the pats and Brady like the Broncos shut down the pats in AFC Championship

  16. Jacksonville struggles against the run. Lewis has been killing it for the patriots towards the end of the season. The guy looks amazing. I believe the pats will have success running which will open up a lot of play action which is Bradys bread and butter. On defense Bill will go all in to stop the run and make Blake beat us with his arm which I don’t think he will be able to do. Bill has a way of taking away your strengths and making you beat them another way. Should be a fun game!

    • True Flo

      xMxH you guys had it last year but not this year my friend the jags are hungry. You guys are good don’t get me wrong. And I hate it lol. But Jacksonville’s defense is crazy and Tom don’t like that

    • Except they just gave up 42 point in the last game.

  17. Micheal King

    Jacksonville gave up 42 points…

  18. Ala GLADIATOR: Proximo: You’re good, Spaniard (to the Jags) , but not that good….. and in the end…unfortunately the Gladiator (and for the Jags) die.

  19. Roberta Smith

    the Steelers pit up forty two points on the supposedly great jags defense. the jags only scored fifteen points in the bills game I say the jags are overrated the steelers would have won that game if they didn’t fumble the ball and gave the jags seven points the jags won’t have it that easy against the patriots sunday. go Brady go patriots kick their butt.

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