Without Antonio Brown, are the Steelers still the class of the AFC North?| Get Up!

Without Antonio Brown, Are The Steelers Still The Class Of The AFC North?| Get Up!

RSS - Without Antonio Brown, Are The Steelers Still The Class Of The AFC North?| Get Up! Sport News Today

Bobby Carpenter and Domonique Foxworth join Get Up! to discuss the latest on Antonio Brown's trade request, how the wide receiver's relationship with the Steelers went south and Pittsburgh's future if both Brown and Le'Veon Bell are no longer on the roster.

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  1. bennyb2569

    they missed the playoffs last year they’re certainly not “the class” of the AFC North lmfao

  2. Carolina Howard

    Antonio Brown needs to go to the EAGLES 🦅

    • BackToBasic21

      k p leave that chubby girl alone, she can support any team she wants. Go pats!!!

    • Liftedbari

      +k p who cares about bandwagons lol y would u support a team that continues to lose i mean i still love the raiders but i also love the patriots cos of tom brady doesnt mean im a bandwagon

  3. Ravens Will win the divison

  4. Stxner Kenny

    It’s going to be the Browns & Ravens division for the next 10 years

  5. I’m not just funny looking, I’m funny too

    Worst ESPN analyst:
    1a) Ryan Hollins
    1b) Dominique Foxworth

    • Super saiyan 3 Roku

      +Fijiboy Jay I hate Molly. But she not an Analyst. She just a Moderator

    • Super saiyan 3 Roku

      I disagree. The worst are:

      1) Ryan Hollins (no doubt)
      2) Dan Orklosky
      3) Dominque Foxworth
      4) Rob Parker
      5) Eric Dickerson

      HM….Jason McIntyre.

    • Super saiyan 3 Roku

      In contrast the best are:
      1) Shannon uncle shay Sharpe
      2) Chris Goatsard
      3) Stephen A.
      4) Cowherd
      5) Mark Schlerth

      HM…..Will Cain

    • Giffond Hall


    • Giffond Hall

      +Super saiyan 3 Roku u buggin

  6. Seikou Sawaneh

    Ravens or Cleveland time now

    • MrOrlandodh12

      they gotta prove the browns will win with Baker I think hes to arrogant to win

  7. Joseph Garcia

    Steelers losing bell and brown this season. Major L

  8. Steel Juju19

    We got juju still so shut up

    • Liftedbari

      lol yet u lost antonio the best reciever and leveon the best running back yall gonna get atmost 7 wins

    • Henny Spiderman

      You do understand that Juju thrived because of the double/triple coverage on AB who still averaged better numbers

  9. Johnny Cakes

    Uh Baltimore won the division. Stillers missed playoffs somehow with that roster. The Stillers got an old crusty phony Big Ben and the vastly overrated Mike Tomlin who Bill Belichick messes with by losing a game here and there to him to make people think Tomlin is somehow an elite NFL coach. Very smart of Belichick to keep the guys employed that you know you’ll school when school is really in session i.e. the playoffs. The fact Munchak left the Stillers told me everything I needed to know about what is really going down inside that facility. RJ Bell a Stiller fan himself even said the arrow is pointed down on them in 2019. Vegas knows, RJ knows Vegas. Belichick will still own Pittsburgh’s franchise.

  10. The Steelers aren’t relevant anymore thanks to a guy named Baker Mayfield.

    • MrOrlandodh12

      prove Baker will make a bad organization like the Browns win a championship

  11. Precious Loves

    Mad, pissed and sad at the same damn time bout this!

  12. Kool Koala


  13. Donna Morgan

    Ryan Clark really was the eye opener on what it’s like dealing with AB. Anyone with eyes know he’s the best wide receiver but he’s got issues. Hopefully the off field issues are not true but smells fishy. Just a little

    • Lynvee White

      Not just little…huge issues. Not sure about the baby mama drama but throwing furniture off the window that almost hit a child, reckless driving, not showing up in court, abandoned his team and showed up in a fur coat. Major attitude problem. Steelers need to let him go and see if some other teams will put up with that hood mentality.

  14. They’ll be a better organization without drama queen Brown. The patriots have dominated without near the Player talent level of the Steelers. While the Steelers are distracted with drama queens and infighting the patriots win. Take note

  15. Best Ever !!

    Steelers are a very good team still AFC is always gonna be pitt or Baltimore . If anything Pittsburg will be better and more focused without AB & bell . From a team stand point who would want a WR who burns bridges with a QB like Ben and coach like Tomlin ?? If ain’t Respecting big Ben or coach Tomlin he ain’t gonna respect nobody else’s staff … Respect is key for any type of success.

  16. Jojo Romos

    Pittsburgh would comeback trust and believe

  17. Jorge Diaz

    Nah its time for the browns to take over. GO BROWNS

  18. Sports with Nick

    A) The Pittsburgh Steelers need to accept they ARE in a rebuild and trade him. B) He’s going to the 49ers, Colts or Patriots. I explained why to both on my channel today.

  19. William Levy

    I’m a Steelers fan. I’m disappointed in Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, but we’ll be alright with James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster. ESPN commentators are talking like the Steelers didn’t draft all of these players and the Steelers won’t draft exceptionally well again. 😂 Come on man !

  20. William Levy

    Has anyone seen A.B’s posts on Instagram lately ? He’s lost his mind. I unfollowed him.

    • Lynvee White

      Gotta check IG or maybe not….I have lost respect for that guy that I stopped watching and listening to any videos, clips, or posts about him or from him. I just pause and go right to reading peoples comments.

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