Women in Esports w/ Sjokz | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 5

Women In Esports W/ Sjokz | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 5

RSS - Women In Esports W/ Sjokz | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 5 Sport News Today

Froskurinn and Sjokz share their honest experience of working in esports. Timestamps in the YouTube description.

0:22 LEC updates
3:03 Sjokz in esports
– 4:13 What is the role of a host?
– 5:53 Sjokz’s career
– 9:12 Dyrus interview
– 12:35 AmazingJ interview
14:29 Emotional moments in esports
– 16:56 Journalism in esports
– 18:12 Balancing the relationship between players and on-air talents
21:34 Replacing swear words
– 21:54 Getting in the zone
– 22:45 Players swearing on broadcast
23:12 Power of brands in esports
– 24:14 How to get into esports
– 25:32 Balancing cringe and humour
26:40 Women in esports
– 27:34 Disclaimer
– 28:32 Common comments
– 31:34 Should one ignore it
– 33:12 Personal vs. professional brands
– 34:24 Coping mechanisms
– 34:55 Responsibility
– 36:29 Why are you in esports?
– 39:07 Social media and hate comments
43:35 Twitter questions
– 44:48 Question 1: “Why is there a male abundancy in esports?”
– 50:40 Question 2: “How do you organise your segments?”
– 53:59 Question 3: “How is freelancing?”
1:04:54 Sjokz’s superteam

On-going bets:
Wunder predicts 9:0 for G2 Esports in the first half of Spring Split. If correct, Drakos and Frosk must make a ridiculous public apology. If incorrect, Wunder must make one.

Bets to be resolved:
YamatoCannon karaoke bet

Tune in to #EUphoriaPodcast released every Wednesday 6PM CET.

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  1. Marc Michlits


  2. first

  3. Itz_Wik A

    Favourite two people in LEC 😭 just add kasing and perfect

  4. She is hot

  5. The Shotcaller

    Froskurinn and Sjokz – my two role models! Really excited about the segments on hosting, journalism and women in esports. Made my day <3

    - Darius

  6. Colton Schache

    Interesting only mentioning the coloured caster’s ethnicity… you view coloured people differently? We’re all human, why have to single him out and make him feel different.

  7. Gellért Fekete

    Worst episode of Euophoria to date. 😀 From a semi-serious, yet hilarious and easy-going through a kinder-garden level of pseudo-seriousness to today’s girls’ gossip show. You could just start up new shows where there is room for gossiping, introducing stories of not yet showcasted pros and of course – making PC rankings of players and teams . Make sure that participants put each other on the top of their power rakings !

  8. Scuffed ‘Dive’ podcast.

  9. Froskurinn is pleased that she has someone of her sexual preference on the show.

  10. People who tell you to ignore hateful comments have never been bullied in school, or in any environment. Ignoring can just make things worse because there’s more and more comments and you get worse and worse. It is worrying and frustrating to see that the world of esports and videogames in general is still this mysoginistic, even though it’s really a massive social problem. It’s inspirational to see women with such good mentality arrive to this level, and be able to give an example. We need to strive to do better everyday.

  11. angelknightphil

    The queens of lolesports

  12. this one is slightly different but very enjoyable.

  13. Hey guys, bring these video’s out earlier please . Defico being gone doesn’t mean you can slack off. The matches are already tomorrow.

    Still love you though! <3

    Edit: Oh Dracos isn't even here!

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