‘You’re so thin-skinned, you’re so insecure!’ – Max Kellerman to James Dolan | First Take

‘You’re So Thin-skinned, You’re So Insecure!’ - Max Kellerman To James Dolan | First Take

RSS - ‘You’re So Thin-skinned, You’re So Insecure!’ - Max Kellerman To James Dolan | First Take Sport News Today

Max Kellerman rants about New York Knicks owner James Dolan's decision to ban a fan from Madison Square Garden that told him to sell the team, saying Dolan has insulted the intelligence of Knicks fans and New York has never had "anything but a laughably pitiful offseason with free agents" under Dolan. Stephen A. Smith calls Dolan a "petulant child" and sees his actions getting in the way of attracting free agents.

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  1. junior rosas

    That owner is soft af ,

    • Taco Tacotington

      Nicks Kicks Sell the Team

    • J Gucci

      Right. Guys like Dolan and Westbrook need to quit being so thin skinned

    • Bro, that’s offensive to all the soft ppl out there lol, he’s that bad. I disowned the Knicks since 2011 and have never regreted it.

    • Ballin Too

      +Sikky I don’t blame you the Knicks is trash

  2. Arshdeep Singh

    Lol 😂 I feel bad for Max, Knicks and Giants are giving him severe depression right now

    • Peter Lim

      +sphere 528 as a fellow new yorker myself. can you please stfu! you’re embarrassing us with this trash talk you’re involving and yes you’re being roasted! how can you not see the bigger picture here! our giants, knicks are straight up dumpster fire and realistically yes the yankees are our only hope but i’m not gonna be cocky and confident that we’re going to win the world series just by the roster look alone! let’s just pray that the giants don’t go 0-16 while we’re at it!

    • Adam Guarno

      Knicks fan …. and I just route for every other team .

    • sphere 528

      +1990Thunderbolt OK well now you’re starting to sound *INTELLIGENT* cause LH is the true champion in all of Motorsports. the top pilot in all of racing. I’ve been following him since McLaren Mercedes. he will be getting # 6 this yr too.

    • 1990Thunderbolt

      sphere 528 I hope so. This year might be challenging than the previous but I know Lewis and Mercedes can get it done!

  3. TJ Smith

    New York is giving Max Kellerman head trauma

  4. Jordan Davis

    Watch the Knicks end up overpaying for Jimmy Butler and Ricky Rubio next year just to make it to the 8th seed and get sweep by whoever is the 1

    • Preston Marks

      +Jessy Garci True, but Jimmy is better than the whole knicks squad right now. If he went there, they wouldn’t be contenders in the slightest but they also wouldnt be an eyesore for all of sports.

    • 9PLUS INC

      +Jessy Garci what Jimmy isn’t a leader, he doesn’t want to win. He literally got traded from Minnesota for calling their best player soft and calling all of them out for being lazy with no will to win

    • Jordan Davis

      +Rowen 😂

    • Jordan Davis

      +Preston Marks If they offer Butler more than Philly he’ll play there

    • Kakashi •••

      9PLUS INC 😂 He literally left the twolves to win wtf you talking bout. Kat is soft tho

  5. ColtsFan4Life 35

    I feel bad for Knicks fans. Dolan is a scumbag owner. I think he enjoys sticking it to the fans

    • Mani Gee

      +Sheng Guo I’m a diehard fan but I had enough after the Melo resigning & have boycotted multiple seasons since then, I didn’t watch for two seasons and the last piece of apparel I purchased was a Ray Felton jersey from his first stint, in the garden it’s just like yankee stadium, seats you see on tv aren’t real fans I bet most of those ppl either aren’t from NY or recently moved to NY and they try to find “NY” things to do, don’t get them confused with the real fan base that are completely frustrated with the franchise and have been calling for Dolan’ resignation for years now.

    • Mani Gee

      +Clever Girl Knicks stay getting fleeced in trades & Dolan is the worst to ever own a team but I wouldn’t say their first rounder (Poeltl) landed the Raptors Kawhi, It was DeRozan and that Rap’s first rounder that did it.. Kawhi will most likely leave at the end of the season and Raps will be in rebuild mode, hopefully Rap’s can make a good run at the title while he’s there & they have solid pieces to rebuild with.

    • Larry Bennett

      +Pockit Dolan Sycophant Syndrome 👆 #ButIDigress

    • Sheng Guo

      +Mani Gee I feel for you. Being a fan of a team that doesnt try to win must be tough

  6. Jordan Davis

    See Max smart he doesn’t care about losing his MSG privileges because he doesn’t plan on attending another Knick game until Dolan is gone😂😂

  7. JoeBro1211 Savage

    When Max talks anything NY it’s always entertaining

    • Clever Girl

      Max just got a lifetime ban.

    • TMZahida226

      That man is filled with hatred and disgust for the Knicks and Giants ownership and their boneheaded moves. FR it sound like Max fittin’ to drop diss tracks on Gettleman and Dolan (With Stephen A screamin the hook on his Knicks track)

    • Jay Hova

      +TMZahida226 not hatred, just disgust.

    • Sir Cartier

      Can’t blame him been a knicks fan for too god damn long not to be upset

  8. FAB Casso

    Knicks fans should chant “Sell the team” at every home game

    • Been there done that!!

    • Saul Omar Ramirez

      if knicks fans do this, or skip out on games, i will come back and join you as knicks fan.. until then, i dont want to associate myself with a fanbase that tolerates this type of behavior from the owner.. I dont like mills, perry or fizdale, but at the end of the day, its dolan that needs to go..

    • Hur1caneaaron

      Next thing you know James Dolan bans everyone in MSG

    • Bet they will. Actually they should do that at away games as well. Obviously every team would know it’s for the Knicks ears.. 🤣

  9. Jordan Davis

    Max is entertaining asf talking about Dolan the same way Stephen A is talking about Marvin Lewis and Kwame Brown 😂

  10. Tyrone Williams

    Damn Max, I ain’t never ever seen you act like this 😂

    • Sean Wilson

      +p Rose LMAAAAAAO

    • Yea, every once in a while Max nails it…Dolan sucks. I hope the fans chant “sell the team” next home game. They HAVE to….

    • Tyrone Williams

      +Shinobi Wolf nowhere near what I was thinking; that’s your assumption.

    • Saunt Leny

      +p Rose What do mean? Phil wanted to trade Porzingis when he was there. Now the Knicks trade him this year!?!
      It’s the owner… It’s always been him…..Ever since he “rear his ugly head” into the Garden.

  11. wweecwwcwtnanba1928

    Max finna commit suicide by the way NY sports is treating him lately.

  12. 1:52 I don’t think I’ve ever seen Max come out his seat like that 😂😂 that man pissed

  13. Joao Ferreira

    Knicks fans should boycott MSG… great city, they don’t deserve this clown show

    • Build The Wall

      +Bicc OG some village was missing their idiot, i found the idiot

    • Sickles197

      Its been like20 years now

    • Build The Wall

      +Sickles197 longer for the bucks in over 30 years they only passed the second round twice and always lose first round if they make playoffs, hopefully it’s different this season

    • Chester Wilson Jr.


    • Sickles197

      Build The Wall cause nba teams always needed 2 superstars to win but nba now its all screens and open shots warriors changed the league.

  14. xwers1234

    KD and Dolan should team up, change the name from the Knickerbockers to the SoftBallers

  15. Billy Her

    Knicks fan should do a WWE chant .. sell the team, sell the team 🤣

    • Jay Rock Jinx

      Facts. “SELL THE TEEAM, DA DA DA DA DA”!

    • Robert Oates

      Or some fan better have some “you know whats” and do a Paul Heyman/CM Punk kinda pipebomb like they did towards Vince McMahon saying, “This franchise would a HELLUVA lot better when James Dolan either Sells the Team or…. DIES!!!”

    • Hard Left Turn

      Get the city to seize the team with eminent domain.

    • Levor Thanos

      Robert Oates 😂😂😂

  16. ChangeHumanity

    James “silver spoon”
    Dolan 😂

    • kasper rieberg

      Yeah ! He doesn’t care about basketball.

  17. slboogie

    if i was the owner of the nets , just for publicity purposes , that fan would get season tickets next year + transportation accomodations
    & the rest of this year

  18. j0epark1

    James Dolan looks like Max’s father 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Mike Tank Brown ll

    BREAKING NEWS…. James Dolan just banned Max and charlamagne tha god for public rants about him.

  20. David Gindi

    Let’s chant SELL THE TEAM at every game

    • Sherwin Renales

      I really wish you do man. Dolan doesn’t deserve the title Owner.

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