‘Zion might not be the number 1 overall pick’ – Stephen A. | First Take

'Zion Might Not Be The Number 1 Overall Pick' – Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - 'Zion Might Not Be The Number 1 Overall Pick' – Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Both Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman say they would take Zion Williamson with the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft. However, Stephen A. says he has heard from people around the NBA that Zion might not go number one.

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    Zion will guarantee a filled arena , media coverage and the dude is a one in life time freak of nature. whoever does not take him at number 1 needs a flash kick.

    • Leonardo Dabestio the difference is Giannis is 6’11 and like a 7’2 wingspan. Ben Simmons can dribble better than guards half his size at 6’8. Zion isn’t much more than a slasher. His handles are less ehh. His blocks and exciting plays don’t make up for that

    • Peter Shepherd

      He said flash kick.😂😂😂😂

    • Random Guy

      +Leonardo Dabestio giannis aint no wing player, ben simmons is a point forward and he’s way bigger than zion lol.

    • Lol what does that have to do with winning. A chip loser

    • bucky1968

      He’s an over Barclay, he will be good, but he needs another 2 years collegebtondevelop

  2. Jason Janisewski

    I hate qhen SAS talks about “Box Office.” He used “Box Office” for why LAL should draft Lonzo.

    You know what gets people to watch your games, Winning.

  3. Chauncey Moore

    “What happened to Molly?”
    Said no one in the comments

  4. Stephen Cornelious

    Zion is Box Office and that’s enough. Remember the NBA is a business first

  5. Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    Don’t click read more

    U got great luck for 2019 ☺ Like to activate 🙂

  6. Katestermatester

    This #1 spot is reserved for Shane’s video tomorrow!!😋☕️

  7. This is Hakeem and Jordan all over again smh

    • Steve Davidson

      I don’t think the rockets regret their pick. Top 10 player they needed for their team. I’m not saying he’s better than Jordan but who knows what would have happened if Jordan was a Rocket. I’m not sure the bulls could have beat Hakeems Rockets. Either way Sam Bowie was not a great choice!

    • Demetrius Middleton

      WARNING: Reading this comment / reply thread is apparently GUARANTEED to cause brain damage! Pray for me too please! Hakeem and Jordan? Ewing and Jordan?? WTF are yall smoking?

    • Ethan Stewart

      Zion might be Hakeem but RJ ability to score is crazy

    • Random Guy

      +Noxxiv Debatable, Hakeem may be the G.O.A.T defender and unstoppable scorer on offense, even shaq thinks he was better than MJ.

    • Carlos Gonzalez

      Everybody forgetting Ja Morrant.. More exciting than those 2 dudes ya mentioned.. Not to mention DUKE PLAYERS never really make it big in the NBA, ONLY 1 DUKE PLAYER MADE IT BIG EARLY IN HIS CAREER, GRANT HILL THATS IT! Ja Morrant is NO JOKE!

  8. Hans Gruber

    Less than 600k votes with only a 5:1 like/dislike ratio, yet #1 on trending. Thanks Disney!

  9. Terry Gyimah

    Zion will go to the Cavs or Knicks

  10. anonymous

    No, he will be the #1 pick it’s not even close..His ceiling is literally Lebron-level, Barret ceiling is Harden-level which is very good but Zion is dominant

  11. Rafael Cuevas

    Who listens to this black Kermit the frog pure nonsense !

  12. Lonzo Ball

    Max literally said he understands Zion gets all his shots on the inside and still used FG percentage to make his point 🤦🏿‍♂️

  13. Nkosi Rooms

    Fu. Stephen A. You bringing down 👇 his value. And you can’t even make ✌ points against A fifth grade team.

  14. Julian Walls

    Pass up zion and get fired as a gm

  15. Gerrodney Garrett

    You would be a damn fool to not pick ZION number one……

  16. Believe R6.

    Majority of the top players in the NBA didn’t go #1 anyways.

  17. iNameless

    Why did max just argue about nothing Stephen A was agreeing with him but Max was just still yelling

  18. plmoknty

    The GM who doesn’t pick Zion will be fired guarantee

  19. M Sanabria

    Similar to Bowie, Zion is a solid college choice.
    But, I prefer “Ja” as the Number 1 pick.

  20. Joseph Gallegos

    2:05 then what are you arguing about S.A.S?

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