Zion Williamson, Duke Postgame Press Conference after Syracuse win | College Basketball Sound

Zion Williamson, Duke Postgame Press Conference After Syracuse Win | College Basketball Sound

RSS - Zion Williamson, Duke Postgame Press Conference After Syracuse Win | College Basketball Sound Sport News Today

Zion Williamson, Coach K, RJ Barrett, and Tre Jones discuss Duke’s victory over Syracuse and how excited they are to get another crack at North Carolina. Zion says his new Kyrie 4s were incredible and there was never a doubt in his mind that he would play again this season.
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  1. LeeTravius Mckay

    Zion “they’re entitled to their own opinions but I can’t leave my boys hanging”

  2. LeeTravius Mckay

    I’m glad Zion didn’t listen to what analysts said he should do

  3. Dylan Flanagan

    Watching RJ and Tre look at each other every time Zion got asked a question

    • Kordney Flournoy

      They hating

    • Tmbil _24

      They not that there guy

    • Hammeraffe Jo

      We all here because of Zion lol

    • Dylan Flanagan

      Tmbil _24 I’m not saying they mad about it. I think it’s hilarious bc they look at each other and laugh and even Zion thinks it’s funny how the media is obsessed with him

    • kcorpora1

      +Kordney Flournoy Tre should not be looking, he should be working on that horrible jump shot.

  4. Troy Cole

    Zion answering these questions sounds like treyshawn off kip Kaplan’s (Jimmy tatro) interview 🤣 “what statement were you trying to make dunking the hell out of the ball early?” “I was just trying to play good defense.” 👀🤣

    • Damon Foster

      He was saying what led up to the dunk… 🤔

    • Allen C.

      Huh??? He was playing great defense and stole the ball which led to the dunk. “I was just trying to play good defense.” Is the correct way to answer the question. You saw the results of the effort; “it was a dunk.”

  5. LeeTravius Mckay

    espn tomorrow finna say that they knew Zion wasn’t going to sit down

  6. LeeTravius Mckay

    Coach K cares more about his players mental health than bout winning gotta love and respect him

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

      Mike Carter Did he hurt you?

    • RVM Lance

      +Mike Carter I willingly discount my counseling and therapy sessions for you.

  7. Alexander Palacio

    Coach K is real protective of his players.

  8. It’s great to see Zion back out there. Keep inspiring and keep on working hard Zion, you got this.

  9. Manny Manhattan Music

    Bruh Zion wasn’t even trying and he still went 13-13 29pts

  10. Henry Chavez

    Coach K snorting laughter about the Zions Broken Shoe questions. funnny AF

  11. Basquiat

    Coach K looks like he needs a break. 🤕🙏

  12. Basquiat

    JJ is like “Fam any questions for me?!” 🥴🥴🥴

  13. emoneydatruth1

    Lord help any NBA players that have to deal with this boy. Everybody better hope he quits growing.

    • Hammeraffe Jo

      He is 6’7 and still looking growing

    • emoneydatruth1

      Right now he is too small for me to look at him as a force but if he gets alittle taller he will be a huge problem for every defender. The greek freek is like 6’11

    • Peter Shepherd

      If he gains just another 2 inches in height, God help us all. Lol.

    • Jay Tinsley

      +emoneydatruth1 lebron is 6’8.. hes just one inch taller than zion and couldn’t shot that well his first few years. Zion will be fine with his heigh now or whatever he ends up being as long as he develops his game. Its not about his height at all

    • emoneydatruth1

      +Jay Tinsley He is a PF bro he needs atleast a few more inches. The average PF is 6’10 so how is that ok? Just because he can jump dont mean he will grab boards like a Blake Griffin on the next level but if he keeps growing just alittle he will be a force. Im hype to see him play against real comp to see how he fits into the leauge.

  14. Hammeraffe Jo

    I feel so bad for rj and trey nobody want ask them something

    • Jesus Ramos

      Spotlight isn’t focusing on the backup players.its MT.ZION in focus.

    • Terry Jackson


    • RVM Lance

      Trey shot terribly and had plenty of turnovers. RJ is a low key guy. Yes he’s consistent but he’s not as impactful as Zion. He’s reminds me of Scottie Pippen good player but he was in the Jordan era.

    • carlos sappleton

      RVM Lance dont disrespect rj like that he’s a winner

    • RVM Lance

      +carlos sappleton no he’s the real deal. No disrespect to RJ.

  15. JaVaughn McGregor

    Mt. Zion about to wreck havoc tomorrow on this 3rd match up for the season between Duke and UNC. #StatementGame

  16. Mind_Muscle_Connection 22379

    The way coach k talks about them you can tell he cares. Thats real cool to see and hear.

    • Damon Foster

      If someone making you millions, wouldn’t you care as much? Lol

  17. Bronny James

    I fukks with coach K as a coach! I can see why everyone love to play for his team

  18. Jesus Ramos

    That howsrd kid should be kicked off team, he blatantly tried to trip the MVP of college BB.Zion is the REAL DEAL.

  19. 202eyeballing

    Rj Barrett voice come out of nowhere sounding like Scottie Pippen lol

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