Zion Williamson is more comparable to Blake Griffin than LeBron – Stephen A. | First Take

Zion Williamson Is More Comparable To Blake Griffin Than LeBron - Stephen A. | First Take

RSS - Zion Williamson Is More Comparable To Blake Griffin Than LeBron - Stephen A. | First Take Sport News Today

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Will Cain compare Duke Blue Devils freshman Zion Williamson to LeBron James and evaluate his potential in the NBA. Stephen A. explains how Zion's skill set does not yet warrant a legitimate comparison to LeBron, but he could easily be compared to Blake Griffin.

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  1. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

    Zion= Next Zion💯💯

    • Michael Jordan

      That’s fair but you know ppl will compare Zion or players to others like let them play ball

    • Rochelle Moneak


    • Donovan Howard

      Yep Zion is Zion people just love to compare players like it’s just so stupid, LeBron is LeBron and MJ is MJ all players have their own style of basketball that’s how it goes 💯

  2. Michael O'Keefe

    Yay more shows with no Molly please and thank you

  3. “Suped up Blake Griffin”. Stop disrespecting Blake. Blake had unreal athleticism and has improved his overall basketball skill while he’s raw physical gifts have diminished somewhat. Still a perennial allstar

    • CPGoat #3

      +Charles Cooks not true. The injuries was only part of his issue. He failed to show up in MANY big playoff series which also led to his down fall.

    • Jose Bravo

      +jay619 lol that’s what people said about Blake when he came in. At least wait till Zion plays an actual NBA game whole different monster than college

    • Jose Bravo

      +Marcus Phenoix Real recognize real and you looking unfamiliar!💯

    • Zion’s defense is horrible. When did people start thinking his defense was good? His on ball defense is horrible, and he fouls so much. Aside from his blocking ability, his defense is disgraceful considering his athleticism.

    • Charles Cooks

      +CPGoat #3 2012 2013(eliminating playoff series for both) I will give you those two, even tho I would argue he played well in the 2012 sweep by the spurs and CP3 dissapointed but that point aside.
      2014 was CP3’s fault(cp3 choked away game 5 against OKC, lost game 6 after they lost their momentum from the game 5 loss). I will give you game 6 in 2015 against the rockets but as a series as a whole he was great, also the biggest problem for that team was they had no bench.

      2016 out for the playoffs. 2017 out for the playoffs(CP3 could of still won this series against the jazz if he played better game 7)

  4. I’ve been saying that he’s more like Blake than anybody else!!!

  5. Daniel Lee

    charles barkley on steroids with a less of a jumpshot

  6. Loading954

    Who ever started the “Zion is the next LeBron” comparison should be drug tested

    • Facts Zion is way better

    • Abiola Salau

      KND Clan we takin about rooks we takin about rooks but as always it’s LEBRON JAMES in the building 🐐

    • Zion will be better, he wont try to get his coach fired every season, and won’t try to play point guard whole game, and throw his team under bus.

    • Karon Lucas

      Zion is the next Zion

    • peng sheng Chuah

      Steve kerr start it

  7. Luke Stakelbeck

    Hes shawn Kemp reborn. But I can see the Blake Griffin comparison. Hes a little bit shorter but has the same hops & a developing shot

    • HotMessMemories1

      Luke Stakelbeck Kemp has the libido of a champ. Until bends me over and shows me his worth, then he’s not comparable to Reign Man.

    • KobeLegend

      +Master Pierce Better than Kemp ? Maybe, better than Blake ? I’m really not sure about that. Nowdays, Blake is so underated even if he was and is great

    • LS House

      I have been sayjng this for a while. Blake, LJ, Barkley or even Dominique.

    • Luke Stakelbeck

      +KobeLegend blake has to be the comeback player of the year. Hes playing great this year

    • Master Pierce

      +KobeLegend Kemp never had a superstar season of 25 12 ever Zion will

  8. Michael Block

    Will cain should be the permanent host over molly

  9. Arbal3st

    I was always thinking Shawn Kemp/Larry Johnson

  10. Jackson Payne

    Nope zion is a more athletic Julius randle

    • James Wilder

      I thought I was the only one

    • Serio Mesmo

      Is Zion a Julius Randle with a 40 inch Vertical

    • J Money

      Jackson Payne nah Julius is so much more skilled

    • jahiem jenkins

      +Cedric Frazier doesn’t have as quick of a 1st step as Zion not even close in handles as zion and more the comparison dumb

    • Cedric Frazier

      +jahiem jenkins bruh I’m talking about how they both go at defenders similar with baby dribbles and spin moves going into the defenders chest..of course athletically Zion is better

  11. Steve Visa

    For what its worth Blake is a true All star top 15 player consistently WHEN HEALTHY. So its still a high praise in my opinion. JS

  12. Jay Towerz

    Obviously nobody ever compared zion to lebron because their game 😐 it only started cuz theyre both built like super humans

    • Orange Shinigami

      Lebron wasnt even built like that lmao

    • Lazy Canadian

      lebron was thinner and built more like a kid at first though

    • Hu UpNext Vlogs

      Lazy Canadian hell naw LeBron was built bigger than everybody at the time what are you talking about 🤣🤣🤣

    • Hu UpNext Vlogs

      Orange Shinigami at the time he was he was built bigger than all the high schoolers they wanted him to play college football too

    • Jose Bravo

      +23 for real he took the pistons who havent been relevant in years to the playoffs. What happened to showtime pt2????????

  13. MasterGameHawk

    Zion is more of a hybrid between Kemp, Barkley and Griffin

  14. Joseph Williams

    I see Larry Johnson type in Zion look him up

  15. 313 JMO

    I like the Blake comparison but put a lil respect on his name max. This man was top 3 in MVP voting in 14 when KD won.

    • Saint Aubyn

      313 JMO Max just doesn’t really know basketball, he knows numbers and highlights

    • joosunkmybattleship

      But Blake fizzled out real quick

    • 313 JMO

      +joosunkmybattleship how? He’s having the best season of his career right now.

  16. rudy littles

    I think Zion is more comparable to Larry Johnson or Charles Barkley.

    • Misha Gelenava

      Larry Johnson is the most accurate comparison.

    • Abiola Salau

      Charles don’t curse Zion Charles predictions go to the other side of the 🌎

  17. Hoop N Life

    Espn was the first to compare Zion to Lebron now they want to act like they didn’t. FOH

  18. DJ Whitlock

    The disrespecting of Blake griffin has to stop 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • donnell brown

      +Almighty-Keyyy # lmao what you saying is wrong. Clippers was known for the worse franchise in all of sports before we got a new owner so what are you talking about lmao

    • Hu UpNext Vlogs

      DJ Whitlock he trash

    • Abiola Salau

      donnell brown your disrespecting Chris Paul and deandre what’s your point 😂

    • Noob7Gaming

      I thought the Clippers at the time had Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Redick, D Jordan, Rivers

  19. Nassim El Ansari

    Why people talk about Blake Griffin like he is some scrub

    • OdysseusJames

      Nassim El Ansari HE IS

    • Brian Ortiz

      OdysseusJames how? Dude is the first option on most of the teams today

    • Large Big Brand

      OdysseusJames wtf how look at his stats this season he is having a really ducking great season

  20. Kerui Xu

    Blake is underrated nowadays. Zion’s career would be a success if he can play like Blake Griffin.

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