Zion Williamson puts on a show in return for Duke vs. Syracuse | College Basketball Highlights

Zion Williamson Puts On A Show In Return For Duke Vs. Syracuse | College Basketball Highlights

RSS - Zion Williamson Puts On A Show In Return For Duke Vs. Syracuse | College Basketball Highlights Sport News Today

Zion Williamson goes a perfect 13-for-13 from the field, which ties Brad Daugherty's ACC record for most makes without a miss. Williamson tallies 29 points and secures 14 rebounds, as Duke knocks off Syracuse 84-72 to set up a semifinals matchup against North Carolina in the ACC Tournament.

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  1. Fort Ress

    The impact zion has on the team confirms hes no.1 fraft pick

    • +Zen Master Jordan gas the #1 selling shoe in the world and if it wasn’t for him Nike would of never taken off this far. And aside from that name 1 retired player whose shoes are still flying off the shelves.

    • Zen Master

      +G. C.
      I realize that, but comparing them at the same age it’s not really a comparison. Zion is a generational talent and his things change dude. If he puts out a nice looking quality basketball shoe and performs, people will buy his over Jordan’s. Times change.

    • sami sadler


    • He’s overrated

    • Germaine Johnson

      +k Bact did it

  2. Waylong

    Lmao zion is a cheat code deadass

  3. Knox Teamm

    I’m giving up 2 future first round picks to get this dude….

    Knicks Needs To Use those Picks from Dallas..

    • John Tompkins

      Zion said that he wanted to play for the Knicks. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANY NBA PLAYER WANT TO PLAY FOR DOLAN ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The All Power Team

      +John Tompkins Someone needs to do an “intervention” before he is ruined.

    • Knicks already have the 1st pick.

    • Addison Hinson

      +Mike5 no they dont. It’s a lottery the worst 3 teams have the same chance


      the guy has no jump shot???

  4. Lil Dagga

    100% from the field lmao 😂 and barely broke a sweat

    • Dats a paddlin

      WhoIsBledsoe 19 I meant during the game but I’ll give you Greek freak too. My point was Lebron ain’t the only one that does it. He is a crybaby but so are the majority of the rest of the great players.

    • WhoIsBledsoe 19

      +Dats a paddlin oh. Gotcha. My bad

    • Taliilee Gemechu

      brian brown tuff

    • John Johnnyson

      +WhoIsBledsoe 19 ayy your tarheels had a valiant effort but zion is too much for them. maybe next time

  5. No days off

    Top 3 college player in the last 20 years.

    • Dresta tha Gangsta

      I would put John Wall and Boogie Cousins in there somewhere. They both balled out their one year (2010) in Lexington and were the main reason Kentucky basketball was put back on the map.

    • Goatbe Bryant

      +RookieN08 you’re what you call a dumbass bronsexual lmao

    • MatterUnderMind

      Nah…Lonzo Ball, Melo Ball, Gelo Ball…

    • Donny P

      Dwayne Wade
      Carmelo Anthony
      Anthony Davis
      Kevin Durant

      No particular order

  6. LeBeautiful

    Custom made Kyrie’s just for Zion…probably has UNLOCKED Zoom Air just for him to casually have 21 half time points and go 100% FGs.

  7. Baba Ng

    Lakers willing to trade Luke,Kuzma,Ingram,Ball,2 first round picks and Magic for Zion after watching this game.

  8. Giants real plan was to trade OBJ to draft Zion



    • Montrail Neil

      TIMEOUT aye I hope this catches bro ha 💯

    • Brian Smith

      Zion SMASH !!

    • John Tompkins

      True. Syracuse Asst Coach said Zion was like The Incredible Hulk, “picking up things like cars and buses and throwing them around.”


      +John Tompkins Wherever he lands, he will definitely be a superstar… My Mavs need to tank harder lol

    • Stephen Bryant

      Thanos? 🤔🤔🤔😩😩😭😭😭😭

  10. Has to be one of the most freakish athletes to ever play the game

  11. Robby Stafford

    it’s nice to watch a player whose ceiling is the GOAT

    • 2RealKing3

      He ain’t never become the goat and stop comparing him LeBron, Zion can’t even shoot

    • Isaiah Robinson

      2RealKing3 bron couldn’t shoot coming to the league

    • 2RealKing3

      @Isaiah Robinson LeBron’s first points was a mid range jumpshot

  12. jonathan Bruno

    I can’t leave my boys hanging -Zion…..Respect #brotherhoodofduke

  13. App Master

    I can’t leave my boys hanging👍

  14. jeffrey woodruff

    this is for all the people who suggested he should quit on his team. 13-13

    • Jeremiah Gilyard

      +Devastatiing fax

    • Jeremiah Gilyard

      +Taco Tacotington lol what people dont know about zion(watch his mini documentary) is that before he wanted to go the nba he wanted to play college ball. It wasn’t till his sophomore year that he started realizing that he really wanted to play in the nba.

    • Taco Tacotington

      A K lol. Youre delusional.

    • Taco Tacotington

      Jeremiah Gilyard if teams had the ability to make him offers during those years, he would have accepted one. 20 year olds dont say “no thanks” to millions of dollars.

    • Toronto

      If he gets injured how much will you contribute to his gofundme

  15. 404 Da Don

    I’m glad my boy didn’t leave his boys hanging and came back and had a perfect game the way he did ✊✊✊ and did he have on Kyrie’s shoes ?

    • Hammeraffe Jo

      Costume made kyrie Nike make it extra for zion

    • iAmTheRealAdamE

      +404 Da Don Right there with you man lmao

    • Rondie Rice

      Zion staying at Duke…Is like Mark Zuckerberg staying at Harvard and handing over his little idea called Facebook to his University.

    • Mason Facteau


    • Jorge Rodriguez

      404 Da Don Do you know the differences between the shoes or are you just infatuated with specific male names?

  16. Focus Objectives

    this is what Lebron meant by playoff mode “ACTIVATED” maybe Zion got “Michael’s secret stuff” from the toonsquad.

  17. mike orosz

    “People who said I should stop playing are just not smart”

    ahem… Max Kellerman…

    • mike orosz

      +yawnjgp Every day Stephen A looks more irritated. He hates talking about the NBA with him lol

    • Shawn Slaton

      Scottie Pippen ran his mouth also.

    • yawnjgp

      +Shawn Slaton No surprise, after what Pippen did for the first half of 1997-98 season….

    • Keenan Nash

      Well from a monetary stand point he should not play… unless he’s getting paid under the table.like every other NCAA player.

    • yawnjgp

      +Keenan Nash But truly great players care about winning more than they are about money, and some even care about team loyalty. Make no mistake, winning the college championship is a huge incentive.

  18. smokeyfreshhh

    All of Zions dunks tonight were better than the NBA all star dunk contest this year.

  19. Cody DeFilippo

    I don’t care what NBA team he plays for I’m buying his jersey..

  20. kyle Branson

    I’m tired of these highlight reals not showing his missed shots…

    Oh wait 13/13 FG…nvm you good espn you good

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