Zion Williamson’s return from injury means Duke is all in on 2019 NCAA title – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Zion Williamson's Return From Injury Means Duke Is All In On 2019 NCAA Title - Jalen Rose | Get Up!

RSS - Zion Williamson's Return From Injury Means Duke Is All In On 2019 NCAA Title - Jalen Rose | Get Up! Sport News Today

Jalen Rose, Seth Greenberg, Frank Vogel and Mike Greenberg preview Zion Williamson's return to Duke Blue Devils basketball after suffering a knee injury against UNC. Jalen explains how Zion’s return to college basketball is a testament to his commitment to winning the 2019 NCAA title and his respect for head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

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  1. Hassan Haulcy

    I’m just happy he chose his health first instead of basketball


    Zion is back for Revenge 😤😤

  3. LeBeautiful

    Better be wearing some LeBrons

  4. MsMrapplepie

    If he wins the tournament, boy…

  5. Can Seth open both of his eyes. One of them is closed the whole time he is talking.

  6. TehutiBrim 59

    Geez those are some serious number drops without, yes young’ns do u

  7. MartialMan

    Zion be wearing new balance

    • Jesse, Herbert’s Dog

      Broken King “quit being so white” how bout you quit being so black sounds bad dont it

    • Broken King

      +Jesse, Herbert’s Dog and how exactly am i being black?

    • Broken King

      +Jesse, Herbert’s Dog and no, it dont. Proud to be

  8. New York Ballin

    Good luck Zion 👍🏽 You’re doing whatever you think is best for you!

  9. What is Frank Vogel doing in the ESPN, he should be coaching some team.

  10. KiddNation Studio

    I still feel bad for that guy who took a charge on Zion but frl thats the dumbest thing I’ve seen🙏🏾😂

  11. Pow Getrekt

    He needs to be wearing some KDs or maybe Kobes. More cushion and better for his size. Lebrons are a little too extra and don’t have as solid base.

  12. Thunder Up

    Lakers: Tank Mode Activated 😎

  13. Thunder Up

    And let the Tank for Zion began again 😎

  14. Staffan Hjalmarson

    Did not a guy abandoned his red shirt season or something because of Zion injury?

  15. Hammeraffe Jo

    Espn waiting for this moment since 3 weeks lol

  16. DatAss Tho

    Zion better be playing in some damn snow boots

  17. you dissrespect my dick and my balls

    zion killin it like he was never gone.

  18. champ is here

    looks like he didn’t need jump shot. 13/13 on fg! say what?

  19. Adam Rodriguez

    I predict Zion Williamson comes back 100% Healthy and goes 13 for 13 from field and score 29pts on his return vs Syracuse

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